The Belly Button Challenge

The Belly Button Challenge

Recently a new social media trend called the “Belly Button Challenge” has become popular on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, but what is it?

Well, basically means that if you are able to reach your belly button from behind then you have a good figure.

So far thousands of Chinese women have uploaded photos of themselves completing the task, but inevitably there will be those who fail the task that will feel as though they need to lose weight.

So whats the problem?

There are a few issues with these kinds of trends. For a start there is reason to believe that it could encourage body dysmorphic disorder, with women in particular at risk of comparing themselves with others, which could lead onto various eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia.

Eating orders have a high fatality rate, so the last thing that a person who suffers from low self-esteem or body distortion is another task with almost impossible beauty standards.

This particular trend has more to do with flexibility than your weight, as there are numerous images showing slim women who are still not able to complete the task.

Also just because you are slim does not necessarily mean that you are healthy.

Of course there are numerous studies that have shown the link between obesity and health conditions like heart disease and diabetes, but even slim people can develop these conditions if they are not looking after themselves properly through a proper diet and regular exercise.

This latest craze is reminiscent of the ‘Thigh Gap’ trend from a few years back, where numerous skinny girls would show off their bow-legged selfies.

Belly Button Challenge selfie

Rather than be caught up in these beauty trends, just focus on trying to being as healthy as possible.

If you are happy in your own skin then that is fair enough, but if you are not then you can change if you want to. Just make sure that any changes you do make are safe and wont cause you any long term harm.

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