Lose weight with The Bulletproof Diet

Lose weight with The Bulletproof Diet

Do you want to lose weight? Well, you are certainly not alone as there are millions just like you looking for a way to lose those excess pounds.

One method that is increasing in popularity is The Bulletproof Diet, which is a diet designed by David Asprey who says that his new diet will help you look, feel and perform at your very best.

CEO and founder of The Bulletproof Diet, David Asprey once weighed as much as 300 pounds. He states that he tried everything that he could think of to lose weight but each time failed to lose the excess weight.

After years of experimenting on nutrition and research into various technologies including EEG testing, radioactive brain scans, blood chemistry work, and nervous system training David claims to have discovered what it takes to keep the weight off.

What is The Bulletproof Diet?

The Bulletproof Diet is a diet that focusses on the quality of food you eat rather than the quantity, as it claims that those who calorie count rarely see success.

Dave Asprey Bulletproof DietThe founder David Asprey recommends that you limit your carb intake but should eat a diet rich in healthy fats, such as those found in avocado, coconut oil, and MCT oil. He also suggests that any meat consumed should be from high quality grass-fed sources.

Weight loss advice from The Bulletproof Diet

Here are some statements and advice given by the creator of The Bulletproof Diet that may help you to lose weight:

#1: Skip carbs for breakfast

Instead you should drink coffee, and also make sure you eat a breakfast that contains high levels of both fat and protein to help keep you feeling full and able to avoid food cravings later on in the day.

#2: Use HIIT

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training has been shown to burn more calories than steady-state cardio and can help to build muscle, which can also benefit your weight loss efforts.

When you build muscle your body will burn more calories even while you are resting.

#3: Eat lots of fat

The right kind of fats will encourage your body to undergo a process known as ketosis, which is when your body is starved of carbs it will be forced to burn fat for energy.

#4: Find out about your food sensitivities

We all react differently to the food we eat, therefore it makes sense to find out which foods you can eat without reaction and those that cause reactions.

For the vast majority of people sugar, gluten and dairy are the 3 food groups that cause the most issues and are best cut from your diet.

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