The Crinkle Plate – An easy way to slim down?

The Crinkle Plate – An easy way to slim down?

If you are trying to lose weight then cutting the amount you eat and therefore the number of calories you consume is going to be one of the best methods you can use.

The problem is that if you are used to filling your plate then chances are you are not going to be cutting enough calories to ensure weight loss is experienced.

Now though there is a potential solution in the form of the ‘Crinkle Plate’, which is a plate that can help you almost magically slim down.

How does the Crinkle Plate work?

The Crinkle Plate can help you to lose weight as it can help trick you into thinking you are eating a much larger portion than you really are.

This plate has ridges and troughs that help to secretly reduce the surface area of the dish, therefore slashing the amount of food that can be put onto it.

When viewed from above the plate looks normal, it is only when viewed from the side that you can see anything is different.

Nauris Cinovics the creator of this product believes this product can help those who struggle to lose weight, and he is not the only one to believe in this product.

Dr Paul Christiansen, from the University of Liverpool’s school of psychology had this to say about the Crinkle Plate:

“If people think they have eaten a full plate of food, they will feel more satisfied. Many people think you have to finish the food on the plate.”

“If you can satisfy the perception that they have a nice big portion on their plate, they will think they have eaten a full meal.”

“For ‘plate clearers‘ if you can feed the perception that you have a reasonable amount of food, they may eat less.”

Professor Charles Spence, a behavioural psychologist at the University of Oxford who specialises in the perception of food and taste had this to say:

“There are a number of ways of tricking the eye, from use of smaller plates to make it look like there is more, through heavier bowls.”

“The crinkle plate seems to provide much same impression, though I do worry how you get the bits out that fall in crevices.”

What do you think about this product? Would you try it? Please leave your comments below.

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