The More Fat You Have the Harder it is to Lose It

The More Fat You Have the Harder it is to Lose It

New research from the University of Cambridge has discovered that there is a reason why those with excess fat find it difficult to lose it.

They discovered that a naturally produced protein makes it harder for those who are overweight to lose weight.

The researchers had this to say about their findings:

“Our discovery may help explain why overweight individuals find it incredibly hard to lose weight.”

“Their stored fat is actively fighting against their efforts to burn it off at the molecular level.”

The sLR11 protein is produced by the body, but if you are overweight then excess amounts of it is produced.

Unfortunately this protein can inhibit the bodies ability to burn brown fat, which is the type of fat your body burns to keep you from feeling cold.

Previous studies have shown that cold water and simple tasks like turning the heating down could increase your bodies ability to produce more brown fat, which is subsequently burnt for heat.

This new research however looked at a number of patients, with the researchers discovering a direct correlation between the total body fat and the amount of the sLR11 protein produced.

Basically the more body fat, the more protein is produced, making fat loss more difficult to achieve.

So what can we do?

The recommendation from the researchers was to make sure that you try to lose the excess fat as quickly as possible, rather than letting your body adapt to the change.

However, this is often not as easy as that. As some people have been overweight for a number of years.

My advice would be to still use the usual methods (diet and exercise), as while the efforts maybe slower they will ultimately work.

The key to successful weight loss is determination and willpower to achieving your goals. No one said that weight loss is going to be easy, but if you want to become slimmer and healthier then surely the effort will be worth it.

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