Is Thin Secret Pure Garcinia Cambogia recommended?

Is Thin Secret Pure Garcinia Cambogia recommended?

Thin Secret Pure Garcinia Cambogia is a supplement available to trial online that promises to help burn fat fast.

How does this supplement work though and can we believe its claims?

We know from past experience that trial offers such as this are rarely as good an offer as you would think. Is this the case with this offer?

Claims made by Thin Secret Pure Garcinia Cambogia

Thin Secret Pure Garcinia Cambogia offers the following benefits:

  • Rapid absorption for maximum results
  • Supports healthy weight loss
  • Naturally effective solution

To be honest we have read similar claims before, but before you rush to sign up for the offer please hold back a second to check how accurate they are.

At the very least you should check to see what ingredients are present.

Ingredients of Thin Secret Pure Garcinia Cambogia

This supplement is made from Pure Garcinia Cambogia with 1,000 mg per serving and the recommended 60% HCA.

With this information I can see that using this supplement alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise will certainly ensure you see good weight loss results.

It all sounds promising so far, but whether we would recommend it or not will depend solely on how much it costs.

Cost of Thin Secret Pure Garcinia Cambogia

The biggest disappointment of Thin Secret Pure Garcinia Cambogia is its price.

While there is only a small $4.95 charge to pay when you first sign up this only covers a 14 day trial period, which is certainly not long enough to see any real results.

After this period of time has elapsed another charge will be made to your account. This time for $89.41.

As your sign up also means that you have signed up for an auto-ship program you will also soon discover further monthly packages will be sent out to you, again with the high cost.

Is Thin Secret Pure Garcinia Cambogia a scam?

The ingredients of this supplement are good and will help your weight loss efforts, but we cannot recommend the trial due to its high cost.

Thin Secret Pure Garcinia Cambogia have let themselves down with its use of auto-shipping too and I would recommend that you look elsewhere if you are looking for a little help with your weight loss efforts.

There are various alternatives available with similar ingredients at a fraction of this high price.

Contact details for Thin Secret Pure Garcinia Cambogia

To cancel your trial before being charged you will need to phone before the 14 day trial has concluded. The following is the number you should phone: 855-938-9557

If you have signed up for this offer and wish to tell us about your experiences then please do so by using the comment form below.

Alternative to Thin Secret Pure Garcinia Cambogia

Our suggested alternative that contains similar ingredients but at a more affordable price is Garcinia Pure, a supplement made available by Evolution Slimming.

This particular supplement also contains 1,000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia with 60% HCA, so you know that this is a good quality supplement that will surely aid your own efforts.

You can buy it outright for $60 for a months supply, with no hidden or repeat charges to worry about as it is not available for trial.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure

34 comments on "Is Thin Secret Pure Garcinia Cambogia recommended?"
  1. My visa card has been charged $131.36 & $135.76 on Sept 6 however, I have yet to receive any product! Please reverse the charges and cancel any future deliveries of any product!!

    • You would need to contact the company yourself. This website is not associated with any products. The above is simply a review that does not even endorse the product.

      • I certainly agree that I need to contac the company however all I get for an address is the same address I am returning the product to, which is a warehouse in North York, Ont. They will not give me the address in the U.S. where the product comes from. I have tried searching the internet but have had no luck.

      • You cannot contact the company direct.. They use a 3rd party call center that cannot do anything but read a script, cancel your order and give you an RMA # and an address to return the product (where you pay return postage), or they charge you for the bottle that they supposedly gave you as a trial. They send you 30 days worth for a 14 day trial. (which is really 14 days to cancel and send product back). If you keep it, you can get what is left for $44, and stay on reorder program. I talked to mastercard about it and they say they dispute with these people regularly and they are just within the laws.

        • Forgot 1 thing. You have to call them or ask for the 50% off or you pay full price for the trial bottle

    • hi , i havent recieved my trial either , what should i do

    • I agree. I ordered the product on January 24th but did not receive it until February 2nd. On February 11th they charged my card $263.96. When I called customer service to complain I got this robot who first informed me that I would receive a 50% refund today and a further 50% refund when the product was received. I asked to speak to a supervisor who cut me off. When I called back I got an entirely different person who told me I would not receive any refund unti the product was received. When I mentioned the 50% he said it couldn’t be done. Not only that, it is the customers responsibility to pay postage to return this. This company is total bullshit. I only had the product to try for 7 days, not the 14 I was supposed to. I cancelled on Feb. 8th but the girl did not issue me an RMA # so they don’t have a record of my call. No on else to speak to. This company is bogus and a total scam. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE!

      • This is a SCAM… I signed up for Thin Secret, entered my credit card and the website offered 2 other products, Max Effect & Total Body Transformation, which I said no to, and I was charged for the other 2 items as well. I tried cancelling, the customer service is a 3rd party that cannot reverse any charges, nor can they give you contact info, or even the name of the company that is selling you the product. I was excited to try this product but was very disappointed to see their lack of customer service. The 3rd party service is put in place to apologize and say there is nothing they can do.

    • Here is the number for their call center 1855-938-9557


  3. Please cancel my sending me pills for the gain weight cause i cant take any from doctors orders thank you

  4. I am so foolish. I thought I was risking only $4.95. I called them The day I got it and found out you must ship the product back to them at your expense. Not in an envelope bundled with Max Effect which came with it but in a box, bottle intact with lid. Each product requires an RMA and that YOU ship each back separately or they bill you for one of them. They offered 50% off instead of sending back, then 75% off for not sending back. That would have been $22.95 plus my $4.95 in order to keep that “Risk Free” trial.

    Problems: How do I know they will honor the return? How do I know they will not claim I never phoned? How do I know there will be no further billing each month by some “mistake”?

    Major Problem: These supplements are sent out in proper bottles BUT there is neither an expiry date nor a Lot# on the bottles. This means they could be sending the same pills out to someone else after they re-seal it.

    A RISK free trial means no risk to me. No threats to use further credit not authorized by me. No returning item at MY expense. A TRIAL is a try out NOT a means to guarantee further income for the company extending the trial.
    Companies are mandated to follow the FDA regulations requiring expiry and lot numbers on supplement bottles. This company should be sued for that and also for perpetrating this hoax via the postal system.the bottle.

    I reported all this to the BBB and guess what? Take a number ….

    • P.S. I filled out my BBB report AND I phoned the company who is doing this:

      Citimex Trading Ltd

      (888) 276-2477
      View Additional Phone Numbers
      PO Box 153201, Tampa, FL 33684-3201

      This Business is not BBB Accredited

    • Same thing happened to me. Its a total scam. They prey off people who dont return within 14 days or who type the 14 digit RMA number wrong or who type the order number wrong or who dont put the rma number inside the box…etc…etc…etc…

      I was on the phone for an hour with this pathetic excuse for a company. I will ship the bottle back with all their hoops I must go through but will let everyone know that this is a scam!!


    • I am dealing with this now. They sent me something I didn’t order and now have charged my card and also you can’t talk to them at the number they give. I sent mine back and had to pay 18.00 to mail back they charged me twice once for the garcinia and once for the max effect which I did not order I am going to call my credit card and get their stuff cancelled. Also going to call the better business bureau.

  5. This company is a scam> I never received product and they then would not cancel my order. I have been charged hundred’s of dollars to my credit card and they keep on charging it. There is nothing real about this company. And I had to hire a lawyer to stop them. I went out to the company that warehouses the inventory. You should see this flea bag. Don’t ingest the contents. Go check out this company. ITS SCARY CONDITIONS and ITS A SCAM

    • It s really scam. The link to get “free bottle” was vague and the information they provided on the package “3 bottles+2bottles package with $29 each”. I supposed that I would pay $29 for the whole package of 3 bottles and get 2 bottle for free. They charged me $148+ for the 5 bottles. Ridiculous! On the webpage, I did not find any contact of theirs and finally I got the phone number of customer service from another customer review webpage. I called them 10 minutes after I placed the transaction 1pm 6.15.2016. The Employee Kaitlyn tried to bargain with me the price of the package for every tens of dollars but I did not agree. Finally, she said she would cancel the transaction and send me email to confirm the cancellation. So far, I havent receive the email and the transaction is still pending in my card. Who know how to deal with this????

  6. Yes I too was foolish enough to fall for their scam. I did so because I had read very good reviews about Garcinia Cambrogia some months ago and had kept it in the back of my mind, then I saw this ad so I went for it. My God are they deceptive from the get-go! The website of course shows you the $4.95 trial, oh yes…it’s great you think! Even though you think you’re scam savvy after all this time doing business online, nope.

    So the website gives you three different options to choose from. I chose the first option which on the site makes it look like you’re paying $26.95 for, (and this is how they show it), 3 Bottles + 2 Bottles for 5 Bottles! Our Best Offer! Yep….it looks great there until you see your confirmation order with the grand total of $148.00! It’s not 5 bottles, it’s five packages of the 5 bottles. But that ain’t how they show it on the website. That is an incredibly deceptive way to do business!

    Okay, I call their customer service number and after a somewhat lengthy hold I get a rep that is just so happy to help me….until I tell her I want to cancel the order because of the deception and I simply will not pay that kind of money. I told her I was happy to pay the shipping for the free trial like that as shown on the ad, but not this. She immediately launches into another option she’d be happy to do for me that would still give me the 5 packages and it’s only $111.00! I told her once again no….I wouldn’t pay anywhere near a hundred dollars. So she gives me another option, this time for $88.00, and I still get the 5 packages. No thank you dear…I’m just not interested.

    Finally she says she has to check with the warehouse to make sure it hasn’t gone thru yet and places me on hold. And I’m thinking crap, what kind of garbage is she going to come back with to make this even harder. But alas…to my relief she comes back and tells me the order has been cancelled and we’re good to go. Thanks all round and blah, blah, blah. I’ll just have to keep checking my credit card now to be sure they haven’t sneaked in some sort of surprise charge on me.

    Bottom line is this if you’re thinking about going thru this company: DON’T! You’ll be sorry from start to finish!

    • Hi,
      I am in the same situation if you read my reply above. Have you received email from them? and were you charged for that amount of money? any continuing charge appears in your account?

    • Hi what is the number to call

  7. I am having trouble finding your phone number. I need to call, you have had made a un authorized charge on my credit card. Thank you

  8. Be careful guys, they charged me $180 from my credit card after I canceled after risk free trial

  9. I want to cancel my order.

  10. I called customer service to cancel my order before the 14 day Risk-Free Trial period and they asked for the given telephone number I used to place my order. I put it down and it said that the telephone number is not in the system. Will i still get charged? How do I cancel?

  11. Hi there. I need to speak with someone. Just got my order today. I expected to get clear instructions. Nothing. I tried to call both numbers and the lines are always busy. Unsure, now if I’ve made the right decision on this product.

  12. I’m surprised I first saw this information on CNN about a student, from the University of Toronto, who confirmed this in her project. How true then is that particular story? Or is it a fake CNN website?

  13. Got a call from them saying that my transaction didn’t go through but I wasn’t even planning on buying it. After telling the lady that she asks me ‘are you sure you don’t want to lose a few pounds’ and I said yes I don’t need too I just wanted to read the girls story and see how much it actually was and she got mad at me because I don’t need it and hung up on me. Great customer service!!!!!!!!!! Not.

  14. I totally agree with those who have been scammed like me. I too feel cheated. Someone needs to warn others so they do not fall for it the way we did. I ordered the Thin Secret and it automatically ordered the other products and within half an hour I cancelled my entire order, yet the full refund has as yet not been returned. In one sweep they dip into our credit card, yet it takes them forever to refund it. And the staff working in the call center are just a bunch of zombies, no disrespect to them, but they are so busy reading from a scripted piece that they absolutely refuse to even listen to our grouse. A shame it is a scam. And how no one has swooped onto them as yet is unbelievable. We are not in a third world country. I can understand if it happens there!!!!!

    • its funny i am one of those reps at thin secret and i know first hand that the terms and conditions are online. i also know that we call to verify addresses to double check that it does make it to the right place. we do also offer a trial offer for max effect and we fully disclose the terms and conditions. You cant scam someone when you disclose everything. if we were a scam i would call and tell you that you only have pay the shipping and nothing else ever again then bill you. that’s a scam. NOT FULL disclosure i know first hand we call every customer to double check the shipping address. the people who don”t receive it usually are the ones who don’t answer when we call to verify the address. Don’t complain because you did not take the time to read the terms and conditions online. Nothing in the world is free. why would it all of sudden start not, and just so you pro-active is on a auto ship basis as well, and you would be surprised there is no script. there are guidelines to follow. like the terms and conditions. everything else is unscripted. stop crying because all of you were to lazy to answer a phone or read. simple

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