14 Little Things that Make You Fat

14 Little Things that Make You Fat

Sometimes when it comes to weight loss it is not necessary to make massive changes to start seeing the weight dropping on the weighing scales.

More often than not it is the small habits that you have that is causing you to gain weight in the first place.

Here are some of the little things that make you fat. Perhaps you could go through this list to see if there is anything that you do that you should probably change.

#1: You are always late

It can be difficult these days, what with your hectic schedule, but if you are always late you are no doubt feeling a little stressed about it.

Unfortunately stress leads to excess cortisol being produced by your body, which can lead to numerous issues including:

  • Headaches
  • Stomach issues
  • High blood pressure
  • Chest pain

Cortisol can also have an effect on your weight, as it not only causes more food cravings, but can also cause you to hold onto fat too. This is because it can affect your metabolism.

If this sounds like you then perhaps you could start getting ready a couple of minutes earlier than normal.

Perhaps you may need to move your schedule around if it is causing a problem for you.

#2: You don’t have healthy snacks handy

Despite your best efforts, chances are that you will occasionally feel peckish between meals.

Unfortunately if you have no healthy snacks at hand you maybe forced to give in to temptation and buy from a vending machine or pay a visit to the local drive-thru.

Of course if you are trying to lose weight this is not a good idea. Therefore I would suggest storing some healthy snacks, perhaps in a draw at work, or in your car dashboard.

#3: You are dehydrated

Most of us do not drink enough, and when we do drink we rarely opt for water, instead reaching for a soft drink or sugar-filled beverage instead.

Unsurprisingly these are full of sugar and calories that will cause weight gain to occur.

What I would suggest would be to carry around a bottle of water that you can sip from occasionally.

Water is the perfect choice for anyone who values their health. It is free from calories, and can help curb your appetite.

You should also have a sip of water the next time you think you are experiencing food cravings, as often this experience is nothing but thirst.

#4: You stay up late

We have already spoken about cortisol and its effects on your body, and a lack of sleep can also cause this hormone to produce in excess amounts.

Getting less than the recommended 7 hours per night can also effect other hormones too, such as ghrelin and leptin, which can result in more food cravings than normal.

I would suggest going to bed early if possible and to switch off those distractions too, such as your phone, to ensure a peaceful nights sleep.

#5: You skip meals

Of course cutting calories is a great way to lose weight, however skipping meals is not.

What will happen is that your metabolism will slow as your body goes into a type of ‘starvation mode’, where it will desperately try to hold onto its fat reserves.

This is why those who skip meals lose weight to begin, but as time goes by this weight loss will stall, with the lost weight likely to return as quickly as it is lost.

#6: You sit all day

Nowadays many of us have sedentary jobs, where we are sat at our desks for the majority of the day.

Unsurprisingly the less you move the fewer calories you will burn.

If you are unable to walk around your office occasionally then I would suggest that you stand up as often as you can.

Research has shown that standing at work will help you burn an extra 50 calories per hour than sitting, which may seem small but will mount up over time.

#7: You use a shopping basket

When you go shopping do you reach for the basket or the trolley?

Research has shown that those who use a basket are more likely to reach for those impulse buys, which are often unhealthy junk foods.

What I would suggest is to use a trolley and fill up with those healthy foods you have written on your list before you went shopping, and to only stick to these items.

#8: You skip the stairs

If you have stairs at work, but tend to use the elevator instead then you could be missing a great opportunity to burn calories.

To lose weight these extra little bits of exertion can burn plenty of extra calories daily, which will mount up over time.

#9: You eat in front of the TV

Eating in front of the TV or while distracted will result in you eating more than those who eat without the distractions.

By focussing more on the food you are eating you will eat less of it. And the fewer calories you consume the more weight you can potentially lose over time.

#10: You eat with friends

Studies have shown that those who eat with friends tend to eat more than those who eat alone.

Weight LossThis same study concluded that the more friends you dined with at a time the more food was consumed.

Of course, this does not mean you should have no friends, just that perhaps you could try a different activity the next time you meet up together.

#11: You don’t eat enough protein

When it comes to food choices there are certain foods that are better for weight loss than others.

For example, does your diet contain enough protein? If not then it is time to start adding some.

Protein is slow to digest, so will keep you feeling full for longer. Plus as it releases its energy more gradually than fat for example, you will not experience those sugar highs and subsequent crashes that cause further cravings.

If you intend to workout too, protein is important for repairing damaged muscle fibres, therefore helping to aid your recovery between workouts.

#12: You don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables

It is an unfortunate fact that many of us do not consume enough fresh fruit and vegetables, perhaps this is one reason why so many of us are becoming overweight and obese.

Truth is that you should be eating as much of these foods as possible. They are full of the essential nutrients your body needs, but contain very few calories overall.

I would suggest keeping some fresh fruit handy for snacking when cravings arise between meals. It is also a good idea to fill half your plate with vegetables for your main meals too.

#13: You don’t eat enough fibre

Fibre is important for weight loss as it not only fills you up but as it is slow to digest can keep you feeling full too.

A fibre-rich diet will also ensure that your digestive system is working as it should. Meaning you will not be storing waste or any of those toxins that can prevent weight loss from occurring.

#14: You take the weekend off

To succeed at your weight loss goals you cannot take the weekend off to overindulge in your favourite foods, or to simply laze about.

If you do this than all of your good work done during the week will be for naught.

The weekend is the perfect time to do something energetic, which will be especially important for those who work in an office and usually lead sedentary lives.

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