4 Things that Make You Overeat

4 Things that Make You Overeat

If you are trying to lose weight you most certainly do not want to be overeating, unfortunately many of us wont even realise that we are overeating.

There are various things that make you overeat. Below are just 4 of them:

#1: Fitness food marketing

When you see a food that is claimed to be able to help with our fitness we often tend to eat more of it as after-all it is good for us. Isn’t it?

Well, this is not always the case as many fitness based foods are full of added sugars that are certainly not going to help your weight loss efforts.

In a study published in the Journal of Marketing Research it was discovered that people would eat more of a fitness branded trail mix than a plainly packaged one.

#2: Drinking alcohol

Not only is alcohol a source of ‘empty calories’, essentially calories that serve no nutritional benefit, but drinking alcohol will also reduce your ability to avoid temptation when it comes to food.

In a study published in the journal Obesity, the researchers found that women were more sensitive to the smell of food after consuming alcohol.

If you like to go out occasionally with friends and family you may want to try and avoid alcohol completely, or if you cant resist then you should try to keep those snacks and finger foods at a distance to avoid temptation.

#3: Getting married

Perhaps it is because you become more comfortable with one another or simply stop trying, but research has shown that married couple tend to gain weight.

MarriedIn one study women who married in the early 20s gained an average of 24 pounds in the first 5 years of marriage, with men gaining an average of 30 pounds.

Some couples will use food as entertainment, for example when they go out they will go for a meal, or will sit in front of the TV with a pile of snacks.

The good news though is that if you want to lose a little weight, perhaps you could do it as a couple and therefore encourage and motivate each other.

#4: You snack often

You have probably heard that eating 5-6 times a day is a good idea for losing weight. Well, while this is true you must understand that you need to cut back on the portion sizes of these meals.

If you are still eating large portions then you are likely overeating, which will obviously result in weight being gained not lost.

Comfort eating is another issue that could be causing you to snack often, so I would look to see if I could find the root cause of this.

Finally, what you snack on can also affect your weight loss efforts.

Of course chocolate and crisps are a bad idea, but even seemingly healthy snacks contain calories that will soon mount up.

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