Think Outside The Box and Lose Weight

Think Outside The Box and Lose Weight

Staying motivated is important for weight loss, yet this can be a challenge for most people. Especially if you are not seeing the results you had hoped to see.

The truth of the matter is you cant stick to the same routine week after week in the hope that you will see changes. It is time to rethink what you know and start thinking outside of the box.

Here are 3 weight loss tips that may help change your current mind set:

#1 – Don’t believe everything your hear

Everyday there seems to be some expert willing to endorse the latest supplement or fad diet.

Now I am not saying that all supplements and diets are wrong, as sometimes they can work as claimed.

However if you want to see real long term weight loss results fad diets are simply impractical as they often involve the removal of certain food types essential for a healthy body.

When choosing a healthy diet it is important that you use a little bit of common sense and start choose a balanced diet. Cut back on bad fats, sugar and salt, while watching your portion sizes.

Instead you should try to eat more whole grains and certainly increase your intake of protein as this will help boost your metabolism and will help keep you fuller for longer.

#2 – Simple is good

Most fad diets are overcomplicated so it is always best to keep to a simple, yet healthy diet.

Exercise equipment is also a minefield as there are many machines that claim to be the “best thing ever” yet in reality you would again be better off sticking to the more traditional equipment.

Keep your weight loss simple, eat healthily and stick to a simple exercise regime. Exercise 3-4 times a week with a combination of both cardio and resistance exercises to give the best results.

#3 – Health is a habit

The only way you are going to see long term success is to make sure this is a lifestyle change and not a fad that is easily dropped.

If you struggle initially to make these new healthier part of your everyday habits you may want to plan out what you are going to do each day.

After a while this will become part of who you are and you will never look back again.

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  1. Hello, I saw you on Global this morning and would very much like more information on Losing the Weight outside the box.

    I look forward to your program of sensible suggestions and counseling.

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