8 Thoughts Stopping you from Losing Weight

8 Thoughts Stopping you from Losing Weight

Although you may want to lose weight, for one reason or another you always seem to come up with an excuse not to make any changes.

If you are overweight though then these changes are probably necessary, as being overweight puts you at a higher risk of developing numerous life-threatening conditions.

For some your mindset is the biggest hurdle to overcome, so lets look at some of the most common thoughts stopping you from losing weight.

#1: You know what to do, but still don’t do it

While it is important to find out how to lose weight safely and effectively, it is no good if you then don’t put the theory into practice.

It maybe a fear of failure, but if you take the first step on the journey to a slimmer you and start to see results then your confidence will grow.

You will soon realise that there was no need for you to be afraid.

#2: You are waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to lose weight

The truth is that the perfect time to lose weight is now. It is no good putting it off for your holiday 3 months away, or to try and get in shape for Christmas.

Your health is important so stop putting it off.

#3: You don’t think you can succeed

If you do not think that you can lose weight then chances are you wont achieve the goals.

This fear will stop you from pushing yourself, and at the first sign of trouble you will likely give up as you are expecting to fail.

Being confident in your ability to lose weight is a battle you must win before you start. This confidence will help keep you motivated and will ensure you continue to push even when things get tough.

#4: You are not being honest

Most of us know what is causing us to gain weight. Perhaps we snack too often, or eat out a lot.

The problem is that we cannot admit to ourselves what we are doing wrong. Once we admit it though, and stop feeling guilty about it then we can start to make the necessary positive changes we know we need to make to achieve our goals.

#5: Negative people sabotage your thoughts

It is hard enough to be confident in your ability without a family member or so-called friend saying to you that you cannot lose weight.

These are the people that are supposed to offer you support, but if they cannot do that then perhaps a little break from them is in order.

Lose WeightSurround yourself with positive people who will support your progress instead.

#6: You judge yourself

If you judge yourself negatively whenever you eat or glance at yourself in the mirror then you could be putting your chances of success in jeopardy.

Instead of being overly critical of yourself try to focus on what you have accomplished so far, both in terms of your weight loss and also the positive changes you have made to your diet.

#7: You believe your diet should be perfect

Of course you will need to eat healthily to lose weight but there is no such thing as a perfect diet, and you should not think about your food constantly as it will soon make life difficult for you.

As long as you eat healthily 80% of the time then you will surely start to see results.

Don’t worry about the occasional treat, just try to limit them.

#8: Be consistent

To lose 10 pounds you first need to lose 1 pound. Once you figure out how to do this then continue the same technique.

Don’t overthink the advice of others. We are all different so what works for your friend may not work for you.

Consistency is key to weight loss. Give yourself encouragement and keep going. Push through any plateau and be patient. You did not gain the weight overnight, so you cannot expect to lose it overnight either.

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