Tiffany Watson Reveals Diet Trick

Tiffany Watson Reveals Diet Trick

Current Made In Chelsea star Tiffany Watson has recently revealed her diet trick after speaking to Star Magazine.

She revealed in the interview that in order to maintain her slim figure she even works out while on holiday.

“I try to work out four times a week. I have a personal trainer, which makes such a difference. They push you to a level you can’t reach on your own.”

“I enjoy the healthy lifestyle. I try to work out even when I’m on holiday. In the Maldives, me and Sam cycled a lot and I did yoga.”

Tiffany Watson fitnessShe also revealed another diet trick that many of us may struggle with, she tries not to eat too many carbs.

“I try not to have any carbs, like bread or pasta. And if I do eat pasta, it’s a real treat.”

Other Celebrity Diet Tricks

Tiffany Watson is not the only celebrity to have spoken about their diet tricks, the following is a list of other celebrities and their tips for staying in shape:

Lucy Mecklenburgh

The former TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) star has revealed that she tries to eat a healthy clean diet during the week so that she can enjoy some of her favourite foods over the weekends.

Charlotte Crosby

To promote her 3-Minute Belly Blitz DVD, the Geordie Shore star has put her weight loss down to healthy eating and regular exercise.

Davina McCall

The presenter has a number of fitness DVDs available and leads an active lifestyle. She also advocates a low calorie, low sugar diet.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The model has to ensure her body is in tip-top condition. Therefore she regularly works out, she also eats a low carb diet.

Miranda Kerr

Another model who credits her figure to regular yoga sessions. She has claimed that she holds the ‘plank’ position for 10 minutes each day.

Jennifer Anniston

The ex Friends star eats a low carb diet that consists of various protein sources and vegetables, this allows her an occasional cheat day.

Lauren Goodger

Lauren is a bit of a yo-yo dieter, but the ex TOWIE star has again lost weight (4 stone), by cutting back on her partying. She has also been pictured at the gym.

Final Thoughts

Weight loss does not need to be complicated, and as the above celebrities have shown you can lose weight and achieve your weight loss goals simply through a change of diet and regular exercise.

Of course most of these celebrities will have access to personal trainers but you can see good results yourself if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

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