9 Tips for a Healthier Workday

9 Tips for a Healthier Workday

For many of us work can be a stressful and hectic time where our diet and efforts to be healthy often come second.

Unfortunately this hectic schedule can have a negative impact on your home life too, which again makes staying in shape that much harder to achieve.

Luckily for you we have some tips below that will help ensure you start experiencing more healthier workdays.

#1: Start drinking more water

This is a good tip not just for the office but for everyday too.

Many of us simply do not drink enough water, which leaves us dehydrated. This in turn can leave us feeling lethargic and bloated, which can mean us reaching for a coffee or energy drink to perk us up.

The problem is that these drinks are full of sugar, which most definitely is not good for your waistline.

Water on the other hand contains zero sugar or calories. It can also help to curb cravings.

#2: Plan your dinner-time

With your hectic workday it can be tempting to work through lunch, but this could be a mistake if weight loss is your aim.

Skipping meals is certainly not the best way to lose weight, as not only will you tend to overindulge with the later meal, but you may also find yourself picking at unhealthy snacks to compensate for your hunger.

#3: Get up as often as possible

These days many of us work in an office where you could be sat most of the day.

I would suggest that you try and stand up as much as possible, perhaps you could try whenever you get a phone call for instance.

Doing so will ensure you burn double the number of calories you would burn while sitting.

#4: Put away those snacks

If you want to avoid snacking continuously throughout the day you need to make sure any snacks you have brought have been put away.

As the old saying goes “out of sight out of mind”.

#5: Get some fresh air

Lose WeightIf you are stuck in an office all day then chances are you are not getting enough sunlight.

Now you may not think that sunlight was that important for weight loss but a lack of vitamin D, which is produced by your body when it is exposed to sunlight is.

A lack of vitamin D in your body can leave you feeling lethargic and sore, which can leave you craving food, perhaps as a pick-me-up.

#6: Stay away from the biscuit tin

Does your office have a biscuit tin, or perhaps a vending machine? If so then you need to avoid the temptation to visit it.

It can be difficult but if you have brought your own healthy snacks to work with you and you are feeling peckish then perhaps it is time to get them out.

#7: Watch out for the ‘office feeder

We all know the sort, that one person who regularly brings in their homemade cakes and biscuits, in particular around the time that The Great British Bake Off is being shown.

If you value your health and are looking to lose weight, then perhaps you need to avoid this person when they have brought in their treats.

#8: Walk

This maybe difficult during the day when you are at your desk, but going to work and on the way home is a great way to get a few extra steps in.

Perhaps you could park a little bit further away from the office, or perhaps you could take the stairs instead of the lift. Whatever you do will ensure you start burning off a few of those extra calories.

#9: Get support

No doubt there will be a few others in your office who are perhaps looking to lose weight, perhaps you could approach them to see if you could go through the journey together.

Support and encouragement is important for any weight loss journey, plus you can both help with any problems you encounter. Remember “a problem shared is a problem halved”.

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