7 Tips to Lose Weight Fast

7 Tips to Lose Weight Fast

Many of us would like to lose weight fast, by following these next 7 tips you can start your weight loss journey and actually keep the weight off.

#1: Be SMART

SMART is an abbreviation for being “Specific, Measured, Appropriate, Realistic, and Time-bound”. This basically means that you should plan to achieve.

If you want to start exercising more often then you should write down what activity you want to do, how often and for how long.

The same should be done for what you eat too.

If you can do this on a weekly basis then your goals will be easier to achieve.

#2: Be active

It is recommended that you get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day.

This does not necessarily mean the gym, but the various other activities you do daily also count. For example going for a walk or the gardening, they all burn off calories too.

#3: Give yourself rewards

If you can give yourself rewards for achieving your goals then you will have more incentive to complete them.

Maybe a massage, movie or an afternoon off would be a good reward for a hard week of weight loss.

Whatever you do though, you most certainly should not be rewarding yourself with food. This will kind of defeat the purpose of your efforts.

#4: Keep yourself full

Did you know that it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it is full?

With this in mind it may be best to wait a few minutes before ordering that second course.

Lose WeightDrinking plenty of water can help to keep you full and refreshed. Along with fruit and vegetables you will be able to stay full and reduce that snacking.

Another couple of tips to help you to slow down the rate that you consume your meals are:

  • Making sure to chew thoroughly
  • Putting your cutlery down between mouthfuls

#5: Keep a record

Again by recording your weight losses and what you have done and eaten will ensure you know what you have done right and wrong.

This information can help you to adjust accordingly and make sure your diet stays on track.

This diary can also serve as a good motivational tool too, as you can look back over your progress and see just how far you have come. This is perfect for when you are feeling down and thinking about quitting your efforts.

#6: Keep an eye on portion sizes

It is common knowledge that we will eat whatever is on our plate regardless of the size.

When at home you could try using smaller sized plates to help reduce those portion sizes.

#7: Use a safe weight loss supplement

If you can use a safe weight loss supplement you may be able to reduce your appetite, help to reduce your calorie intake or increase your metabolic rate.

Phen375 is one such supplement that when combined with a healthy diet and exercise regime can help you to achieve your ideal weight.

Phen375 contains proven ingredients that can boost your metabolic rate significantly, which will result in extra calories being burnt.

It is safe to use and those who have used it are thoroughly impressed with the results they have experienced.

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