Track Your Calories with Food Pictures

Track Your Calories with Food Pictures

If you are trying to lose weight then keeping track of your calorie intake is a must. However, writing down everything you eat or drink can often be difficult and can take up a lot of your free time.

Now, there maybe an alternative in the form of a free food-tracking app called Lose It! (free to download via iTunes).

This app works by being able to calculate the nutritional value and number of calories contained within your food just by taking a photo of it.

Is this app proven?

Recently the Lose It! app conducted a study alongside the National Institutes of Health, who found that 73% of users saw a significant drop in weight.

This study also noted that 5% of even occasional users lost weight, with 38% of those who used the “basic” level of the app managing to lose pounds too.

Benefits of using this app

Using this app will keep you honest, as often you will underestimate the actual number of calories you consume.

If you think you are eating less than you really are then you could find that weight loss will be slow, or even non-existent.

With this app you will get a more accurate idea of what you are consuming, so can make changes if required. This will ultimately help you to reach your weight loss goals.

Are there any issues?

While the Lose It! app has its benefits there are also a few drawbacks too.

For example, while it is able to tell if you are eating rice, it may not be able to tell if you are eating white or brown rice.

This also means that other foods that look similar may need to be put into the app manually, for example if you used a particular oil to cook with.

Even so, if you feel that you will see better weight loss results by tracking your calories then this app will surely do a better job then guesstimating.

Plus, just think about all those photos you will have ready to add to your Instagram account ;).


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