One Simple Trick to Avoid Junk Food

One Simple Trick to Avoid Junk Food

If you are currently on a diet then you know how important it is to stick to it. Otherwise you are never going to reach your weight loss goals.

However, many will fail to stick to their diets as unfortunately once those cravings occur they are unable to control them.

Now a team of researchers from the University of Colorado School of Medicine have discovered a simple trick that you can use to avoid junk food.

What did the study reveal?

The study that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered that they key to stopping these cravings is to look at pictures of bugs or other disgusting images.

It was concluded that these sorts of images when viewed when experiencing junk food cravings could reduce the chances of people choosing to eat these kinds of food as the images become associated with foods.

What research was undertaken?

During the study 42 volunteers were shown an image of something disgusting immediately before being shown an image of junk food.

Almost instantaneously the volunteers lost their appetite, with the study also showing that these disgusting images were still being associated with junk food a further 3 or 5 days later.

Any issues with the study?

While this research is promising, critics of the study are quick to point out that there were very few test subjects, so a larger study will be needed to see if these results can be replicated.

Another critical aspect of the study was that no weight loss was reported, so we do not know how this study will help with the current obesity epidemic.

Perhaps in the future more tests will be undertaken, until then you will need to try and take control of your cravings yourself using other more traditional methods.

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