6 Ways to Trick Your Brain into Helping Your Weight Loss

6 Ways to Trick Your Brain into Helping Your Weight Loss

When it comes to your weight loss efforts your brain has a big part to play.

After-all sometimes it is your brain that is telling you that you need to eat. Possibly because of certain ‘triggers’.

These triggers can cause you to overeat, which will put you into a cycle of guilt and overindulgence.

Luckily, the following tips will help break these triggers and help trick your brain into helping your weight loss efforts.

#1: Think of the future

To help resist these triggers try imagining yourself in the future after resisting these foods.

For example, at an upcoming reunion or party with your friends and loved ones complimenting you on your weight loss.

This visualisation can help override those triggers.

#2: Keep those trigger foods out of sight

There will no doubt be certain foods that you are unable to resist. So it makes sense to put them somewhere they wont tempt you.

As the old saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind”.

Similarly by displaying any healthy foods you will be more likely to reach for them.

#3: Plan your meals

To avoid temptation you should plan your meals in advance.

Write down what you are planning to eat and stick to the plan.

This will remove any uncertainty and will enable you to keep to the healthy options.

#4: Be positive

If you are negative about your weight loss efforts and think that you cannot achieve your goal then chances are you wont achieve it.

Research has even shown that positive reaffirmation can help, so making statements like “I can achieve my goal” every morning will work.

#5: Smell your food

When you smell your food you can trick your brain into thinking you have consumed more than you really have.

Research has shown that those who used this trick lost more weight than those who did not smell their food.

Eating your food while it is hot will enhance its smell, while eating while drinking alcohol can reduce the smell, which is why you tend to overeat when eating with alcohol.

#6: Expect to make mistakes

Yes, mistakes will happen. You cannot expect to achieve your weight loss goals without occasionally giving into temptation.

The trick is to not let these occasional indulgences lead you into a cycle of guilt.

Simply move on from this indulgence and keep working towards your end goal.

As long as you are eating healthily around 80% of the time then the occasional indulgence wont harm. In fact I would actively encourage the occasional treat.

Sometimes sticking to a healthy diet can leave you feeling bored and that you are “missing out”. This occasional treat can help add a little excitement back into your diet.

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