Trim Biofit Review – Is this trial offer a scam?

Trim Biofit Review – Is this trial offer a scam?

Is it possible to “lose weight without diet or exercise”? According to the Trim Biofit website using this product could make this claim a reality, but is there any truth in this claim?

The following review will look at this offer in more detail, whether its ingredients are up to scratch, and also whether there are any hidden charges associated with this offer.

If you are considering signing up for this offer then I would suggest that you continue reading, you may be shocked at what you may discover.

Claimed benefits of Trim Biofit

Their website has made the following claims:

  • Boost metabolism without stimulants
  • Increase natural fat burn
  • Burn old stored fat
  • Suppress hunger
  • High energy boost

Of course these claimed benefits sound impressive, they are designed to entice people just like you who are looking for that little extra help achieving their weight loss goals into signing up for the offer as quickly as possible.

Whether these claims are accurate or not remains to be seen, we will certainly need to look more closely at what ingredients have been used, and whether these ingredients are likely to offer any benefit.

Trim Biofit ingredients

There is no product label available, so no way of knowing exactly what is found in this product.

It does mention that it contains Raspberry Ketones, “made from the highest quality and max concentration”. But can this statement be believed?

Also, without a label we do not know if there are any other ingredients present. For example any filler ingredients, or ingredients that could potentially cause side effects.

It is incredibly important that when looking at weight loss supplements that you know what it contains. Not only to ensure it works as claimed, but also to ensure that it is safe to use too.

Price of Trim Biofit

Trim Biofit is available for trial, but is this a good thing? In previous reviews of trial offers like this we have found time and again that they lead onto expensive auto-ship programs.

Is this the case with this offer? Unfortunately yes is the answer.

Having read the terms and conditions I can reveal that while the initial cost is low, at just £4.93 for shipping and handling. This only covers a 14 day period, after which you will be charged again, with this second charge being £49.95.

While this is not as expensive as some trials we have seen, it is certainly more than you should be paying. Similar Raspberry Ketone products online are available much cheaper.

Trim Biofit also operates an auto-ship program, so further monthly deliveries and charges will be sent to you.

Is the Trim Biofit trial offer a scam?

We cannot call Trim Biofit a scam. However, those who sign up for the offer without first reading the T&Cs may call it that.

The ingredient information is vague at best, and leaves me wondering if this product works as claimed. While the price is also too high.

In my opinion you would be better giving this offer a miss. There are better options available to you.

Contact details for Trim Biofit

If you wish to cancel this trial you will need the following contact information:

Phone: 0800-778-9201
Email: info-eng@trimbiofit.com

Please leave a comment for us below if you have signed up to this offer.

What is our recommended alternative?

Raspberry Ketone PlusRaspberry Ketone Plus is our suggested alternative. It is sold by Evolution Slimming and comes highly recommended.

Not only does this product contain Raspberry Ketones, but also a number of other proven fat burning ingredients.

It has a label available and numerous testimonials online proving its benefits to be true:

  • Faster metabolic rate
  • More calories burnt
  • Lower body fat percentage
  • Weight loss

There is no trial option available, so you wont have to worry about hidden charges or auto-shipping.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus


50 comments on "Trim Biofit Review – Is this trial offer a scam?"
  1. I did not know of the cost for this product, I had to read the letter before I opened the seal, which I didn’t because I was shocked at the price of the individual bottles. I would have loved to have used this product but unfortunately I cant afford it 🙁 🙁 I hope to find something more in my price range as I am looking for the same ingredients and I cant find a good supplement anywhere.

    • I have just received the trimbiofit & the cleansed trial ..I spoke to my physician who strongly advised that I should not take this product due to medical history ..I have not removed the seal from the product trial and I have tried many times to speak to someone on the phone numder given but all I get is a an merican man’s voice telling me to hold the line and someone will answer BUT NO A voice then says Good by leaving me very frustrated I need to know how to return without anyfurther cost …I definitely will not be paying the £ 49.95 plus p&p .PLEASE EMAIL ME AN ADDRESS & RETURN NUMBER ASAP THANK YOU YOU HAVE MY OWN ADDRESS

      • Audrey, the above is a review. We do not endorse this offer.

      • Hey,

        Exact same thing happened to me! When I signed up there was no * on the trial or terms and conditions etc. So I was shocked when I read the letter. I’ll put the address at the bottom of this but I strongly recommend after contacting them via email to contact your bank, fully explain and block it from coming out in case it doesn’t arrive by the 14 days or it gets lost, especially if you’re not in the UK. Also, as the number is clearly a fake, I don’t imagine the address either so I have refused sending it back, nothing they can do about it. I received this via email, and if you’re from the UK/ similar address layouts you can see doesn’t look right, no company name or well anything.

        PO BOX 455

        RUISLIP HA4 6HH


        • The same happened to me. I have e mailed them 3 times but the e mail address always come back as non deliverable.
          This is a scam.

      • Hi,
        I began a free trial, so i thought !
        I then found out about the auto shipping & membership…
        I made all efforts to cancel this as directed on the advert, unsucsessfully no matter what i tried even approaching my bank to ask they not release any further money.
        (They take your long card number knowing that its not easily stopped….)
        So i closed my account then opened another. Problem solved.
        A pain in the ass i must admit. However, my money was then untouchable !!!!

        Save your pennies dont buy these products

  2. i have ordeed this product for trial havenert received it yet but was td id have to pay 199.00 dollars buy the 30 th of this month and im so poor ive just applied for bankrupsy please cancil my order im not interested and cant afford this product my order number is 9694914 sorry for any inconveniance yours truley leanne theobald

  3. I have tried the number above to contact the customer care service severally with no response. I ordered for the Trimbiofit trial sample on the 15/9/2017, I received it over the weekend, and I would like to return it back after reading the letter that came with the product that I will have to pay £49.95 after 14days. Please kindly, send me the return Merchandise authorisation number, so I can send the product back as soon as possible. Order number: 9710133. Thanks


  5. Been taking now for 10 days, haven’t lost any weight. Not a pound yet! Trial offer is very unclear, I waited 6 days for delivery. How can I know within 1 week if I want to keep them. Not clear you were Charing me full price after 2weeks from ordering. Will be cancelling my order ASAP, before you send and charge me for another order.

  6. This is a total scam!! I did not see on the advert that after 14 days you would be charged a ridiculous amount of money for this product. I was at work when my free trial arrived so it was taken back to my local post office. Today is the first day I was able to collect it and although it is less than a week later I have had £100 taken from my account. I was told that my free trial was up and that it was my fault for being at work when it was delivered. Trying to get my money back through the bank but not holding out much hope. So Cross!!!!

  7. Hi I am not receive my trim biohit plz send me my order thx

  8. I received a package with Trim Biofit today. The letter it contained was the first indication that In 14 days I would be charged 49.95. This information was nowhere in the advertising which gave the impression that it was a free trial.
    I rang to receive Return Merchandise Authorization. A man with American accent treated me courteously and gave me return details. However I am expected to pay postage and then to phone them with my tracking number. I regard this Company, for whom no name is given, as one that is operating a scam. A similar product can be bought elsewhere for 12.99. Be aware and beware!

  9. Can I please have an address for returning These I have spoke to my doctor and no way I have to take these capsules as I’m ill and don’t know how much life I have left so please get in touch urgently as I need my money please

    • Diane, I would suggest using the contact details provided for you in the above review.

      • Total scam I filled in for free trial in no were did it say I would be charged nearly 100 I can’t afford for that kind of money to be taken out my bank I have called number provide above no joy I have also emailed to cancel all

  10. I haven’t even opened the bottle to even test these free sample


  12. I have been scammed too, it didnt say anywhere in the website that it would cost me £49.95 after 14 days. I contacted them and was told to return the items and would NOT be refunded, they are conning everyone with this as it costs you £10 for the trial initially then £4 to return them. Stay away from these site.
    Everyone ends up out of pocket this should be reported to Watchdog

  13. What is name of company please for the bank to stop payments I’m ill enough but it’s like banging my head off the wall and getting nowhere thanks I’m so furious at this

  14. Nnever received trial order, phoned them put on hold have now sent email

  15. I wish to cancel my next and any future orders however I can not phone as it comes up as the number I have been given is not connected and all my efforts to contact thos company through the internet goes pear shaped please anyone looking to get involved with this offer STAY AWAY

  16. I. Too got tricked in this stupid advert and ordered using the free trial. Now on reading everyone’s views on this product I feel what a fool I was to fall for this. Hollan & Barrets are offering same types of weight reducing pills and I could have got mine from there. And they are genuine and you pay for just what you buy. Also when you place your order for the free trial very cunningly they add the line please call the customer service if you have any issues and not your bank. They know iif people went to the bank probably the bank would block payment to the company knowing that they are cheating people so they have asked customers to first resolve the issue with the company before going to the bank. And when you call the customer service no one picks up or you are left on the line on hold for ages. Such cheaters.

  17. This was supposed to be FREE . . . . You have taken money out of my account and I want it back NOW

  18. I thought i was getting one item for a free trail I ended with cleanse DTX & TrimBIOfit, I tried to contact them and the phone number is just a recording, eventually I spoke to an American guy who sounded like a robot. I have also sent 6 emails asking for a return address. I was horrified when I read the letter advising that they are going to take nearly £100.00 off my credit card, I was so worried its money I can not afford. I have now contacted my bank and they were amazing, they are going to stop any transactions, if they take the money with another name I just need to contact them and they will investigate. This is a total scam, no where in the advert did it say that you will be charge after 14 days of order £49.95 from my credit card and no where did it say that I would receive two items. I would advise contacting yo bank and be honest with them everyone can make a mistake, I will never do this again.

  19. My concerns were raised when I received an email advising a some of money had been taken from credit card account and would continue to be taken each month for a period of 8 months for a newsletter I had read nothing about or in fact wished to receive. The email said if after 8 months I didn’t get value from the newsletter I could apply to have the costs of receiving it reimbursed…!!! I emailed the company and demanded this newsletter be stopped and no payments come from my account. I then noted the Terms and Conditions of the free trial product were written in very light print, making it difficult to read. Clever and unprofessional. I have phoned to stop the trial trial product but it has been sent (not received as yet) and I’m told I can’t cancel my account until I have rung back and when the product has been received. I hope this is the case.

  20. Ihave been scammed too. I ordered biofit, but bio cleanse came up kn site too, and i couldnt stop it going through. I work in the hours when their fone is manned, so returned the cleanse back unopened. They have charged me for both, twice.ii have cancelled the biofit as it didn’ t work and haven’ t recd anymore. So they hav charged me £150 for stuff i havnt hsd.

  21. absolutely disgusted at being charges £49.95 and £44.80 for a supposedly trial offer, later to find out these amounts have been taken from my bank account. Totally misleading advertisement. Did Holly Willerby get hers free because she advertised for the firm or did she have to pay the same as us mortals

  22. I want to cancel this product as I am a pensioner and had no idea how much this would cost nor that I would find it impossible to contact you.
    Please advise me how I can cancel these products.

  23. This is a big scam. I got tricked. Is there anyway we can sue the company.

  24. I am just totally blown away how there are such deceiving sumbags out there who scam honest hearted people into buying there products.

    ill be reporting this company to trading standards someone needs to do something to stop them conning more people.

  26. I never received my sample then you take two payments out of my account -cunts

  27. Same thing happened to me Kevin Boyle! Fuming. AND they don’t seem to bloody work!! now trying to find a way to cancel them.

    • Go to the bank and cancel the card they took the money from,that’s the only way to stop these people taking anymore money from you.

  28. Hi I got my pills this morning, read the small print and have just spent 2 hours and £8.00
    to return it, I rang to cancel and was told I had to send the items back get a tracking number then ring back. Call centre was in either Nigeria or India and they make it as difficult as possible to convey information 30 second pauses when giving information repeatedly asked to spell simple words. Eventually given a cancellation code and told my account is closed. We will see but I will be contacting my bank also.
    The advert ran on Facebook and at no point it mention auto rip off feature, £49 a month for each bottle. Don’t dare give up trying to contact them they rely on most people being put off.
    I will be making a formal complaint to Facebook.SCAM SCAM SCAM

  29. I have read with concern all the reviews after getting caught with this SCAM… I worry that so many people are being billed 49.95 – 100.00. Ok so here’s how to avoid getting charged. We received the tablets after seeing the advert on fb. The site said our application had failed as the directed site was down so we were shocked to then receive the tablets through the post. Even more shocked to discover that we were about to be charged for them! Ok so the phone number can be contacted if you really persevere and I mean really really persevere.. To avoid charges contact your bank, who can not block them, but cancel your card and get the bank to send a new one.. Yes it’s inconvenient but the alternative is loosing £100.00!!!! Then email them clientservices@rhinosupport.com stating that you are unable to follow the return instructions due to the number being unobtainable.. State that under no circumstances are they to chase you for payment as you are aware of the conditions and any attempt to collect monies from you will be taken as harassment and you are then able to take legal action.. Also state that under no circumstances are they to post any further tablets to you as you will treat any further post from them as junk mail and will dispose of it immediately .. I hope this helps anyone your these people have conned.. John Coady

  30. I have been scammed to as two amounts came out of my bank book for PRFITSERVICE and FTNSSLDPLUSHELP.C for amount 44.80 and 49.95. Contact you bank immediately if same happens to you, trading standards ando solicitor. Don’t want same happening to any one else.

  31. What a SCAM

    A free trial ( postage only)???
    I have had $140 for a one month supply. REally!

    I saw no terms and conditions anywhere (even minute) when I placed the order for this ‘free trial’.
    On arrival, I open the package and read the terms – too late to request a “Return authorization number” as it’s after the 14 days (from the date of order – NOT the date of delivery) AND they state it can take up to 14 days to arrive

  32. I received my Biofit ,& the cleanse detox which I wasn’t expecting and got charged nearly £100 for both, when it should have been a free trial ,I’ve tried ringing them but no joy,so I will b going to the bank and cancel my debit card so no more money can be taken out,how can people be so nasty as to rip people off like this,it’s all a scam, so please be warned,don’t get caught out like we all did.

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