Is the TrimFire Garcinia trial offer a scam? Review inside

Is the TrimFire Garcinia trial offer a scam? Review inside

If you want to “lose the weight and feel great” then you maybe tempted by the claims made by TrimFire Garcinia.

This product is available as a “risk free” trial, so what have you got to lose?

Well, if you have any experience of trial offers then quite a lot actually. Trial offers are rarely as good an offer as they appear to be.

The following review will look at this offer in more detail, please read on to discover the truth before you sign up and potentially make an expensive mistake.

Claimed benefits of TrimFire Garcinia

If you believe the website then using TrimFire Garcinia will help you experience the following benefits:

  • Suppress your appetite
  • Block fat production
  • Lose weight naturally
  • Flatten your belly

To confirm the accuracy of these claims it would be a good idea to check what ingredients have been used.

Ingredients used in TrimFire Garcinia

While there is no label present, it is clear from the name of the product that the main ingredient used is Garcinia Cambogia.

When looking at Garcinia Cambogia supplements you also need to look at what HCA percentage has been used. This shows what quality has been used.

Preferably you should look for a HCA percentage of above 50%, and according to the website, TrimFire Garcinia contains 60% HCA.

The website also claims that each serving contains 1,000 mg of this active ingredient too, which is a good sign.

Of course we would prefer to see a label, so that we can see if any other ingredients have been used. However, I can see this product offering some benefit to your weight loss efforts, especially used with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Price of the TrimFire Garcinia trial offer

Unfortunately “risk free” is not free of charge, so if you are expecting to get to try this product without paying a penny then you are mistaken.

The T&Cs located at the very bottom of the website state that at the end of the 14 day trial you will be charged the full purchase price of $79.94.

This wont be the end of the charges either. TrimFire Garcinia operates an auto-ship program so failure to cancel the trial means that you are liable for further monthly deliveries and charges.

Is TrimFire Garcinia a scam?

The product itself seems good, its ingredient information (if true) is likely to offer the benefits claimed.

Unfortunately, the price of this product is high. Especially when compared with products made from similar ingredients.

I would recommend that if you are tempted by a trial offer like this in the future to do your research to ensure you are not caught out by any hidden charges.

Contact information for TrimFire Garcinia

The contact details for TrimFire Garcinia are as follows:

Phone: 877-715-6805
Email: support@trytrimfire.com

Please leave a comment below if you have signed up to this offer.

Garcinia PureAlternative Garcinia Cambogia supplement

Garcinia Pure (available from Evolution Slimming) is our suggested alternative.

Each serving contains the recommended 1,000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia with 60% HCA so the full benefits can be experienced.

These include:

  • Body fat percentage lowered
  • Weight reduction
  • Lower cravings between meals
  • Reduced cholesterol levels

There is no trial option available, so no auto-shipping or hidden charges.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure




50 comments on "Is the TrimFire Garcinia trial offer a scam? Review inside"
  1. Please cancel this order as of 05/14/2014

  2. I am afraid I got taken in by the Garcinia Cambogia ad and ordered the “Free trial” for only the shipping cost. I was sure I checked thoroughly to make sure there were no hidden “automatic” charges, but obviously, I missed something. It took at least a week for them to arrive and I was sick when they did, so I have not even taken any yet. Then, this morning, I get a notice of the 79.94 charge from my bank. I sent an email to the support email given. I will also try calling. There is no information in the BBB, so I plan on letting them know also.

    • II am in the same boat. I can’t figure out how to stop the shipments. I am diabetic and it lowers my blood sugar to low. Help. I can’t get any info on how to make it stop.

  3. Please provide me with an address to return your product for refund

    • Tim, this website has no association with this offer. Have you tried the contact details provided in the above review?

    • I asked for the free trial. Wasn’t able to take it right away. I got my bank statement – I was astonished to see a $79.94 debit from these people. PLEASE DO NOT HAVE ANY THING TO DO WITH THEM. THEY ARE SCAMERS OF THE WORST TYPE!!!

  4. Please cancel this order. it does not work.

    Ann Wilson

  5. Cancel my FREE Offer as of today 5/29. I missed your automatic billing but that is what you expect
    the consumer to do. Even if this works it is another scam. I will try the phone contact number tomorrow.

  6. I spent 2 hours arguing with them to get an RMA number. I ordered on 5/6/2017, was charged to my account on 5/8/2017. Called on 6/5/2017. Was told the return had to be there within the 30 days. I guess they don’t know their own rules. I used the product religiously and it did not help one bit. I may need to post another message as they really don’t want you give a refund.

  7. I canceled mine also. It took me a long time to find out how to cancel.


  9. Do not send any more products. After reading the above posts I am truly sorry I purchased these products. I will take all necessary actions to prevent any future shipments/purchases.

  10. Avoid these people. It’s a scam and I got taken for $149.91. I fell for the free trial scam. Very misleading advertising.

  11. People, call the number 877-715-6805 and ask for them to cancel. The girl who helped me was agreeable to cancelling and giving me a refund if they received the product within 30 days.

  12. The 14 day free trial is a scam. They start counting from th day you place your order so if it takes 5 days for you to receive the product you have a week to try it. However when I called to cancel they were going to give me their “special customer price” at 60% off. BIG RIP OFF.

  13. I ordered Garcinia & Forskolin & did not like them They continue to send packages to me which I have to return via the USPS. This is costly and time consuming. I just returned these products again today to P. O. 23976 in St. Petersburg, Fl.

    I asked my postal service to help. They took down the address and will give it to my carrier so that he will not leave packages any longer.

    This place is a scam. They have no return name on their packages nor can one find them researching by their postal address.

  14. Please cancel my order. I no longer want this product. I will be instructing my credit card company to no longer pay this bill. This is my third time trying to cancel. thank you Judy E. Rosenthal

  15. “This company tried to screw over the wrong guy”. I received an email blast regarding their product and found it to be interesting. I clicked on the email and I was instantly led to the order page where it specified that I would be charged for only shipping and handling. Mistake #1…the order page doesn’t specify the 14 days cancellation policy. Mistake #2 when you click on the email it doesn’t lead you to the website where it states the cancellation policy. Thus you can’t be held to a policy that you never witness or forewarned of. IF YOU ORDERED and were charged follow these steps… Retrieve the company number from your financial institution and contact the company. Step 1 speak to a representative. Step 2 ask for the supervisor (once they deny you access to one), inform them you will be reaching out to the CFO of the company to advise them of the mischievous email campaign they are using to steal money. Step 3 Advise that you will be reaching out to the FTC and then filing a class action lawsuit on behalf of everyone who received that same email. The customer service agent will mumble and shake and will refund your money back. Last but not least, have your financial institution place a block on this company indefinitely. Don’t ever let anyone double cross you like this. You have rights!

    • Dionne, I wish I had read your posting earlier. I fell for this same scam about 2 weeks ago and was hit on my bank account shortly thereafter. I called about a refund and to stop shipment of any future shipments. After declining several offers of 30% and then 60% I finally got to talk to one of their ‘supervisors’. He said if I return what I currently have they will issue a refund. I returned the bottles I had and used the signed receipt for delivery. I received my signed receipt card a few days later but to date – 14 days later – I still do not show a refund on my bank statement. Not sure what steps to take next.

      • I have been waiting since July and keep getting the run around from them. Don’t know what else to do. Sent product back and they tell me they have not received it!! What a crock!! Come on from July and it’s not there-RIGHT!!!!!

  16. please do not send me any more pills i canceled this before

  17. Please cancel my order and please credit my account .. I do expect a full refund…

  18. I need to cancel this order as my Dr, does not want me to take it as it is affecting my Blood suger count. Please cancel it on my credit card. I have been billed for it and I have not even received it as yet.

  19. I want you to put my money back into my bank account now you have no right to take the money you didn’t give me any information on how to contact you to cancel my order the money better be back in my account by September 5, 2017

  20. A definite SCAM. They say you have a 14 day trial but they start their 14 days when they ship the product. I explained to their staff that a ‘trial’ cannot exist until the product has been received and I was still within my 14 days since it arrived at my home. After much haggling and offers to reduce the cost by 30% then 60% I was finally transferred to a ‘supervisor’. He give me a RMA and an address to send what I had back and said he would refund my charge when they received the product. I sent it with a return receipt request. I received my return receipt card 14 days ago but still do not show a refund in my bank account.

  21. FRAUD!!!

    What a bunch of crooks – I never agreed to auto ship, and any of the extra charges. Just called up my credit card company to dispute the charges. After trying to reach the company, I got no answer.

    Below is where the merchant is listed as having their place of business on my credit card statement. Looks to me like it is someone running a business out of residential condo just south of Cape Canaveral. Probably a drug addict or something like that – just looking to take advantage of hard working honest people. Hell might not be hot enough this these guys. Hopefully the hurricane got them.

    325 S BANANA RIVER #51, FL 32931

  22. Here are the monthly charges that I starting seeing show up (just caught them recently). “Auto Ship” I presume – which I did not sign up for or agree to.

    NBFORSKOLIN 888-462-5163 FL . Merchandise $74.94
    NBGARCINIA 888-462-5163 FL . Merchandise $84.88

    Also, below was the initial transaction – they made it 3 instead of the 1 that I thought I was agreeing to.

    8884625163COFFEE 888-462-5163 FL Merchandise $24.95
    NBFORSKOLIN 888-462-5163 FL . Merchandise $4.97
    NBGARCINIA 888-462-5163 FL Merchandise $4.94

    Then they charged me this additional for the 1st month… (I did NOT agree to this)
    NBFORSKOLIN 888-462-5163 FL . Merchandise $69.97
    NBGARCINIA 888-462-5163 FL Merchandise $79.94

  23. I received my first bottles and I have been receiving this product continually. I have not even had a chance to properly evaluated the results of these products. Recently, twice now, I have received the two bottles and each time I have put them with the rest of my vitamin and it will be a while until I can use them. I still don’t I don’t see much info regarding cancelling this order, nor how to return this product that I have toooooo many of.

    I have read many reviews recently and I don’t like what I see. After trying to return and/or cancel this product I am not at all happy, I scares me.


  24. SCAM, purposeful Fraud. Depending on what customer service rep you get at 877-715-6805 they automatically offer a refund starting at 25% which is not acceptable. She asked if I read the terms of the agreement which cannot be found on their website. Would not allow me to speak to a supervisor. After receiving the free trial offer with shipping charges of 9.91 my account was charged 149.91 on my debit card. She said ,”did I read the terms of the 14 day cancellation policy” and I told her that i did not see the terms anywhere. I ordered the free trial on October 11th and the charges showed on my bank account on the 26th, 15 days after the order. I called immediately and got the same run around the other reviews received. Whether this product works or not , their sales tactics are fraudulent and even if the offer a refund, they keep part of the billed charges. I am reporting this company to the BBB and FTC and lets see how much longer they are in business.

  25. You people are scam artists and thieves!!!!I reported you to the better business bureau! And reported your fraud to my bank! Do not order this crap!!!

  26. Physician orders to cancel any shipments to me. 1/31/2018
    al takii

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