Tropical Garcinia Trial Offer Review – Does it work?

Tropical Garcinia Trial Offer Review – Does it work?

Often sold alongside Tropical Cleanse, Tropical Garcinia is a supplement that promises to be a “fast way to burn fat”.

In the following review we will look to see how accurate this claim is, and whether we would recommend that you sign up for this trial offer or not.

Claimed benefits of Tropical Garcinia

Using Tropical Garcinia is claimed to help:

  • Support healthy weight loss
  • Appetite control
  • Boost energy levels

How does it work though? We would certainly need to look at its ingredients before concluding how accurate these claims are.

Ingredients found in Tropical Garcinia

Tropical Garcinia contains Garcinia Cambogia with 60% HCA, which is the recommended dosage that will certainly help with your own weight loss efforts.

Of course we would also recommend making changes to both your diet and exercise to see the best results possible, and to ensure you are able to keep any lost weight off long-term.

Cost of Tropical Garcinia

After reading the terms and conditions of the trial offer I can see why trial offers have such a bad name for themselves.

Should you fail to cancel the trial within the allotted 14 day trial period you will charged $89.92, which in our opinion is too much.

To top it all off Tropical Garcinia operates an auto-shipping scheme so if you don’t cancel you will be sent another package each month, along with the hefty bill.

Is Tropical Garcinia recommended?

Unfortunately it is impossible to recommend Tropical Garcinia due to its high cost and use of auto-shipping.

It is a shame that the cost has let it down as its ingredients seem to be of the recommended standard that would certainly aid your own efforts.

As it stands I suggest you look for a more cost effective alternative.

Contact details for Tropical Garcinia

The contact details for Tropical Garcinia are as follows:

Phone: 1 888-356-3274
Email: admin@tropical-garcinia.com

If you have signed up for this offer or the Tropical Cleanse trial offer then please leave a message below.

Alternative to Tropical Garcinia

Garcinia PureInstead of signing up to an expensive trial I would suggest that you instead pay a visit to the Evolution Slimming website.

They have a Garcinia Cambogia supplement available to buy called Garcinia Pure that is made from 1,000 mg of the fat burning ingredient. The HCA percentage is also the recommended 60% HCA so you know you are buying a quality supplement.

Garcinia Pure offers the following benefits:

  • Weight reduction
  • Reduced body fat
  • Fewer food cravings between meals
  • Lower cholesterol levels

As Garcinia Pure is not available for trial there are no hidden or repeat charges to worry about.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure



13 comments on "Tropical Garcinia Trial Offer Review – Does it work?"
  1. I am this message to request to stop the shipment of any more of the Tropical Gacinia. I don’t wish to continue taking it any more.
    Thank you.

  2. Order number 261502 was ordered in error. I had no intention of buying it. Please cancel!!

  3. I ordered the Garciania cleanse,and the tropical mango cleanse . I was very missed led and product suck!
    4.99 shipping cost only. They sent me also green coffee pills. I did not order, they sent it to me and charged me 39.99
    14 days later I see a 89.99, and 79.99 charges for the pills. I called customer no service, whom was very Rude. Stated that after 14 days you will be billed. No way out he says. And states a new bill would N
    Be coming along more pills. Oh hell no i said I want to cancel. He then said they would refund me 30%. This is a Very Big Scam ….make sure you read every word !! Because they are scum of the world!!!!!!!!

  4. DONOT order these PILL . The company is a SCAM….they charged me after 14 days. 89.99 for the the tropical cleanse an 79.99 for the mango cleanse. No way of working with the Rude,Scum of the world company. There very inhuman. They need to be shot down!!!!!!!! Please don’t fall for this scam

    • This is the biggest scam ever. I saw the offer on Facebook and I’ve never seen a shadier deal. I was charged the same $79. and $89. charges. They contend it is in their ad, but it wasn’t on Facebook. The phone spokesperson gave me a 35% refund as a “favor”, claiming that they owe me nothing. I am contacting the BBB and the DSHEA and Good Housekeeping. Please boycott these misleading ads. By the way, the product shows no results.

  5. Please don’t send me anymore it does not work. So please stop.
    That is Tropical Garinia and Tropical Mango Cleanse

  6. People need to do their own research and read the fine print prior to ordering any product. It makes me so mad when people do not take responsibility for their actions or lack of.

  7. I just want my oney back n stop the deliveries

  8. Please cancel my trail..these pills does not work at all

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