TropiCleanse scam report

TropiCleanse scam report

Over the past year or so one of the most popular methods of losing weight is through the detox diet, where you will either detox naturally by cutting out all the processed junk food from your diet or will take a colon cleanser to help gently removed the stored waste.

These detoxes help to remove built up toxins from our environment and the stored waste that has built up sometimes over many years.

The use of this type of diet has many benefits including almost instant weight loss, which many of us desire.

In this review I am going to be looking at TropiCleanse, after receiving a spam email from them caught my attention due to their payment terms.

Unfortunately TropiCleanse is available on a trial, which looking at some user reports online has left some people feeling like they have been scammed.

Lets look at this supplement in more detail to see if it really is a scam.

Claims made by TropiCleanse

The following claims have been made on the TropiCleanse website:

  • Flush harmful toxins
  • Get a flatter, leaner stomach
  • Reduce excess water weight
  • Boost your natural energy

Before we can verify these claims we would first need to look at what ingredients have been used.

Ingredients found in TropiCleanse

One of the first issues we found with TropiCleanse is that there is no mention of what ingredients have been used.

Without knowing what it contains it is impossible to know if it can provide the claimed benefits, and more worryingly that it is safe to use and won’t cause any side effects.

When looking to buy a supplement you should always find out what it is made from.

Cost of TropiCleanse

The second issue with TropiCleanse is its price, or rather its lack of one as there is no mention of how much it costs on the sales page.

To find out this important information you will have to view the terms and conditions where you will find that the 18 day trial will cost £54.90, which will be charged after the trial period has elapsed.

You probably thought you were only paying for the postage since it was a trial? Well, unfortunately this is not the case.

In reality you will be charged the full price of the product after 18 days, with further monthly payments thereafter.

Is TropiCleanse a scam?

There is very little to recommend about TropiCleanse. The lack of ingredient information is a worry and the product is too expensive, especially when you realise how much it really costs.

Those who sign up to this trial are undoubtedly going to feel that they have been scammed as no one ever reads the terms and conditions before signing up.

Contact details for TropiCleanse

To cancel your trial membership you will need to phone 0800 311 8966.

TropiCleanse can also be contacted by email on support@tropicleanse

The address for returns is (please ensure you phone to cancel beforehand):

PO Box 13586, Linlithgow, West Lothian, EH49 7AS

If you have signed up for this trial please leave a message below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to TropiCleanse

If you are interested in detoxing then there is one product that comes highly recommended; DetoxPlus.

This supplement actually lists its ingredients and is available to buy without ever signing up to an auto ship program.

DetoxPlus can be bought online for £19.99 from the Evolution Slimming website.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus!

4 comments on "TropiCleanse scam report"
  1. I ordered a free trial of raspberry keystones pro slim . I tryed to cancel the order in the 14 days cancellation period by sending emails and also ringing the free phone number on invoice. Every time rang when I got through it would say that they where busy and would put you through to first available operator but after a few minutes I would be cut off and this chad happened every time I rang over the last eight weeks also sent emails and had no response. I found your website site this morning and found that the free phone number was different to the one on my invoice so tryed that one and got through right away. They have know cancelled the order but when I asked about a refund they have rufused even though I explained the problems I have had trying to get in touch with them for weeks . The free phone number on the invoice is 0800 468 1045 . It states that you can contact them between 8am to 8pm but even though I tryed different times of the day I could not do so . The person I spoke to on the phone was not very helpful, she didn’t want to know the problems I had had getting through to them and just said I would not be able to have a refund. It has cost me £59.95 for an item I do not want . I hope no body else has the same problems and I would just like to say to people to be aware of what you are ordering and where from .

  2. 19 Sept, 2014
    Hello, my situation is exactly as described : purchase of trial product against payment of postage; no other pricing info given. Only, then, surprise as bank account shows new debit, of 78,87 euro. Call to the number indicated, where I am informed that I have subscribed a one-year contract. No copy of any such contract available anywhere. New claim, if I do not return “trial” product at my expense, a one-year commitment is effective. More argumenting, they tell me that the “contract” has been cancelled, but I have no proof, the only possibility is apparently that I have to change bank card, at my expense. Total cost, to date, of this “free trial” 84,22 euro…
    Any action against such scam is welcome.
    Marcelle LINDEMANN

  3. I demand the immediate return of the money to my account otherwise notifications respective authorities on making crime Grazyna Dlubak

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