Is True Cambogia a scam?

Is True Cambogia a scam?

If you believe the hype then True Cambogia is able to “burn fat fast without diet or exercise”, which I have to say sounds a little too good to be true.

This supplement is also available for free apparently, so what is the catch? Lets look at this supplement in more detail to see if there is one.

Claims made by True Cambogia

True Cambogia claims to offer the following benefits:

  • Stop fat from being stored
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Boost serotonin levels

These are some pretty good claims, but at present that is all they are. We will need to look at the ingredients of this supplement before we can comment on how accurate they are.

True Cambogia ingredients

I am pleased to tell you that True Cambogia contains 60% HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid with no fillers or harmful substances.

With this information at hand I can say that using this supplement will aid your own efforts. Although I would not go as far as saying that it will work without diet or exercise, as this is definitely not recommended.

For any weight loss journey you should always eat as healthily as possible and get regular exercise as you don not want the weight to return once you stop using the supplement, also you will see better results using them both.

Price of True Cambogia

The price of True Cambogia may surprise you, especially after seeing the “free bottles” and “risk free bottles” advertised on the webpage.

The reality is that this supplement is not free as it will cost you £60/$79 if you fail to cancel the trial within 14 days of signing up.

There is one bit of good news though, and that is there is no auto-shipping.

Is True Cambogia a scam?

True Cambogia has a few good things going for it. It uses a good main ingredient and does not offer auto-shipping.

Unfortunately the actual cost of the supplement is too high, with various alternatives offering much better deals. For this reason alone I would recommend looking for an alternative.

Contact details for True Cambogia

To contact True Cambogia you can use one of the following:

Phone: +31 20 8084783
Email: cancellations@true-cambogia.com

If you have tried this supplement yourself then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a message below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to True Cambogia

If you want to experience the power of garcinia cambogia but are put off by the high price of True Cambogia then I suggest you take a look at Garcinia Pure.

This supplement costs £39.99/$62 for a months supply from Evolution Slimming, which is cheaper but still offers the full benefits thanks to the fact it contains 1000 mg of garcinia with 60% HCA in each capsule.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure

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  1. I have been talking to customer service a lot today about me canceling after my trial. They told me that I cancelled it but not completely, how can that happen. They then charged me 84.95 and 89.99 on my account which I did not have the funds and it over drafted my account. They rein burst me the price of the diet pill which doesn’t work by the way, but would not give me the 72 dollars which they over drafted me. The supervisors are nearly impossible to get a hold of and when I finally talked to one he said that upper management was looking at it and will call me tomorrow. They have no idea what the number is to upper management and will not give out any last names of the customer service supervisor. They all just beat around the bush and Cody one of the customer service reps ( if you want to call him that) has absolutely no customer service at all. He hung up on me because he said I was taking up to much of his time and other people were on hold. The first time he hung up on me I asked for his name and he didn’t give it. Luckily he picked up when I called again and that is when he told me I was taking too much time and etc. So if anyone tries to get this product and it doesn’t work watch out cause they will cancel it but not fully and will charge you. Please Be Careful people

    • Hi can you tell me which number you have called? I have tried so many email address and numbers. But have to be leaving messages ect. My bank said they would stop any more payments but i want a refund of the £158 they took a few days after my product arrived. Ordered on the 20th jan, received product 31st jan and was charged 3rd feb. I thought it was suppose to be a trial….i have not had time to trial the bloody product….DOES NOT WORK ANYHOW.

      • Sorry can i add on my bank statement is says weight loss horizon so confused as to where the originator of this product is.

        • They are based in the Netherlands address is: True Cambogia, Postbus 32, 4050 EA, Ochten, Netherlands.

          They took £99.99p out of my account straight away. I have reported them to FRAUD UK, who deal with internet fraud.

          • How do I get in touch with fraud uk

          • hi I would like to let you know that iv been coned by cambogia all I wanted was the sample wihich I said I would pay for the next thing I know they took £99 pounds from my account how do I cancel this from come out off my account

          • It’s true this is a scam a rubbish company they took it from my account straight away too £99.99 p and l can not cancel my order and still l didn’t got it this rubbish product!
            I wrote mani email and they just telling that nothing to do cose l signed up the policy!
            Just be careful people cose it’s a scam, Fraud!!!

          • never buy of they fraud take your money

          • They took £99.99p out of my account but I had cancelled almost immediately when I received a receipt stating the amount plus they would be taking a monthly amount out of my account for further deliveries. I was like many under the impression that I would receive a trial botttle but this is not the case. I repeatedly emailed them after receiving more emails saying orders could not be cancelled. I reminded them I had cancelled as soon as I realized I had been in my opinion conned. They have now offered to let me keep the delivery (when it arrives) at 50% off. I have had to agree to this as I might be away when it arrives and not be able to return it with the the time scale allowed.therefore not getting full refund. This has casused me so much stress, I can’t begin to tell you. So please aware of this product.


          • I have just had the exact scam done to me – they are advertising this product in the papers as costing under £4 and then they are saying it is a free trial. I have just been charged £99.99 as well and will be incurring bank charges not just for that but also for the other bills I know can’t pay. Totally furious – how can we expose that company. I have sent an email to their cancellation email address – cancellations@true-cambogia.com; no doubt their email box is full of cancellations!

      • Omg the same thing happens to me they went in my account n took out 158 pounds twice of What should of being a free trial…pls give me any contact number you have for these people let me try n get my money back totally fuming such a scam

        • I have had the same thing happen to me….I ordered two pots of the True Cambogia pills which cost £8…. then checked my bank account and I have had another £158 debited…. Absolutely furious as I can’t seem to find any contact details for them. All I could do was to tell my bank to cancel ny further payments being taken and I’ve been assured if they DO attempt to debit any more money it will be reimbursed along with any charges incurred. The bloody pills haven’t worked so far anyway after all that!

          PS. So glad I found this website as some comments haven extremely helpful and it’s prompted me to cancel my bank card so True Cambogia can’t take any more money. Scamming scum.

          • I am as furious as you…. What I thought was an £8.00 trial was suddenly £160.00 taken from my account…… I have not even had any pills arrive…… II have emailed and emailed but the address isnt valid so found email on CSM 123, but not had a response….. I really thought I was the only one but its good to hear (well not good) but you know what I mean that its not just me……. CAN WE STOP THIS HAPPENING TO ANYONE ELSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I am in the same boat as so many people. Have already had the money debited from my bank account on the day that I mistakenly put my card details in. Didnt realise the price of the items until i progressed to the next page. I then cancelled out of the website, but the money was taken straight away. I have spoken to my bank who have cancelled any further transactions, but it doesnt help me get back my £354.

          • Same here I have just been done! £159 twice!!! Thought they were cheap then when I put my details in. Suddenly £320 has gone! I can’t believe it. That’s the holiday savings was trying to speed up a bit of weight loss before we go. The wife is going to kill me!! I have to ring the bank back tomorrow and see what they can do. They are going to try get it back but I think it’s to late.

          • Same with me too they ask for trial order postage and taken off from my card 157 sterling pounds and my order also not received since last one month. I asked for the AWB they are not replying. What should I do to claim my money back? Pls advise

        • Having been overcharged so much, I took 3 steps and I am happy thare them, and hope some of you will join with me in fighting this group.

          1. Less than 1 hour after placing the order I cancelled it.

          2. Next I cancelled my Debit Card and am awaiting my new card.

          3. I have written 6 times to this group – I do not think they are a ligitimate company. Now I have told them I am going to expose them on every social media I can access. See below a section of my most recent letter to them.

          Kindly take this very seriously:




          face book, twitter; pinterest; you tube;

          and every social media I can connect with here in Ireland,
          in the UK, USA,

          and even as far away;y as the Philippine Islands.

          That is no idle threat. I have the time to do this, and will leave no stone
          unturned until I expose your cheating methods of the public.

          Perhaps we could join together, form a ‘fighting’ group, and expose those ruthless people for what they are, far and wide. What more than bad press will bother them???

          God bless all of us in our battle with this corrupt group of people.

          • I just did the same thing Cepta. Just now. I contacted my bank and had my card cancelles immediately. The thing is, would the amount charged by True Cambogia be refunded back? Any feedback on yourside from this shitty company? Thanks a lot.

          • WELL DUN HUNNY

          • The same I ordered long time..and i keep chaating online..nothing happen after they me on my credit card with the courier service charge…they are bad..i hope this type of scam will have alesson in the future

        • Hey I have the same problem happened. How to get the refund from this. Pls let me know

          • hello same thing happen to me and when i called my bank they say they can’t cancel as i have already place the order, but they advice not to sign for the drugs i should ask the post to return it then they can get the money back but only God know how, i didnt even get order number or anything so i dont even know how to track the stupid drugs

        • I have just phoned the suggested contact number on this page to get in contact with true cambogia. It is Arnold Clark the car people. I got 2 other numbers one was given to my to my bank – that was some poor girls phone number who was very bewildered when I said is this true cambogia? The other number rang for 10 minutes then went blah and rang off. The only pounds any of us are likely to lose are coming straight from our bank account all we are getting is the run around and a heap of frustration – no ta!!!!. Most annoying there are Police warnings online and lots of messages after the fact. Doesn’t make you feel better does it too little too late! I’m going to lie down totally exhausted! I have got to let them take the money before my bank can do anything. Been keeping them informed and I have to phone back as soon as the money is lifted before the bank can do anything. Go to website csm123.com you can do a quick cancellation but that is more about further payments and orders. I don’t think it helps with the initial bill. They just won’t reply – just ignoring every communication.Good luck

      • I got scammed too… sure someone must know how we can get our money back?

        • David…and all of you in the same boat as me…..fact is we all got scammed. Theft, simple as that. Like most of you I saw the the £4 per bottle rubbish and thought…why not….it’s worth a try. Only when the confirmation mail came in 2 or 3 minutes after I’d clicked the ok button did I realize that I’d spent £160. I used a Lloyds master card, I called Lloyds straight away (21:00) and they were not helpful. The fact is you can block your credit card but the scam company will contact Mastercard and get the new card number when it’s issued, reason being that you’re a “member” (check your confirmation e mail if you’ve ordered)…that means repeat deliveries and payments so you have to contact your credit card company directly to prevent further payments being taken. You will need to provide them with the Cambogia contact details and preferably some evidence (e.g. e mails) of how your tried to cancel the order. All of this has happened this evening, I’ve been given the number of the Lloyds fraud team (0345 300 6699 if you’re interested) but they are only available 08:00 – 18:00 so I’ll need to call tomorrow and give them the details. I’ve written off the £160 I got scammed with this evening, right now I’m more concerned with these ba****ds taking even more money. I think we’re all in the same boat…what sickens me is that this company are allowed to steal money in this way. I’ve checked the add again and at no stage does it say “£60 a bottle”……read the T’s and C’s and it’s there which is why (I presume) they are allowed to get away with it. From the other messages I’ve read cancelling straight away doesn’t have an effect either…..they’re allowed to rape our credit cards at will. To anyone who’s lucky enough to read this before buying from Cambogia…….read the messages on this site……

          • Hi,
            I wish I`d come across this website first as I ordered 2 bottles, which I was told would only cost me £4 a bottle, then got the shock of my life when I saw the order details come through to say that I have been charged £160!!
            I contacted them immediately after receiving the order details asking for the order to be cancelled & to be refunded & was told that I agreed to the T`s & C`s,but nowhere does it say that it costs you £60 a bottle.
            I was told I could have a refund once I had received the products & then returned them unopened,I questioned why I couldn`t have had a refund as I contacted them immediately after receiving order details & received no reply.
            I am with Barclays Bank so am hoping they will stop all future payments when I contact them tomorrow.
            I feel sick knowing how stupid I have been to fall for this scam & am too scared to tell my husband. I am now having to find a way to repay the money back into my account.
            Am hoping to receive a refund once I receive & then return the products,but am not holding out much hope.
            Surely there must be someone/company we can contact to help us get our money back??

          • Update – It’s now 15 days since I placed (and cancelled) the order. The thieving bas***ds still haven’t delivered it, and of course I can’t return it…..if they haven’t delivered it. I wonder if they’ll even bother to deliver because this is clearly a criminal website…I did speak to the Lloyds Mastercard team and they said I could file a grievance after 30 days and as long as I can confirm that I:

            a) Received the order and returned it (proof of postage will help I presume) and did not get a re-fund


            b) Never received the order in the first place (I’ve sent chase e-mails to the thieving scum as an audit trail)

            Then I will get my money back. I’d really like to see these criminals brought to justice but clearly they are allowed to carry on stealing at will. I think the best we can all do is warn friends and leave the odd blog where we can…..it sickens me but…what else is there..

          • Unfortunately I am only reading this message after I too got scammed out of £160. My credit card company (Capital One) were helpful enough and are sending my a form out to explain what happened in detail and then try and get the money back. I was always lead to believe that credit card companies can stop payments within minutes of reporting these things. I have reported this to the police and Action Fraud also. Not sure if any of this can be resolved

          • I to have been scammed. I wrote to the European consumer Centre Services in th e Netherlands I will send you their e mail they replied with by private message. I am not very good on the internet please feel free to put the message on this page so every other persons scammed can see it reads interestingly.

          • It is a scam without a doubt.I have been re paid the money I sent and when I returned the gods they were sent back to me.My Lloyds cc was re imbursed in full.I have had correspondence from Lloyds confirming my repayment.I would say that no one should ever use this company or its products.

          • Like yourself tried to cancel immediately but told that there was no returns policy and referred to T and C I read carefully through terms and conditions and found that there is a right under EU Directive /97/
            to cancel This states that you must notify in writing within 7 working days of receipt of goods that you wish to cancel the contract it further states that a refund will be made to you minus postage charges within
            60 days Have done all this plus contacting Credit card company with accompanying letters re above. So far no further deliveries and am awaiting refund within the time specified. Hope this helps Worth finding terms and Conditions and reading returns policy thoroughly.

          • Be carefull people!! I was lucky…the initial order had to charge me 8 pounds.and when i finished the order i realised i had been taken 99.99 pounds from my account…in next 3 minutes i canceled my card …Barclays bank is the best they cancel my card, sendit a new one..and in 7 days for all my transactions canceled in next 3 minutes after the fraud with true cambogia was refunded back in my account..and today surprise!! :)) i still recived the pills…but i will not using..they are look the same with pur slim and the same smell :)) so dont get order

          • Cancel further payments and goods by clicking on quick cancellation in website csm123.com. You get a cancellation receipt. it reads:-
            CANCELLATION REQUEST RECEIVED. Your cancellation order has been received. You will no longer be receiving our products or communications about our products and any pending orders will be cancelled and no further payments will be billed to you. It appears to be cancelling further orders and payments but I somehow think it is not cancelling your initial pending payment or order? Asked for more detail using contact button but so far no reply.

        • i had the same scam i have several phone no and some addresses but of course not be true as banks and law wont help i woul like to get to gether all the peple scammed and do our own investigations

          • Ref my message of 19/7/2015 re using True cambogias terms and conditions to return and cancel contract under EU Directive 97. Wonders never cease I received a full refund on my credit card on 22/7/2015 Totally amazed considering the type of response I had received when trying to communicate with the Support Team.
            I urge any one who has been what I can only describe as totally misled by True Cambogia and ended up being billed for vast sums.
            Go to their terms and Conditions and find returns section and read carefully YOU HAVE RIGHTS ENFORCE THEM

          • Then same mistake happened to me in December without reading people’s review. I paid with an overdraft because I could not cancel my order.

            Please get in touch as to get a refund.

        • wow… just were about to place my free trial,but thanks god, decided to look for any kind of feedback regarding this weight loos product, and wow i totally got one.. I have been lucky today by not placing my order with them. I can only advice if there has been any money debited from your acc without u signing agreement whith company who charged you try to call up your bank and say it has been taken without your agreement – you can say it has been stolen, to be honest, bank usually return money onto your acc but they do an investigation whith the company who charged the acc to see for any kind of agreement between you and them. bank will send a letter to let you know about an investoigation which is a good thing, although in some cases this scam company can provide some false proff that you have agreed for this charge andthen bank will take back the returned money. letter you recive from bank have all information about the company who have charged you and how to get intouch in such a case if bank decided to take back returned money. try to get as much info from bank like ref number and company name which charged you, so that you can try to get in touch with them your self while bank is doing investigation as well. Hope everyonel gets their money back.Good luck x

          • 31 july I also did what I been reading I been to trading standards I think they are going to investgate these plebs and also the police fraud so some good may come out of it I have emailed them and tried call all I get on email terms &cond of return policy phone no I get no joy I still have not received my order which they said they sent then they resend your address so we check if it is the right address sure so they can send the things to me no thank you

        • Hi I have just been scammed by true Cambogia and pur slim today 23 May. I signed up for ‘free’ trial and £314 was taken from my account immediately. I have emailed them and tried calling them but to no avail. I would like to know what the outcome of your complaint with them was? Did u get ur money back?

          • I too have been taken in by them saying ‘free sample’ I messaged then before the month was up and I couldn’t get through at all on the phone when i got my bank account I had a lot of money taken out the same day as I had sent for the ‘free trial’ but there was nothing I could do about it as no matter how I tried to contact them it all failed saying no such number no email address. I learnt my lesson by trying them out & they didn’t make me lose any weight so I threw them into the rubbish bin, thats where the supposed company should be.I would be glad to joing a group thats had the same problem and try to stop this illegal company taking funds out of bank accounts.
            I live in Australia and I just hope that other people like me would be willing to help.

        • See my suggestions just above your mail.

      • Need help I emailed all these emailed that was send thru of confirmation of my order total of 360 when it says free trial and only pay for shipping price but it took that amount as it was not advertised on the main page. I’m furious because the bank said they have taken the money but in trying to email and call then but no replies this is fraud. Does anyone know a link with the website itself to cancel the order.

        • No link just contact your bank fraud department and return the product by recorded delivery to address on box you get no paperwork then sent this to your bank they will help you I got £314 returned very stressful

          • just fell big style in to this scam reported to bank they say have to wait to see if anything comes explained i did not authorise the 314 pounds. Trieed to cancel order by email so annoyed how did you go about getting your money back id appreciate any help advise

      • Returned product to address on box and sent receipts to my banks fraud department refunded me in a week this has been stressful but hope everyone gets their money back from these fraudsters £8 trial cost me £314 taken from my bank in 5 minutes







        Cb Cass
        11:05 (12 hours ago)

        to True

        Be aware I have already started my campaign to alert the public at large to your dishonest advertising, your scam. SHAME ON YOU.

      • I have decided to join this chat today date 12/2/16 to remind people who have recently been caught up in this scam that you are entitled by the Consumers Contracts
        ( Information and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 to cancel your contract with these people because by law you are entitled to a 14 day cooling off period in which you are entitled to change your mind and cancel your order. it matters not that they have sold a pig in a poke or even what they have tried to charge for it. By law when they sent the email outlining your order and the contract they were setting up for you. They were required by law to tell you that you are entitled to cancel that order within 14 days by law. My advice to anyone who is in the position to cancel within that time frame . To contact citizens advice, get the legislation and template letter; get a reference number for your case and follow the advice given to legally cancel. Don’t waste time thinking about the fact that you only ordered the free trial and got charged £100 instead of £4. That’s what they want you to do run out of time. It doesn’t matter what they put on the contract sent to you. They can put anything they want on that contract because it doesn’t matter if you are entitled to cancel it. Also immediately stop all cards they have details of and get new ones. Inform your bank and get them to stop further payment and if they take the first payment after you have cancelled it under entitled legislation. Contact you bank tell them you legally cancelled and you can claim a refund from the bank who are entitled to pursue them for it. I hope that is helpful to the few who may still have time. Good luck & best wishes.

    • Wats their contact number plz

    • Did you get a contact number?

    • Hi anyone who has had a chance to talk to someone is really bloody lucky!!
      I saw the message for them while checking my email on yahoo, saw the news story on yahoo news page, read it. I’ll admit, I was intrigued but had my doubts, you know?
      Got one of each..supposedly, a trial..supposedly…for delivery of £4 each…yes you all know exactly where this is going so no need to say it.
      Put in my details.. and thought, I’ll find out if it really is £4 each once I click continue..yes stupid of me. I was under the impression that like most online purchases after you put in ure details, click continue it shows you how much everything costs including VAT and then you get to click continue to proceed with purchase. WRONG!!!!!! As soon as I clicked continue up popped the confimation page with bright lime green writing and down below that not only have I just spent £8 instead of £4 delivery I have also paid £129 for each. OOh lucky me, my mistake is shouting in my face telling me…oh f*ck how the hell are you going to pay your utility bill this month now? I came over in a cold, clammy sweat.. yes ladies I’m sure your having flash backs yourself right when the same thing happened to you.
      I emailed them immediately, explained it was an accidental purchase, asked them kindly to contact me immediately, then called my bank to tell them to cancel the order, not to let the payment go through, and was then told I had to contact the company myself and arrange it with them, following day money out of account. Cambogia sent me an email to tell me they can’t refund me my money because they don’t take returns on order and I should of read the terms and conditions concerning return policy. Wrote them a reply email stating that their website says you can try the product out and if you don’t like it you CAN return within 14days but that I don’t even have the product, that it hasn’t even been dispatched so it doesn’t count. I still haven’t had a reply since nor from the countless messages I’ve left on the stupid answering machine. I’m in the UK so used the number I have for them there but the only other number there is for them is 888 number and have no idea how much they will charge me.
      Completely shocked and scared to tell my husband about what a mess I’ve made of a simple silly mistake that’s cost me almost £300.

      • Have you had any luck?

      • Hi this happened to me today and I haven’t been able to contact them and they aren’t replying to my emails my hubby hasn’t a clue I can’t tell him i have potentially lost over £300!! I’m so mad at this company it’s a total Scam. What was the outcome of your situation did u get ur money back either from them or the bank?

        • best thing to do dont acept any dilivery or sign for anything , then talk to your bang saying your bank saying you not recived anything can email me if you like im a part time solisiter

          • Have cancelled payment with bank who refunded money but may make payment if contested by company.
            Have had attemtped delivery, should I collect item then return it?

    • Bonjour, j’ai commandé “True Cambogia” mi-février et payer avec ma carte visa, l’extrait compte est arrivé à la maison après avoir règlé le montant, et là je m’aperçois qu’il y avait encore deux achats donc on ne voit pas la provenance pour presque 400,00€uros. Et depuis j’essaye de joindre l’adresse mail que j’ai, mais rien de rien depuis un peu plus d’un mois. Et pour ma carte Visa si je ne veux pas avoir des intérêts de retard et bien je dois payer le prix demandé. Mais bien sur j’ai porté plainte mais à ce jour. Toujours pas de réponse de leur ni de la part de ma carte Visa (pour voir si cela est vol ou non).
      Et puis parlons-en de la perte de poids et bien rien, pas un gramme et même le pire c’est que j’ai pris 3 kilos.
      Marre des kilos en trop et surtout des gens qui profite des malheurs des autres et les vols en plus.
      A bon enttendeur, salut

    • Bonjour,

      j’ai commandé “True Cambogia” mi-février et payer avec ma carte visa, l’extrait compte est arrivé à la maison après avoir règlé le montant, et là je m’aperçois qu’il y avait encore deux payement (que je n’ai pas fait et donc arnaque) et donc on ne voit pas la provenance pour plus de 332,00€uros.
      Et depuis j’essaye de joindre l’adresse mail que j’ai, mais rien de rien depuis un peu plus d’un mois.
      Et pour ma carte Visa si je ne veux pas avoir des intérêts de retard et bien je dois payer le prix demandé. Mais bien sur j’ai porté plainte mais à ce jour. Toujours pas de réponse de leur ni de la part de ma carte Visa (pour voir si cela est vol ou non).
      Et puis parlons-en de la perte de poids et bien rien, pas un gramme et même le pire c’est que j’ai pris 3 kilos.
      Marre des kilos en trop et surtout des gens qui profite des malheurs des autres et les vols en plus.
      A bon enttendeur, salut


    • People note:
      This is a scamming site.

      If you wish to cancel the order they give you a email with T&C.
      What should you do?
      1.. Contact you bank fraud department and explain the following.
      Funds taken out of your account without your authorisation.
      2. When you contacted the supplier by email tell the bank as per emails sent they they have no cusotmer serivce but a voice to email and when you send an email they refused to refund monies.
      3. DO NOT under any circumstances accept delivery of ANY GOODS! refuse delivery!
      4. When you contact the bank ask them to have the money returned to your account but contact bank immedialty since time is critical.

      Taking unauthroised funds from your account is in brech of trading standard
      Taking authorised funds from your acount is fraudalent
      On the website it gives false information by deception to get you to purchase goods at a attractive price and but will debit large amounts of cash from your account.
      Obtaining goods by deception is unlawful and we have laws against this in USA and UK

      If you really want to buy the product i would suggest you log onto the website called
      ali express and acutal cost of the product is less than £10 or $10.

      So save yourself heart ache and avoid pop up windows

      Do get a currrency creit card and top up with funds minimum say $10 £10 and use the card for all internet transactions and this way no one can take money from you account. Since you have none to take only what you expect!

      Listen poeple follow the simple steps!

      • i too was to be charged 4euro for 2 bottles and they arrived but my accoint was charged 217euro.without my permission and they have no contact details or paperwork.this is daylight robbery and they are scammers.

    • The website and those linked to it are a scam.
      1. £4 turned into £160.
      2. But got all my MONEY BACK!

      3. Its fraud to show £4 and then take £`60 deduction.
      4. Sent email for full refund and they refused and quoted T&C
      5. This is still fraud since did not authorise the £160 amount, which came first? The transaction took money illegally with authorisation i.e. did not approved £160 thus T&C are invalid.
      6. Inform BANK fraud department immediately.
      7. DO NOT accept any delivery of anything, no goods delivered and bank will give you a full refund and get monies back from seller.
      8. Do sent emails stating: 1. Funds illegally taken from you account, 2. You authorised £4 not £160 . 3. Transaction is fraudalent thus full refund requested.
      9. They will ignore you emails and send you the same T&C email.
      10. THE BANK IS THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO WILL HELP YOU! and told them i only authroised £4 and not not £160. this is fraudalent withdrawl.
      11. Bank refunded my money within 24 hours. FACT!
      12. Still continued to send emails for full refund request, they offered me a discount. DO NOT ACCEPT anything…. just a full refund!
      13. Bank refunded full money prior an 10 days later true cambogia company had to refund money to bank fraud department! they had no choice!
      14. Final email from company when they realised bank requested a refund. below..
      Dear Hari Guru

      A refund has now been processed on your account. Please note it may take some time for your credit card company to process and report to you.

      Thank you for your patience in this matter.

      True Cambogia and Purslim Customer Service


    • I have been waiting for a refund for almost 2 months now.. They are scam .. Supposed to be a free trial that I ordered and shipping for £4.99 and ended up charging me bloody £160
      Bank don’t do anything but stop anymore transactions from them..
      I’ve emailed them dozens but no decent reply

    • I ordered True Cambogia and PurSlim last night on a 14 day free trial and once this order was processed up came the shock of a bill for £314. I have tried phoning but keep being told to hang up (anyone got a phone number for ringing from the UK). I e-mailed them within 5 minutes of placing the order to cancel it but got a reply basically saying ‘tough’. My Credit Card company has already approved payment. Help anyone!

    • Hi, what was the number you phoned to get hold of them? As every number I have come across says oys no longer in use

    • I have ordered and no one has got back to me I really not happy I do not want this and I be leave I have cancelled and would like refund of 157 poundy bank informed there is no number and I email response give me my refund please

    • Hi I’m from New Zealand and I had the same thing happen to me last night. Thought it was a good deal trial it for free and pay only shipping of $4. I than got an email not long afterwards stating they have taken $103.99. They took my funds straight away and I cannot contact them. Is there any help out there, know of who I contact etc as I am a single mum of 2

    • I have discovered that in the very small print at the bottom of the page where we all got scammed with the free trial. They are using a customer service website – address is – csm123.com. I went on it and pressed the quick cancellation button followed instructions and got a print out cancelling my subscription for further orders and payments which I printed out landscape to get my name added to it as none of your details are on it. However; I suspected that it still has not cancelled the £99.99 they have currently scammed me for which is pending in my account. So I pressed the contact button and sent a message asking them to confirm that they are cancelling the direct debit pending in my account. I await an answer? I also noticed that if you press the free trial button you get the information you should have got at the time of sale (what a nerve these creatures have). I wasn’t going to accept the goods at the door but they have stated that you have to return the product by registered post because they will not accept that. There is a button saying want to return a product. I would go to the website worth a try. I feel for everyone.

  2. I ordered what I thought was a free sample of your product but have been charged £159.50.
    ref No. TCUKO005262 Will you please cancel this order immediately.

    • Kim, please contact True Cambogia. The above is a review. 🙂

      • No

        Contact you bank!

        the tranbsaction is fraudalent!

        CONTACT YOUR FRAUD DEPARTMENT OF THE BANK> the only people who will help you

      • I today purchased what I thought was a £4 trial to find out that a company called clean & simple had try taking £150 odd pounds out of my account. Luckily I didn’t have the money and I have spoke to my bank to cancel any payments that come from this company. Can you please give me a number and link to speak to someone. Its disgusting how they can get away with this. I have a young child to provide for and won’t be able to with this money being deducted.

    • i just ordered wot i thought was free sample and instead of being charged £4 it was£8. i have sent email to cancel the order after reading horror stories about funds being withdrawn from other customers bank for payment of “free trial”. email address is not real, so i phoned my credit card company i cannot recall the payment i have just made but they will block any payments the company may try to claim in the future. there is no terms and conditions to warn you of wot u are actually agreeing to when u accept the free trial.

    • same happened to me the bank will not refund me and trading standards have given up
      £159.50 twice can you imagine what it felt like when my water company came with a disconnect order because the bill was not paid due to insufficiency funds

      ring tel 31202410224
      but you will get charged for this£20 a minute

      this is a big a scam

  3. I ordered this product
    for a trail they charged $8.99 for trail , I received the product 3 weeks after but they charged me $198.00 .before I had a chance to trail , not very happy have emailed to cancel future orders I’m just hoping money doesn’t continue to come out if account .

  4. Despite cancelling my order three times you have still withdrawn the money from my account!!

    Please rectify this immediately, and refund my money – do not send me any product! Do not take any more money from my account!!

    If I do not get a response from you within 24 hours I will be escalating my case to the police and fraud commission.

    • Rachel, please contact True Cambogia, the above is a REVIEW of the product.

      • I made trail orde aweek ago i am still wait for the product to get to me that is bullshit

      • You kept saying contact true combogia.. They don’t reply to you..you get an automated one!!

        • As I do not work for True Cambogia there is nothing that I can do about this. If you cannot contact them then your only option is to speak to your bank. At least then they will be able to stop any further payments occurring.

    • Good n u hun they did the same thing to me n there’s no one to contact regarding this matter gone speak to my bank about it…..its a fraud they take 316 pounds out my account unauthorised

  5. Very interesting reading above. I realised that the ‘free’ samples would be charged out at a high rate if I ordered that way so went for the 5 month supply. 3 bottles at NZ$40 each, and 2 bonus bottles for both True Cambogia and PurSlim. 24 hours shipping with NZ Post. Yeah right. I haven’t even seen any product only a $440 loss.
    My credit card bill has two NZ$220 ie $440 charged for a $240 order. I have emailed True Cambogia requesting clarification, more emails requesting a refund, and now am handing this problem over to Mastercard. Not to mention the email hammering I am getting Buy Buy Buy from these sellers every single day. Buyers BEWARE is my advice, don’t go there.

    • Hi there the same thing happens to me did ur bank try to help you get bk ur money ???

    • Hi there the same thing happens to me ask for a free trial n they later goes in my account n take 158 pounds out of my account twice it is a big scam that we all pay the price for plz let me know if the bank was of any help with u getting bk ur money

  6. I tried to contact them, the number l received was a fake one and the email address is also a fake…
    Do not order this product, they will not just charge you for the trial, they will charge you full price…
    They will keep taking it out of your credit card even after you cancel the order…
    Do not order this product, it doesn’t work and it is a scam, be aware!!!!

  7. Scan please do not use. I ordered to trial bottles costing me £8. Couple of weeks later two lots of £158 were taken from my account without my authorisayion so in total £316 a lot of money to lose. Number is probably £20 per minute to ring so don’t use it and so far no replies back from email accounts. I rang my bank and they can’t guarantee they won’t try and take more money out. Won’t be able to get money back they said to try and send products back but can’t find an address to do this. Con scam please no one use


    • This website is not associated with True Cambogia, so we have not taken ANY of your money.

      • So where has the money gone then how can we contact these people if we live in the uk why arw they given us wrong information ?? If you know all about this jac jenkins you can give us the phone number and the correct email address as we all want our money bak we have kinds that are cold and not getting fed because we are low on money because of these evil people stealing money that was not agreed!!! If its possible pleSe call me on 07476676609

        • At the time of writing this review the contact details above were correct. If they no longer work then I don’t know what else I can do for you.

          Have you tried speaking to your bank?

      • People, there is no magic pill for weight loss. The only loss here was to your wallets. You did this to yourselves through ignorance and laziness, you allowed these people to rip you off because you wanted an easy ride, there is no easy way to shed pounds…its diet and exercise people, diet and exercise,, put in less calories than you use, simple

    • please can anyone tell me how to get true cambogia addrees, bloody scam want to send but can,t this has made me ill

  9. Exactly the same happened to me as happened to all these people. Getting in touch with the Police and Fraud Department as we speak…

  10. just placed an order for the free sample, just relized it is a scam, really worried email address is wrong and telephone no, what can i do feel sick, please can you help

  11. Hi there! The same thing happen to me with this true cambogia. I plan to have weight loose as i saw celebrity star judy ann santos and marian rivera using this product. I searched in the internet and i saw this true cambogia trial. So i grab it without thinking any..atleast a week i received the trial product without my knowledge that this will bring nightmare to me. I was shocked that i have been deducted thousands of money because of that garcinia slim down pro and cleansing solutions which happen i didnt order it from them…i tried to contact them tru their email they replied it is said i failed to cancel the trial…the hell with them. This gives a great fight between me and my husband that my account has nothing left. They said they will give me 30% discount so they did…but wheres the product? It is almost 2 mos.until now theres no product arrive. So disgusting that this happens to me..i keep on sending them message tru their email but theres no reply anymore..i just want to have my money back…how will i going to contact this scammers? my goodness! Lots of regrets!

  12. I signed up for the “free trial” also on February 19 and it’s not March 9 and still haven’t received anything. They did however take close to $400.00 off of my visa this weekend. I’m on hold with my bank right now…This is B*LLSH*T!!!!!!

  13. This is SO WRONG. The same thing happen in Korea. There are now hundreds of victims here now too.In my case, they took over $450 in total off my visa. This site is the one that all these products are sold in. They pretend it’s legal under their terms, however it absolutely illegal.(We didn’t even made any agrrement when we sign in!!!). There is even facebook page here.

  14. I am from Canada and had the exact same thing happen to me. It said it was 4 dollars for the shipping and it came to 8 for one bottle and they sent me two. So I ended up paying 16 dollars. It took 3 weeks for the product to even get to my house and then on March 8th, I got a notice from my bank that $49.99 was spent, then another $49.99 an hour
    later. I checked online and one of the transactions was from OPOS Best Cambogia and then another was from OPOS Ultimate Diet PurSlim. I called my bank and had my card cancelled and my account frozen but they can’t do anything else to help me get my money back. I have e-mail the company but haven’t heard anything back. I will be calling with the number given in this article. I’m sorry to hear I’m not the only one but I’ll be sure to make sure to tell everyone that this is just a scam and a waste of money.

    • The Company is a scam I had received two free bottles which now is 198.00 charged to my credit card the card is now cancelled, and I am disputing the charges. Plus the product does not even work it is more than likely filled with sugar, or who knows!

  15. I have emailed the cancellation team on many occasions! Does anyone have the number, if I am charged any further for this product I will contact the police and fraud team as I have cancelled on many occasions!! How can I stop this please

  16. Yes same thing as happend to me theyve charged me £8 for te purslim and then £8 for the true cambogia and they have took another £16 again under a different name thats showing on my online banking if i was to go in bank can i cancel it???

  17. They did the Same to me! Rip offs! Took £8 for each bottle but not sign of them!

  18. This is exactly what has happened to me. I ordered my ‘free trial’ £8 x 2payments later. Then today I discovered another £158 has been debited from my account without my authorisation. As a single parent this has thrown me into great financial hardship. I have immediately contacted my bank who have put a block on any more payments going to these criminals. I have tried to email the company but I haven’t received a reply, which after reading previous comments I don’t won’t hold my breath….not sure what to do next. Ironically I never buy over the internet for this very reason and it’s been a very expensive lesson! If anyone can help with how to contact these people please do let me know

  19. Please can someone give me the address for true Cambogia I want to return the trial products as I don’t want anymore money to be taken. I noticed the £8 was taken from my account then I read up about the scam and called my bank straight away and they’ve stopped any further payments but just in case I want to return everything so they have no leg to stand on please does someone know their address I cannot find it anywhere and I’m getting no reply from emails thanks very worried xxx

  20. Hi
    I have been charged over $200 for the product and would like my money returned as I only asked for the two samples green coffee and true Cambogia which cost $6 each I am an aged pensioner and cannot afford this so once again I want my money returned to my bank. I have got the Westpac bank fraud squad on to you also

  21. i have got the parcel i want to know about caution .i m a nursing mother can i use this trail product or no?

  22. I have just been ripped off yesterday, they took two lots of 8pound off me as i ordered a true cambogia and a pur slim instead of two lots of 4pound , then yesterday took 158pound out of my bank , i saw no terms and conditions when i ordered the trial, my bank say they can do nothing about it, they have cancelled any further transactions but then said they may be able to take it again and they will set up a dispute …. how the hell does that work , not happy my bill money is now in there pocket, and i have got to work more to replace it so angry , stay clear wether they work or not its not the point !!!!!!!!!

  23. My wife has been ripped off, she requested a trial of 1 packet of tablets costing £4 from True Gambogia. However £8 was taken out of the bank under the name of Quick Weight Garcinia. Then out of the blue Two containers with 30 days supply arrived, which is not a trial, (60 Days) or what she asked for. Especially when after receiving what she did not want or expect, they then took £158 out of the bank account under the name of Diet Heaven Product. However all the money deducted from my wife’s account appears to have gone into the same account at their end. My wife requested that the bank cancel all payments made to Quick Weight Garcinia after the £8 was taken out; and the bank still paid out the £158 to Diet Heaven Product. As far as I am concerned this payment of £158 deducted to Quick Weight Garcinia should be classed as illegal as was made to a different company without her authorisation. I have just been made aware of this and will not let it be. I will keep all posted. (My wife does not need the tablets she has lost loads of weight using slimming world, and looks beautiful anyway.)

  24. Does anyone have a British contact no for these people so that we can all get our money back from these scammers I’ve had 126.40 taken from my account and my bank has blocked my account so that they cannot take any more but I need to find their contact no which is proving difficult if anyone has it please let me know thanks

  25. I too have been ripped off by this scam, I’m so upset about all this I have had £316 taken from my account yesterday which was due to pay my rent today!! I’m a single parent with 2 young children and I feel so stupid for signing up for this supposed FREE TRIAL!!! I have spent all day sending emails calling banks fraud squads CAB and no one can help!! has anyone been successful in getting a refund??

  26. i have ordered this free 14 day supply on-line and i received it after the 14 days were up…i have not tried the product ….tried calling the company and i got a person who did not speak English and i could not cancel on the phone….i sent an e-mail and was told that if they did not receive the product back within 30 days from ordering…. than the money they charged my visa account would not be refunded to me…because they took out $200.00 when the 14 days were up……heres betting that i send back the product, costing me $$$ and they just tell me they didnt receive it in 30 days…or they just refuse to give the money back?? this company is not trust worthy, in my opinion.

  27. I received the free product but not the order. 2 pending transactions on my account for £157 a piece. Called bank fraud dept and as I did not receive the product they are going to put it into investigation. It is a bloody scam. The bank said they are overwelhmed with call. I did not tick and terms and conditions so no idea where the small text was listed to sign up for other products. Bloody SCAM!!

  28. this is the reply e-mail i received from this company when i went to cancel my order….
    and this is their email: cancellations@true-cambogia.com tel 31202410224
    the person that answers the phone does not speak English and will not cancel any order!

    thank you for your email:

    Please remember when you placed your order, you agreed to the terms and
    conditions as stated on our website. The terms and conditions state that if
    you do not cancel you are required to pay for your order after a trial period
    of 14 days and if you would like a refund you must return the product within
    30 days of ordering. If you can meet these conditions you will receive a
    refund after payment is processed. Without exception, we are not able to
    refund products received after 30 days of the initial order date.

    We do however, recognize that it can be difficult and costly to return
    items ordered online, and that you may have already used a substantial
    portion of the product. In consideration of this, we will offer you a 30%
    discount to keep the order without the requirement of returning it. If you
    agree to this, you will pay just CAD 138.60 for your order of True Cambogia. If
    you would prefer to take advantage of this convenient option, simply respond
    by email within 14 days of your original order, stating you would like to use
    the 30% discount.

    If you prefer to return your order please ensure we receive it within 30
    days of your initial order. If we do not receive it within this time, we will
    not be able to offer you a refund or ship the product back to you. Please
    note that your payment will automatically be taken on day 14, but this will
    be refunded if we receive the product within the 30 day limit. In order to
    identify you correctly please include your name and address including
    postcode, and your email address on the outside of the envelope. We strongly
    urge you to use a recorded delivery service so that you have confirmation of
    timely delivery.

    Write all this on the outside of the envelope and send it back to:

    True Cambogia


    Postbus 46, 4020 Maurik


    If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reply to this


    True Cambogia Customer Service

    • Hi I would like two cancel my order asap as I would just like my money back as didn’t think it would cost me that much just 4 a trial if the produced come I will not except it I would like some1 two email me back two let me no that it’s being cancel as I’m cancelling with in the 14 days of order

    • inthe above email you state your payment will be taken on the 14th day then why did you take over £300 out of our account straight away,my wife cancelled the order immediantly so therefore you are required to refund immediantly,dont bother to quote t.cs they are not worth anything,as you controdic yourselfs inthem.REFUND REQUIRED

    • I do not wish to receive any goods from you or be charged.
      I have tried several times to cancel this fraud order.
      Ruth Hampton

  29. also– i forgot to mention…. my order reached me exactly 14 days after i had ordered , so therefore i did not get to sample the order before they took my money……and there was no way i could return the product within the 30 day limit,from date of purchase, which they specified because the product was not going back to the United States, where it was shipped from, but back to the Netherlands…. and there was no way the package could get there within –their time limit….
    never buying an other thing on-line……learned my lesson !

  30. yup £158.00. emailede., and most iomportantly i have cancelled my card right away – so they cannot use it again!

  31. Fraud: charged £158. CANCELLED MY CARD ASAP.

  32. Total and utter scam, these guys are crooks!! Signed up for a free trial and smelt a rat when the “order acknowledgement” was vague and didn’t contain any firm payment amount – looked at this website and realised it was a scam…. I cancelled immediately with the online form and received a confirmation saying the account was on hold and the order had been cancelled. A few days later I had two separate payments taken from my account for £8 (the shipping was £4 each so that’s fraud!) from “Pure Green Coffee” and “Slimmingwayforyou” so called the bank immediately and thank god I did…. had two payments deducted today from “Cambogia pure” and “Colon health” for £158.00 each totalling £332.00 stolen from my account within 2 weeks! Thankfully because I’d already reported them as fraudulent my bank were able to raise an investigation and I should get the cash straight back. I had contacted customer service and got the same response as most of the above, it’s a bog standard reply to lure you into thinking they are investigating it…. THEY AREN’T!
    Anyone effected I implore you to contact your bank…. just ignore these morons and speak directly with your bank, raise a fraud claim and let your bank deal with it!

    • Don’t just cancel any further payments, you need to cancel your card altogether that you entered as they may come back under a different name . It’s just happened to me to charged £316.
      Wish I read all this a few weeks ago but looks like most of us orders data similar time.
      My bank investigating but I hold little hope of getting anything back

  33. this is very not good !!

  34. happened to me today ,i was informed by my bank its a scam and that uk trading standards are involved i had £99 taken it is disgusting but unlikely any of us will get any money back as apparently because we all gave this company our card details that = thats its our own stupid fault under uk law,and unfortunatly the scammers know this.what disgusts me even more is that the police trading standards and our banks should do more to protect uk consumers#their hands are tied by loopholes in the law and our stupidity for handing over our card details,sad but true

  35. I decided to order this “free trial” after taking an Amazon Survey. All I had to do in order to accept this free gift was to pay $4.95 shipping. Easy to do, put in your information and a 30 day “free” trial bottle of Pure Garcinia Elite would arrive. Little did I know that 14 days later they would charge me $87.90 on my credit card.

    I called my bank and was advised what the charge was for. Advised that it was the full amount for the Pure Garcinia Elite. And, because I did not call the company within the 14 day trial period I was charged the full amount.

    I then called the customer service number for Garcinia Elite (866.266.0212) and was advised that because I did not call them within the 14 day time period they will charge you for the full price bottle. In addition they will also charge you for every month after that. I was told that because I had opened the bottle I could not return it and no charges would be returned. I was able to cancel future delivery of the product and cancel the account. I was provided a cancellation number. However they refused to give me an address to return the unused product and a RMA #.

    My credit card company advised that because I checked the terms and agreement box there was really nothing to be done and I would just have to eat the additional $87.90. I did give them the cancellation number and they added it to my account. I did not cancel my card. If additional charges come in we will then close out the card.

    My advice is that if you are thinking about taking up a free offer do not do it. It is a scam. They are sneaky about their offers. In addition the product was not effective. I am not over weight but still did not have any results. I just thought I would give it a try because it was advertised as “free”. This was an awful experience and do not be scammed by this.

  36. I too stupidly got caught, going for the “free trial” of True Cambogia and PurSlim. I ordered them on March 7th and the same day they took 2 lots of £8. The tablets arrived about a week later. Then on March 22nd they took two lots of £158 from my credit card. All under different company names but showing the same phone number.
    Luckily I noticed straight away and phoned Barclaycard, They said that it was a scam but I had agreed to the terms and conditions and they could only help me if I posted the unopened bottles back to the company.I cancelled my card but they also told me that if the company was to request money they would be forced to tell them my new card number,.
    I did a huge amount of research, found the email and postal address (not of course anywhere to be found on the packaging) and emaikled them. I got back two identical emails, the same as the one posted above.
    On Monday, March 30th I posted the unopened pills back to the two companies, totally different addresses of course. I sent them registered delivery, yes,jt cost me just over £10 per parcel but it’s worth it to get back £158 twice. Just checked on the Royal Mail website and the packages were both delivered today. I have just emailed them, and asked when I can expect my money to be refunded.
    I very much doubt that they will refund it but Barclaycard have said that if they do not then I am covered because I have fulfilled all the terms and conditions and have it in writing from the bogus companies that they will refund the money under those circumstances.
    So watch this space.

    • Hi, I was wondering if you received another pot of the products after the free trial. Or did you have to send back the ‘free trial’ itself? Because I have been in contact with my bank and they said that I should reciece another pot of the product and will have to send that back to them.

    • Have you got your money back?

    • Hi Lynne – I’ve written a comment on this site and provided 2 updates since (the last one was only about 25 minutes ago). I’m really interested to hear if True Cambogia refunded your money as my experience has been pretty much identical to yours. My parcel arrived today and I returned it today and it should be back with them before the 30 days are up (just!….I placed the order on 27/04/15 so it’s taken quite a while for it to get here). Even if they don’t refund my money Lloyds will because I can prove I’ve met the t’s and c’s set out by True Cambogia (i.e. the same advice Barclaycard gave you) but it would be useful to know if you didn’t need to go that route if True Cambogia gave you your money back. Thanks G

  37. I have been scammed to I recieved the free trial and cancelled a day later due to change of mind and a in easy feeling. I guess my feeling was right as enough I cancelled and didn’t order anything they have taken out £99 out of my account which has left me in crisis and major financial problems. Please can anyone help me all advice is appreciated please reply thanks.

  38. Omg this has just happened to me. I was charged £198 x2. For what was suppose to be 14days free trial. Have you all got your money back as i cant get intouch with the company. Scam artists

    • No I haven’t received any money back I’ve had to cancel my card so that they can no longer take any more money I suggest you do the same.

  39. This happened to me as well. go into your bank and you can 100% get your money back they will put it through fraud and if this does now work they will get it back with buyers rights this is where all company’s have to refund money if it is before 14 days even if you do not receive the product.

  40. I place an order last January but it was a fraud after debiting my card no delivery happened. I haven’t receive my money back even I called the back. The bank said that it is all depend to the company to refund the money.

  41. I order your product True Cambogia as well as a free sample of PurSlim

    When I received my credit card statement I saw the charges of $16.00 for the
    products and waited patiently for my order.
    I still have not received any of my order to date.

    The following month I received my credit card statement and found additional
    charges of $198.00 for a colon cleanse and $99.00 for Weight Loss Cambogia.
    I don’t know what those charges are for as I have not received my first
    I asked for a full refund to be applied to my credit card immediately for
    all these charges.

    I have called my credit card company and have reported the additional
    charges of $297.00 and have cancelled the transactions.

    I would appreciate a full refund and a full credit to be applied to my
    credit card account from your company immediately.
    I do not want your product any longer, I have waited too long for shipment.

    • Firstly this is NOT my product, as I do not have ANY products.

      Secondly, if you read the above REVIEW you will find contact details that I have provided for you to contact this company. I suggest you try one of those to air your complaints. 🙂

      • Shut up you Jac Jenkins.. Why don’t you try contacting this company you provided.. It doesn’t exist!!! They don’t reply to you just an automated reply .. Gosh!!!

  42. Hi,

    I bought 1 bottle of True Cambogia on 29Apr, it is not stated on the website that it’s a 14day trial and consumers just need to pay shipping fee (I.e. 10% of the total product cost), as I go along with the payment in the website, it auto-prompted that I can choose Purslim to tag along with my order which I did. It did state that I have pay for Purslim though. After seeing the reviews, I just called my Bank to check the transactions and unfortunately, they charged me SGD$83.16 for True Cambogia (how does that amount to 10% of total product cost). I cancelled my card immediately. FYI I have not even received my product yet.

  43. Simple solution to all these people need to stop buying from these con artists and just buy the product from Amazon at £15.98 per bottle no stupid free trail bullshit none of this crap going through some stupid cancelling procedure that doesn’t work, if the tablets don’t work its simple you just don’t purchase another bottle from Amazon

  44. I cancelled my order within the hour, but they had taken the money within 5 mins.
    They have said that if I return the product I will get a refund.
    How can I do. this when no product has arrived

  45. Hello,

    Exactly the same has happened to me. I have been charged 2 lots of £8.00 delivery charges and 2 lots of £158.00 at no point did I agree to pay this kind of amount of money. I have emailed the Customer Services and the reply I have received is that they will give me a 30% reduction once I have returned the products. Still costing £110.60 x 2. I clearly stated that the bottles are still sealed and therefor unused. I have set up a dispute with my bank as this came from my credit card. They expect you to return the products within 14 days of date of order – as the product took 8 days to arrive to the UK expecting you to return given the time scale this is completely unreasonable. Very cross and usually a savvy online shopper.

    • Don’t give up, contact via customer support seeking full refund …no discounts, must return within 30 days from receiving delivery to address on the terms and conditions, yes you are correct – very few of us read the t and c ‘ s. Return the items and email proof of receipts of return to customer support also. Luckily I’ve had refunded 2 x £157 to my credit card and been in regular contact with my credit card company.
      This is a MASSIVE scam ..with different companies operating behind the scene in the hope that customers will give up seeking a refund. Good luck.

  46. We have cancelled your order for True Cambogia and voided the
    charge on May 6.
    It may take a few days for the refund to be made to your account.

    customer service

    Is this real or fake or even ripping off more money

  47. Yes it’s a scam. May their parents and god forgive them. I certainly will not.

    • Why does my comment need moderation when they took my money. And no product has arrived

      • All comments are moderated due to the large amount of spam this website receives. All legit comments are added manually. 🙂

        • Has anyone got a refund from this

          • its a total scam , like the rest of you poor people I was ripped off too. I’m now £160 worse off . I too tried to cancel my order as soon as I received an e mail informing me the £160 was being debited from my account , like everybody else I thought I was receiving a free trial !!!! There is no such contact website & all way e mails were returned by an delivery status notification (failure) I have contacted my bank & fraud department , canceled my card & hoping to get my money back , I’m not holding my breath!! This all happened last weekend , over the bank holiday .

  48. I ment to add , I have not received any of the product yet , ( it’s been over a week ) anyway I thought no money would be taken until trial period was expired & customers were completely happy with product !! Where do you send this rubbish back too ?? Not that I would even entertain taking this rubbish , who knows what’s in it ?? For all we know it could be rat poison !!! These bunch of unscrupulous bastards wouldn’t care !!! Please please people don’t be caught out like myself and so many others .

  49. j jenkins …. What have you got to hide?? Why are you altering comments ?? I only asked who YOU were !! You seem to know a lot about these scammers !!

    • Sally, I do not work for these scammers and did not like the accusation that I am in any way involved.

      The above review does not endorse this trial and I have written tens of similar articles for other products so I know what to look out for.

      I have written guides on how to get refunds and have been interviewed by national newspapers to try and highlight the actions of these people.

      • So how to get a refund from this

        • If you cannot contact True Cambogia using the contact details provided in the above review then I would suggest speaking to your bank (I would recommend you do this regardless), they deal with hundreds of cases like this everyday so would be better to advise you.

    • You dick!

  50. My apology if this was the way you interpreted my question , from further investergation I can see you are not involved with these unscrupulous people . On a lighter note I have received my money back from my banks fraud team.

  51. If it helps anyone else , you need to keep trying with your bank , I made numerous phone calls & finally got through to someone who helped , a delightful guy ( Steven ) he was in the fraud department & was very experienced ( he had had first hand experience with these disgusting people on a regular basis !!! ) my bank is Lloyds & I have a silver account which apparently has extra cover , good luck guys

  52. hmm, just went through all the reviews and commentsand just relised such a shame the recent coments are on the end…. would be so helpfull for people who are desperate for help at this situation. Lucky for the ones who have already comented over and over about calling through to bank to speak with person from fraud department, and some good review said no not accept delivery when it finally arrives. Hope everyone gets their money back. good luck x

  53. Hi guys – Latest update for anyone who’s interested. The product arrived this morning (16/05/15 @ 10:30 am) I followed the return details to the letter i.e. putting their address, my address and e mail address on the outside of the pack (which I didn’t even open by the way) and took it straight to the post office. It’s cost me £8.60 to return it and that is a track and trace recorded delivery service. I placed the order on 27/04/15 so the package should be back with them well before the 30 days are up (Remember they say you have to return it within 30 days). It’ll be interesting to see if they do refund the money, I’ll be amazed if they do frankly but my bank (Lloyds) did say I can file a grievance and if I can prove I’ve returned the product within the specified time (which I now can) I’ll get my money back from them. As I mentioned previously I’ve got quite a reasonable audit trail when I fill out the grievance paperwork. I wish there were more sites like this where people like us could leave a few comments to warn others that the True Cambogia people are Criminals. I’ll let you know if they re-fund my money……

  54. Hi i experienced exactly the same thing everyone has. Just curious if anyone actually got the money back. Just wondering if i should send the products unopened back but if we are not going to get the money back either way then should i just keep the products and just treat it as a lesson learned. Blocked and cancelled my card.

    Cant believe despite so many complains about this company, it is still in operation. Why isn’t the governing org doing something about it and stop them.


    • Hi Amy….this is the latest response I got:

      Dear Gxxxxxxxxx

      Thank you for your email.

      We have received your request for refund and are sorry that you are not fully enjoying your purchase. In order for us to proceed with your request, we must have confirmation that you have returned the product as stated in the terms and conditions that were presented to you at the time you ordered. To date we have no confirmation that this product has been returned.

      We will process your refund as soon as we have this confirmation. In order to expedite matters please ensure that your Order Identification Number is included with your return.

      We recognize that it is possible that you have indeed returned the product but that for some reason our records do not reflect this. If this is the case, please send us a copy of the shipping documents, waybill, postage receipts or any other supportive documents and we will promptly process your refund request.

      True Cambogia Customer Service

      So we’ll see….I’ve got a scanned copy of my royal mail receipt but I’m not sending it yet….not until the track and trace service say it’s been received….I’m suspicious of how they might use it. Interesting that they now ask for the “Order Identification Number” when that wasn’t requested or mentioned on the returns email….this bunch of criminals just make up the rules as they go along.

      Sending the products back unopened is a good question….I chose to do so because Lloyds were clear that I needed to fulfill the obligations layed out in the t’s and c’s in order to get a refund from them. We’ll see what happens and I will keep this site up to date but for the record….I’ve still not seen anyone state they’ve had a refund. Perhaps some people have had refunds but when they get them they forget to post an update….don’t know but I have my doubts….

  55. Well Amy, and anyone else following progress, I’ve just checked the Royal Mail track and trace site and have confirmation that my parcel has been delivered to the Netherlands. I was hoping the Royal Mail site may show a delivery signature but it doesn’t…..what it does do though is confirm when the parcel entered the country (date/time etc) and confirms it has been delivered. I’ve mail screen shots along with a scanned copy of my track and trace receipts to True Cambogia with the following e mail:

    My order has now been returned and received by True Cambogia.

    Attached is the proof of postage receipt, tracking details showing the date and times of the collection and when it entered the country along with confirmation that the parcel has now been delivered.


    I have now fulfilled my obligations:

    I cancelled the order minutes after placing it
    I waited until the order arrived even though I didn’t want it
    I returned the order, unopened, the same day it arrived using the address specified and following the return instruction to the letter
    I have attached proof of postage
    I have attached confirmation of delivery

    All of this was done within the 30 day window.

    Now refund my money……that’s your obligation.

    That mail was sent about 30 minutes ago so lets see what happens…….I’ll keep you posted..

    • Done exactly the same today, parcel should just arrive within 30 day window according to post office. Please post any news and I will do the same

  56. All – I’ve Found another website that’s doing True Cambogia reviews. I’ve just left one….all the others are just as bad as mine. Address is below:


    There’s quite an interesting review of the product….they don’t rate it highly by any means but they do say that customer feedback is very poor. At the end you get to leave a review, just like this site. Definitely worth doing…just a few minutes to say what scum they are may just stop another person being scammed like we all were……and take money out True Cambogia’s pocket….that alone is worth the time…

    Give it a try

  57. All latest update, I got the mail below from True Cambogia yesterday following receipt of my my mail containing proof of postage/delivery etc…

    Dear Gxxxxxxxxx

    We are currently processing a refund on your account. Please note it may take some time for your credit card company to process and report to you.

    Thank you for your patience in this matter.

    True Cambogia Customer Service

    I responded saying that they should re-fund the money as fast as they took it i.e. about 4 hours after I placed and cancelled my order but no money yet. I’ll keep you posted…

  58. Confirmation by recorded delivery that my return parcels have been received within the 30 day time limit. I have notified companies confirming that I have met their Terms and Conditions for returns and I expect them to make my repayment immediately. My bank is conducting an investigation and I will be presenting them with all my documentation.

  59. I want to cancel my order how to do that bcoz is expensive I cant buy that product pls reply

    • I suggest that you first try to contact True Cambogia using the contact details I have provided above. If that fails the only option available to you is the bank, who may be able to advise you.

  60. Carol – And all….I can now confirm I HAVE received a refund, I checked my account today and the money has been refunded less the £8 packaging. I’m amazed but none the less they have refunded my money. Finally I can put this miserable little episode behind me. There is light at the end of the tunnel, I hope you get your refund too…I’ll check this site again in a few days to see how you’re getting on. Good luck…but if you’ve got confirmation that they received the parcel within the 30 day window and you can send them proof of postage and delivery you should be ok. The refund took about a week so fingers crossed.

  61. True Cambogia/Purslim. I had one reply to my return products with details but just got the usual auto standard reply saying my product has been shipped.
    Sent another email on 1st June again sending copies of my post received slips and confirming my fulfilled obligations to their terms and conditions requesting my refund.
    Wish I could be confident.

  62. Carol, if you’ve sent them the confirmation of delivery details (screen shots etc) as you’ve pointed out you should (from my experience anyway…fingers crossed) be ok. The key thing here is that you got the tablets back to them within the 30 days. Just read through the mail trail above, did you cancel your order using the order cancellation e-mail address? Just worth checking but otherwise I can’t see why they shouldn’t refund you. If nothing else you have all the audit trail you need for a credit card grievance case that should give you a refund….I know…not ideal, but it’ll get you your money back if the Cambogia thieves start playing silly games.

    • Thanks for the encouragement G. Did all of the above and it is encouraging that I did not get the same auto message to my email, maybe they are confirming delivery. Followed their rules to the letter, early days I guess.

  63. Wish I had seen these comments before I bought. Same as above buy for £4 entered credit card details and then got a confirmation which showed £160 charged to my credit card. Oh Sh1t!!! I immediately rang my credit card company Tesco and they said they could not do anything as I had entered into an agreement with the company. They advised me to contact the company and cancel the order which I done but True Cambogia refused this as they said the order had already been despatched!!! I sent lots of emails to support@true-cambogia.com which is good as I now have the trail of correspondence.

    I ordered on 10th May and received the goods on 2nd June, because they sent them to an incorrect post code. At one stage they where going to give me a refund because I had not received the product but two days after that they rescinded that and said I would only get a refund if I return the goods and I would have to wait upon them to arrive. They did not accept any responsibility for the carriage to my home address!!!! did you ever hear the like of it?
    I am returning the goods tomorrow unused.

    From reading the comments above I contacted Tesco credit Card again and explained what happened. Tesco will now register a dispute and make sure there is no further payment to True Cambogia (TC) from my credit card. They advised me to return the items and request a refund. If TC do not give a refund in accordance with their policy, ie with 28days I am to contact Tesco again and they will pursue the matter and will need all my correspondence and proof of return back to TC, ie recorded delivery.

    Note someone above got their bank to recover the money within days. Tesco explained if payment is made with a debit card, refunds can be claimed immediately as it is your money, but if paid for with a credit card, it will take up to 28days as the credit card company has paid the supplying company not you. Then the refund is a transaction between two companies, needing 28days etc etc.

    Hopefully in a couple of months I’ll be posting that I got my money back.
    In the mean time STAY CLEAR OF TRUE CAMBOGIA spread the word..

  64. The scamming continues. True Cambogia actually over charged my credit card by £8.45 over and above the final amount on the confirmation email, which stated £152 for the product £8 for carriage, total £160. But TC charged my credit card £168.45.
    I have sent emails and screen shots to them about this time got spoof automated replies.
    Any way I returned the used products as instructed to address –

    True Cambogia, POSTBUS 46, 4020 BA MAURIK, NETHERLANDS.

    This cost me £28 using international tracking, with Parcel Force, guaranteed in 3 working days.
    I tracked it and it did not arrive in 3 working days, I rang Parcel Force they told me the product is now in a Depot in the Netherlands local to Maurik, BUT they can not deliver a parcel to a Postbox/Postbus, they must have an address of a premises to deliver. It will now sit in the depot until True Cambogia come to collect it or I provide them with an address. I checked with my credit card company in case TC try to pull another fast one and say I have not returned the item. My credit card company advised me that if I have followed TC’s instructions they are still obligated to refund my money, £152 plus the amount over charges, but not the delivery charge as this is stated in TC’s conditions. The crdit card company have now sent me a Dispute Form to complete and return to them with copies of all my correspondence with True Cambogia.
    Iam going to be out more time and some money, but I don’t care how much it takes to make sure I get what Iam owed by these b**tards. Spread the word so no else is hood winked.

  65. Regarding the Returned Goods Update.
    I am sorry to report that I have not had the success that G had. As of today all my four emails with the return attachments have only prompted the same auto message that everyone gets. My bank (who I contacted on the day I ordered) is looking into it to and have advised me that I should know the outcome by 10 July.

    • Hi Carol, really sorry to hear that you haven’t had a refund…I can only empathize and share your anger. On the up side, you have a good strong audit trail and solid proof of return meaning like Gerry above you can fill in a grievance form from your bank or credit card company and you should get a refund. I know it’s not ideal as it means more time wasted filling in forms because these criminals are allowed to continue to peddle their wares…but…it will mean you haven’t lost all of your money (not sure about the return costs though), frankly I had resigned myself to this approach. Good luck to you and Gerry…..it seems the scam is just allowed to continue…..that’s what sickens me….

      • G what address did you return the product to,post further down says parcel force con not deliver to pobox/postbus in the netherlands.

  66. Hi all it is a scam i recently fell for the 8pound offer and they debited over 150 from my account. i contacted there customer service and they denied recognising my purchase even through the lengthly emails and transactions through email I got they denied debiting money from my bank. Thankfully I contacted my bank said I had fraud done to be they had sent me a new card and refunded my money.

    Randomly I received the the items but I’m in two minds to try if it, if its safe.

  67. Same thing happened to me charged £158 twice for trial of £8 off my account in 10 minutes have received pills today but no paperwork of where to send back

  68. Yep, me too. Can’t believe I fell for it after all these years. Never seen a site where they don’t confirm the amount to be debited before you press enter to confirm the debit sum!

    Same as Gerry in Belfast – Tesco CC not too helpful at this stage. Say I have to work with the company – how to do that with this lot – sent 10 emails to both TG and Purslim but nothing received in response to anything????

    If I can’t get them to respond how can I work with them?

    One package was delivered and I was out so the Royal Mail took it away and I haven’t collected – the other I have just returned unopened today. Sent another email to both saying again I want my money back but nothing. Aaaaarggghhhh

    If I am lucky enough to get anything back I will post again but not holding my breath.

    Good Luck to everyone.

    • Its now the 14 July and so to update….
      The second package arrived and was left in the porch. So straight down the Post Office with instruction to Return To Sender(untouched). Retained proof. Rang Tesco credit card again to discuss and told I needed to contact the companies for refund. Explained the predicament and comments on this website – no joy-again told I would need to wait for the company to respond!!
      I have no idea why I then rang Tesco credit card for the third time then next day,except maybe the comments on this website about persistence, AND got a different lperson who said she would refund all my money immediately because I was adamant that I had not seen any T’s and C’s. They have 45 days to refute this demanding the funds are returned to them BUT as I have returned all the packages untouched I will assume this is the end of it. Fingers crossed -again if anthing changes I will update. The bottom line is PERSISTENCY. I wish you all the very best of luck – we have all learnt a very sobering lesson

  69. i m using this product from 7 days but my weight is increasing not decreasing

  70. I’m very relieved to say I have had my money refunded

    Thank you so much for the help this site is giving – I followed instructions given above and returned the unopened pills to the Netherlands by Track and Trace and as soon as I saw the parcel had arrived I sent copies of the PO posting cerificate and a printout showing it had been delivered to the so-called Customer Service team and within a
    couple of weeks my money was returned to my account. That was a lesson learnt!

    Good luck to everyone – hope it works out for you.

  71. Can any1 help me as I order this product and I need 2 cancel asap how do u cancel as bin emailing them but int getting any reply back

  72. I am so pleased that another person has got their money back, I wish I had. Daisy May did you send all your return confirmation receipts by email or postage? I emailed mine but was wondering if I should have posted them.

    • Hello – I emailed them Good Luck.

      • Hello again Carol

        I should have said I copied them and sent them as an attachment and received the money back about 5 days later Apologies for replying late – been in hospital.

  73. Scam!!
    £160 taken when it shouldn’t have been. No purslim rec’d at all.
    Sent cancellation emails asap. Spoke to fraud team to stop them taaking any more money. How are these people still operating?
    Scumbags picking on the vulnerable

  74. i want to return this medicine what can i do

  75. plz relfund my money it is not effective

  76. Hi All

    My partner was recently conned by these money grabbing vultures. Contact your bank and go through the fraud investigation department, you will be able to claim back any money you have paid besides what you have agreed to pay. I cant see how these guys can get away with what they do, at no point does it say that you will be charged anything on top of your £8!

  77. Hi,

    As all of you know True Cambogia and PurSlim is a total scam and will take £314 from your account before you and stop and read the T&Cs. However, I too fell for this but have now received a full refund straight from the company so all is not lost!

    Immediately after I realised how much money they had taken from me I panicked like anybody would. The first thing I did was email both companies stating that I want to cancel the order and obviously they didn’t let me. I then rang the bank who told me I had to wait 15 days to do anything. In this time I received the goods and promptly sent them back via Royal Mail, tracked and signed for. I then sent the tracking numbers over to True Cambogia and PurSlim and they have now refunded me all of my money. Simple as that!

    There was a lot of panic and stress and living without £314 for a couple of weeks but for everybody like me, don’t panic as you can get it back. I spend £17.20 on getting the goods back to them but that is a fraction of what they’ve refunded me so please do not cheap out on posting as this may affect the outcome.

    I hope this helps and puts your mind at rest a little bit. Please make sure you 1. Email both companies, 2. Ring the bank and 3. Send the goods back tracked and signed. If you do these things, you will be refunded.

    We can all be a little gullible when we’re insecure, nobody thinks you’re stupid for getting scammed so please keep your wits about you and sort it out the logical way.

    Best wishes

  78. I always keep a prepaid card for online shopping – it had a £50 balance, which was declined by the True Cambogia sign up site – this got me worried so I went online reading and discovered you great folks.
    Best advice ever – limit your exposure and risk by keeping a preloaded card for web-offers

  79. Hi like all of you I have been scammed by this company. I signed up for 2 bottles of True Cambogia as a “no risk free trial” for £8 I responded to the auto cue to add 2 bottles of Pur Slim for the same trial price. Only when I ordered was I advised of the true cost and the need to cancel within 14 days. I cancelled my order on the same website immediately. I was still concerned so I also sent a cancellation message to their separate cancellation web site. I have not had a reply to that one but the original website stated my order had been cancelled. When I checked my bank account late the same day, it was clear that an amount of £314 had been taken from my account without my authorisation. I will be contacting my banks fraud department in the morning. Unable to get through to them this evening. I am also informing the police as this must be a criminal offence. These people need stopping. I will not accept any parcel from them if any arrive. I want my money back as I did not authorise this amount to be deducted ftom my account . It is FRAUD on a huge scale.

  80. Update.
    Have spoken to the Fraud Team at my bank who referred me to their Retail Dispute Dept. I havs been advised to wait until 15 days and if I do not recieve my goods they can take it up as non delivery. If I receive the goods I have to return them immediately and request a refund. I have also emailed cancellations@true-cambodia again and advised them that as I immediately cancelled the order would they not waste everyone’s time continuing to process the order as I do not want it and I have also requested that they reimburse my cash to my account as this action should not have been taken by them before the free trial had completed. My bank recommended that I send this email but I do not hold out much hope. Apparently the bank are dealing with this issue on a daily basis, but because we give out our bank details they are allowed to take the money ag any point and continue trading, despite their website stating you have a 14 day FREE TRIAL. I find this absolutely amazing as I have always believed if money is taken from you without your consent then it is theft. But in this instance it isn’t I do not understand this. Hoping I get my money back but I am doubtful. What an expensive mistake. Will update again if I am successful in being refunded my £314.

  81. I ordered today your True Cambogia offer (2 bottles for 4,00€ eacch) trought my card VISA Electron **** **** **** 3128, but you charged on it the amount of 217,00€.

    1- I would like from your side to delete this order, please
    2- I would like from your side to reinburce the total amount to my VISA Elecron, wich please note.

    Sorry for the inconvenients it would made cost to you.

    Hope to hear from you son.

    Best regards.

    Tomás ALCOLADO.

  82. Its now the 14 July and so to update….
    Rang Tesco credit card again to discuss this debacle and told I needed to contact the companies for refund. Explained yet again the predicament and comments on this website – no joy-again told I would need to work with the company for a refund!!
    I have no idea why I then rang Tesco credit card for the third time the very next day,except maybe the comments on this website about persistence, AND got a different person who said she would refund all my money immediately because I was sooo adamant that I had not seen any T’s and C’s. TC & Purslim have 45 days to refute me demanding the funds are returned to them BUT as I have returned all the packages untouched I will pray this is the end of it. Fingers crossed -again if anthing changes I will update. The bottom line is PERSISTENCY and you have a chance of receiving all your money back like I have. I wish you all the very best of luck – we have all learnt a very sobering lesson

  83. Update
    I received the products yesterday and have returned them the same day by tracked postage. Interestingly though, my products came from Mullergan in Zurich Switzerland and not from The Netherlands. I have enclosed a letter requesting I be refunded immediately. I won’t hold my breath though. I will give them 14 days and if nothing is forthcoming I shall contact my bank as I consider their actions still to be fraudulent. Have also alerted the actionfraud.police.uk website to report.

  84. Salut;

    Je suis également victime de cette arnaque j’ai payé 4.99
    par carte et on m’a facturé 217,00 pourtant
    il était bien spécifié que rien ne serait prélevé avant les 14 jours d’essais,
    on a contacté le site qui nous a répliqué qu’ils ne pouvaient rien faire,
    le numéro de téléphone ne sert à rien personne ne répond
    où on nous raccroche au nez j’aimerais faire opposition sur mon compte bancaire
    mais je ne sais pas qu’elle nom de société ils utilisent .

    Jac Jenkin, dis que les informations sont fournies ci-dessus
    mais cela est très mal organiser ou plutôt très floue
    comme tout le reste d’ailleur, il y a plus de bla ..bla ..bla que de véritable réponse concréte !

    je veux l’adresse d’entreprise, et sous quel nom cette entreprise frauduleuse ce cache
    pour voler notre argent sur nos comptes bancaires et un véritable numéro de téléphone
    où il y a une personne qui répond !

    Sinon je suis prête à aller jusqu’au bout et leur faire fermer boutique,
    est en cadeau de remerciement pour cette leçon malhonnête un joli pyjama rayé ou orange cette la mode en prison .

    Il existe la Gendarmerie Nationale Cybercriminalité , et j’ai au moins eu l’intelligence d’imprimer les information
    du site ,notamment sur les 14 jours d’essais et les 4.99 puis bouquet final a la fin
    l’annoncement du prélèvement de 2170 euros
    cool non ?

    • qu’une réponse a sa

      L’O.C.L.C.T.I.C., brigade de lutte contre la cyber-criminalité

      ou la gendarmerie de la brigade internet

  85. What a fool I am been! deceived out of £314 today for what I believed was a free trial, as others say you need to contact true cambogia to cancel and request a refund as you did not authorise payment, I sent this to cancellations@true-cambogia.com, support and support@purslim.com

    quote your references for the orders then you can prove to your visa company you have requested cancellation and a refund. I hope it works as cannot afford this loss.


    Type of purchase:
    Contracts for goods or services (including digital content) of any value ordered from an EU-based business via mail order, phone or online.
    Buying something costing more than £42 away from a normal seller’s premises (usually at your home or work).

    What’s the protection called?
    The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 – or just the Consumer Contracts Regulations (used to be called the Distance (or Doorstep) Selling Regulations).

    Time to cancel:

    Goods: 14 days from the day after you receive all goods in an order (unless it’s for regular delivery such as a magazine subscription, when the first delivery counts). Once you’ve cancelled an order you then have a further 14 days to send the goods back.

    Services and digital content: 14 days from the day after the order is made. If you want to start a service within the 14 days, you will usually be asked to give your agreement in writing. This then means you can’t cancel. However you are able to get a refund minus the proportionate cost of anything you have used.

    If you aren’t told about your cancellation rights in writing, you have up to a year and 14 days to cancel the contract. You also won’t be liable for any extra costs, such as services you have used.

    There are quite a few but they are usually in niche areas. Items not covered include:
    Fresh food and flowers
    Personalised or perishable goods
    Accommodation/transport/leisure services purchased for a particular timeframe
    Newspapers and magazines (unless they are part of a subscription)
    Sealed audio, video or computer software that has been opened
    Buying or building property or paying rent
    Medical products and services
    Hiring a taxi, boat or plane
    Goods that fluctuate in price (such as foreign exchange)
    Emergency repairs and maintenance
    Financial products, package holidays or timeshares (although these have different rights, see below)
    If you have examined the goods in a shop then ordered from the same retailer online and this inspection was specifically noted as part of the purchase contract
    If you reserve items online but pay for them in-store
    If you buy something at an auction

    What about click and collect?
    If you pay online and then collect goods from the store or an outlet, you’ve got the same rights. Check the items on collection, otherwise if you just pick up and leave, it could be seen as accepting the item/goods as they are. It’s also worth asking for a gift receipt when ordering.

    How to cancel the contract:
    The business will give you a cancellation form, which it must acknowledge receipt of. See a sample of the form. You can use this if you like, or you can write to seller instead. Some businesses may allow you to cancel by phone.

    Your time to cancel starts from the day you sent the form, letter, email or fax, not the day the seller receives it. It’s your responsibility to prove you cancelled on time so ensure you get a confirmation from the company.

    As soon as you’ve cancelled, take good care of all of the goods, as you have to return them in reasonable condition (but not necessarily in the same packaging) and within 14 days. If the goods are damaged the seller can take the relevant cost from your refund.

    Getting a refund:
    The seller must then pay back any cash within 14 days of it receiving the goods or it was told you wanted to cancel a service or digital contract.

    It must include the least expensive delivery option but if you chose a more expensive delivery you’ll need to cover the difference. Be sure to specifically ask for delivery to be included as some stores don’t add it automatically.

    You’ll also usually be asked to pay for return delivery, unless the seller doesn’t say this in its T&Cs, or the goods were faulty.

    Specific delivery:
    If you or the seller specified a certain delivery date (eg, in time for a birthday or Christmas) but your order wasn’t delivered on time you’ve a right to a full refund. If a date wasn’t specified at all, then delivery should be within 30 days.

    Tied agreements:
    Any related credit is cancelled along with your order.

    Your statutory consumer rights always apply. A trader can offer different rights if it wants, but only as long as they are on top of your statutory rights.

    Yet some companies do try to say your statutory rights are not valid because there’s a term in your contact that says so; for example them stating “We do not provide refunds”, “We are not responsible if you are injured” or “We are not liable for property left unattended”. These are called exclusion clauses.

    If there are exclusions, your contract should also include the words “this does not affect your statutory rights”, to show that written terms are not as important as consumer laws.

    Companies try to get away with these terms in their contracts relying on lack of knowledge and consumer apathy to put consumers off making a claim. But thanks to the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, exclusion clauses are often invalid and you can still complain.

    While it may sound reasonable for loss or damage to be a consumer’s responsibility, and in many cases it is, providers are also responsible for providing a reasonable duty of care for you or your possessions. So, for example, while they wouldn’t be responsible if a member of the public swiped your bag while left unattended, they would be at fault if the bag was locked away where only their staff had access to it.

    In most cases, you need to take action yourself following the steps in this guide. But it’s a good idea to report suspected problems to your local Trading Standards office as it could also be a criminal offence to try to exclude something.

  86. I ordered, got confirmation, cancelled within minutes, didn’t read T&C. Too late. Feel a right idiot. It was misleading (their reviews gave no indication of the true cost, in fact quite the opposite). It wouldnt be so bad if they produced miraculous results, but haven’t seen any indication that they work from reviews in here. Checked account today and £314 taken. Will ring bank tomorrow. Won’t be first, and sadly won’t be last. I suspect Consumer Advice will not only be able to advise, but will also be very interested. It did say postage costs are not refundable, so if I only lose £8 it will be a lesson learned. Most important message from me to everyone WE ARE NOT STUPID even if we feel it. Sadly ANYONE can fall to a scam. To those of you who are scared of telling partners – just get it out of the way. Sit them down and say ‘I’ve done something really daft’ then they are prepared. Yes, they may be mad to start with, especially if you don’t have the resources to cover it, but you won’t be carrying any secrets, and when they get over it you can deal with it together. Good luck everyone.

  87. Salut, Voilà ce matin j’ai eu une très mauvaise surprise
    on ma prélever sous deux nom différents la somme annoncer par True-cambogia
    de 217 euros chacune, au lieux des 4,99 euros pour une seule commande demander pour les frais d’envois du colis , que je n’est toujours pas en ma possession …

    Nom de leurs centre de prélèvement : SLEEK IMAGE et SATIN IMAGE , tout en majuscule .
    faite bloquer c’est deux nom par vos banque en leurs expliquant la situation par téléphone et par courrier et faite le changement de numéros de votre carte bancaire.

    J’ai appeler le centre financier de ma banque qui vont prendre des mesure légale
    contre True-cambogia.com et je vais aussi aller voir la police national pour déposer une plainte pour vente frauduleuse ( Arnaque )

    J’ai aussi pris les devant avec mon assurance car je suis couverte pour le vole, ce qui est le cas, true cambogia son malheureusement des voleurs !
    de ce fait je peut les attaquer en justice, avec preuve a l’appuis!

    Si vous avez d’autre nom de leurs centre de prélèvement fait le moi savoir s’il vous plait .

    • Bonjour Mimi56, comme vous je me suis fait avoir. merci pour les renseignements . je vais informer ma banque. je pense qu si l’on si met à plusieurs on peut faire quelque chose. sur la page facebook de true cambogia, il y aussi de nombreuses victimes ! dites moi si ca vaut le coup d’aller porter plainte à la police ou non.

  88. tout ce que l’on écrits sur ce site et vraiment très reproduit ! encore une bizarrerie ou une tromperie ?

  89. There is light at the end of the tunnel. My bank (Nationwide) have been great. Whilst investigating they put the disputed money into my account but said they would have to take it if unsuccessful.
    The bank have now confirmed the whole amount of money £320.00 is mine, they challenged the rogues and won (who never replied to my screen shots of the return confirmation).
    All of you must keep fighting this despicable organisation, the banks do have an obligation to do this for you so hold firm and I hope you will also succeed.

  90. Can someone help me these people took £320 out off my bank for a free trial, My bank has cancelled my card which mean’s i have no money at the min i have e.mailed these people with no reply at all. Were do i contact to get my money back so angry.

    • Hi I too have been scammed by this company, have taken some of the advice from this site, thank you. Contacted my bank, and asked to be put through to the disputes department, (bank of Scotland), was informed that the payment is pending, but once it has been taken out of my account I should call them back and they will refund the money less the postage and packaging.

      Please try your banks fraud department or disputes department.

    • contact your bank or credit card ppl fraud

  91. thy have taken my money since long and keep saying will will dispatch your order, so far not yet received my order nor the money returned.

    its fake and thy are just playing with pplz

  92. please cancell my order as I thought it was only £14.. I already have it cancelled with my bank

  93. Holland & Barrett Garcinia Cambogia and Guarana its only £20.00 for 60 tablets from holland and barret so shows how much they are making

  94. SCAM SCAM IF YOU ARE READING right after u have placed ur order simply chill and wait for transaction to appear on ur online statement, once it appears call the bank straight away and speak to dispute department and explain about the scam, bank will refund and you will have to fill the dispute form which is posted, return the form and with screenshots of your order. Make sure you return the dispute form to bank else money can still be taken

  95. i ordered 2 bottles and the other one is free but when payment is done they even charge the 3rd one. i send them email asking why they also charge the other bottle which is free. i also try to call this Number +44 20 3129 8939 but keep saying i have to contact csm123.com. i try to go that website ans still no reply from their side. my god why i’m so stupid and i let my self tricked by this F__*ng website. i call the bank and block my account and replace a new one. this will happen once and i will never allow my self to happen it again. when u want to buy online prefer to do Cash on Delivery basis.

  96. Omg this has happened to me I dunno what to do I’m in the bank trying to cancel my card but it’s taking forever and I can’t get hold of anyone. I’ve tryed emailing the company and phoning but can’t get through.

  97. Hello, I am in the same boat as all of you. Just ordered the trial and was charged twice £99.99. Contacted my bank and was told to wait for it to be on my statement and then they will cancell the subscription and refund me my money. Then they will stop further payments. They already know about this scam its just that these people keep coming back with different company names so thats why its still continuing scaming people.



  99. Thank you, Thank you all, for this amazing site and for all your information. I feel so angry for all of you and how you have been through this awful ordeal. But if it wasn’t for me coming across this site I would have probable made the same mistake. So glad you keep at these scammers and hopefully these stories will help you get your money back. Thinking of you and wish you all the best. Keep you chins high so you can still look at the world with some positive attitude.

  100. If you have just fallen into the trap of entering into an unwanted/unexpected contract – You have 14 days” cooling off period” by law which allows you to cancel within that period – just because!. So working within that 14 days…… Follow these instructions and get a refund

    Step 1: Stop your bank card immediately and tell the bank what has happened to prevent further payments being accessed by them

    Step 2: Go to their quick cancellation page on website csm123.com and get a print out cancellation & keep copies of that. That will stop the second payment and prove cancellation.

    Step3: Send an email to the cancellation email address. Putting your order ID number as the subject to allow them to identify you.

    Start your email with – I recently entered into a contract with you for the following goods and services – copy out the exact contract (services & goods) you were issued with. And Write under that in a separate paragraph : Under The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellations and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, I would like to cancel the contract. Please issue me with an immediate refund.

    Step 4: Type or write out the same letter as you emailed giving your full details. Include a copy of the cancellation email you sent. Your notification of cancellation from Quick Cancellations and a copy of the original email they sent you. Post all that to their address in the Netherlands by registered post and keep a copy of it all and your receipt. If they do not give you a refund by 5 days after they have received the letter which you can track on line. Send them another email insisting that you will go to the police if they do not give you an immediate refund.

    Because True Cambogia have a website that uses unfair aggressive tactics which are tricking people into a contract they do not want and dipping into their bank accounts for sums of money that far exceed the cost of the product. Go on line to Action Fraud Crime and fill in a complaint or phone the number which is listed on that page and someone will assist you. That is the only way to police these people who think they can do just what they like. They can’t because there are laws! I hope this is helpful be strong and take action – YOU CAN DO IT!
    Best wishes. From a fellow sufferer…………. WHO GOT HER MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!

  101. SCAM SCAM SCAM – This Purslim & True Cambogia company is a scam,
    After several months these people are STILL TAKING MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT,
    even after multiple emails to them.

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