Turn the Lights Off and Lose Weight

Turn the Lights Off and Lose Weight

A new study has found that of you want to lose weight turning off the lights when you eat could help reduce the amount of calories you consume.

What occurred in the study?

In the study undertaken at the University of Konstanz, a team of researchers blindfolded 50 participants, with a further 40 participants given no blindfold.

Each of the participants of the study were asked not to eat within a 2 hour period, before then being given three 95 gram bowls of cherry, caramel and vanilla ice cream, which they were asked to eat within 15 minutes.

What were the results of the study?

Those who were blindfolded consumed an average of 105 grams of ice cream each, with those without the blindfold consuming an average of 116 grams. This was a reduction of 9% fewer calories per meal.

The study found that those who were blindfolded also thought they had consumed as much as 88% more ice cream than they had.

The reason given for this reduced intake of ice cream was that when you are blindfolded you will be unable to enter the phase of digestion known as the ‘cephalic’ stage, which makes it harder to actually swallow food.

Dr Britta Renner, the lead author of this study had this to say about the results:

“Visual deprivation caused a pronounced dissociation between actual and perceived intake.”

“This may provide an unobtrusive and naturalistic means to change the experience of eating behaviour.”

“These results might indicate that vision deprivation increases perceived intake because the estimation of the satiating potential of foods depends more on ‘real-time’ experience than on prior expectations.”

This is not the first time that scientific studies have found a link between what we see and what we eat.

Previous studies have also shown that eating in front of a mirror could also help reduce the amount you can eat.

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