UK Weight Loss Trends 2013

Mintel (http://www.mintel.com/) a global market research company has revealed the weight loss trends of the UK in 2013.

They revealed that:

• 1.46 billion adults across the globe were obese or overweight, with 61 per cent of the UK population are still overweight. Of these, more than 13million are clinically obese.

• 29 million British people had attempted to lose weight during 2013. With 44% of men among them.

• Only 5% of women never worry about their weight, with just 17% of men.

• In 2013, 2.32 million took up fashionable diet crazes – with around a million trying the 5:2 Diet, which involves reducing calorie intake on two days a week.

• Exercise seemed to be more popular with slimmers than faddy diets, with around 60% of people choosing to be more active. 49% cut back on eating fatty foods, 48% cut back on eating sugary foods and drinks, 48% ate smaller portions, 41% ate less desserts with 25% eating healthy labelled foods.

• Reasons why people struggled to lose weight included: 29% found it hard to eat healthy when eating out, 19% not having the willpower and 13% saying their busy lifestyle made it too hard to stick to a diet.

Check out the following infographic showing the UK weight loss trends of 2013:

UK Weight Loss Trends 2013

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