Is the Ultimate Body Cleanse trial a scam?

Is the Ultimate Body Cleanse trial a scam?

There are a variety of products all claiming to be able to help remove stored waste and help “flush the pounds”.

Ultimate Body Cleanse is just one of a growing number of supplements that make this claim, yet despite its impressive claims there are those who state that it is a scam. What is the truth?

Claimed benefits of Ultimate Body Cleanse

You will find the following benefits claimed on their website:

  • Detoxify your organs and body
  • Balance bodily homeostasis
  • Clean your digestive tract

Although these claims sound impressive whether they are accurate or not cannot be verified until we look at the ingredients used to make the supplement.

Ingredients found in Ultimate Body Cleanse

Having looked at their website in detail I can see that the Ultimate Body Cleanse contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients such as Cape Aloe, Cascara Sagrada and Goldenseal.

These ingredients have been shown to help naturally cleanse your body, so in my opinion Ultimate Body Cleanse should help to give your weight loss efforts the kick-start they require.

How much does Ultimate Body Cleanse cost?

When looking at trial products it is important to realise that “risk free” does not mean that the trial costs nothing.

In fact this term is usually used to mislead and entice you into signing up for both the trial and the auto-ship program, which is the case with Ultimate Body Cleanse.

Upon signing up for the trial you will be charged an initial $6.95, which sounds reasonable enough until you realise that after the 14 day trial has concluded you will be charged the full purchase price ($79.95).

To make matters considerably worse, as you have also signed up for an auto-ship program you will be sent further monthly packages along with the bill. That is until your membership is cancelled.

Is Ultimate Body Cleanse a scam?

Ultimate Body Cleanse is too expensive and its use of auto-shipping is no doubt going to be the reason for the claims that it is a scam.

It is a shame really as the product itself looks good, with the website itself looking very professional.

Contact details for Ultimate Body Cleanse

You can contact Ultimate Body Cleanse using the following information:

Phone number: 1-800-403-6048
Email: info@cellistalabs.com

If you have tried this product yourself then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to the Ultimate Body Cleanse

A proven alternative to the Ultimate Body Cleanse is Detox Plus, available from Evolution Slimming.

This supplement contains similar ingredients but costs just a fraction of the price at just $31 for a months supply.

As this supplement is not available as a trial it can be purchased without any worry about any hidden charges.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus

7 comments on "Is the Ultimate Body Cleanse trial a scam?"
  1. I called the 18004036048 to cancel after I read that they will automatically start charging $80 on the 15th day. I first talked to a man that said his name was Davis, I had him send me the email confirming my order (since my bank acct) already showed the charge. When I called back, he started laughing and changed his name to “John”. I told him that I wanted to cancel and needed the email to confirm that I had cancelled.
    Never received the confirmation email that I had cancelled. So I called back, He used the name “John” again and said that he could not send me a confirmation email that I had cancelled but that his system would generate the email. Still have not received the email to confirm that I cancelled and now have another charge that showed up 2 days after I cancelled?
    I would not order anything from this site, I do not think it’s safe, I think it is a scam. The same man answers the phone when you call and he changes his name.

  2. The exact same thing happened to me!! I called my bank to assist in denying further charges to my account and was instructed to cancel that credit card.

  3. They are a scam they advertise one thing and do another. They said you can buy that cleanseing stuff for $9.99,But then they take $159.90 +$80.00 dollars out of your account.. Thats how they get rich by takeing from the poor on false pretences.

  4. OMG. I am so happy I stumbled on this website. I recently had surgery so I went online to determine if I can take these supplements with my rejection meds, etc. The question, ‘Is it a scam or does it really work?’ drew me to this website. When I saw what others wrote I immediately called the 800 number and Jose willing put a stop on future orders. (Oops, forgot to ask if that was for ALL future orders. Think I’ll email the company to compliment on Jose’s efficiency and make sure I put in writing that I have cancelled until THEY hear from me.) Hopefully, my next shipment isn’t already on its way.

    Big thank you for the heads up!

  5. I was charges $89.98 on my card for garcina when i only wanted to test with the free bottle and i only had to pay shipping. Please reimburse my account. Thank you.


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