Is Ultra Finesse really offering a free trial?

Is Ultra Finesse really offering a free trial?

There are a great many dietary products currently being offered for free as part of a trial offer. Unfortunately you should be wary of these offers as they may cost you more than you think.

Find out in this review why the Ultra Finesse trial may not be as free as you think.

Benefits claimed by Ultra Finesse

Ultra Finesse has made the following claims on its website:

  • Improve health and metabolism
  • Purify your system
  • Increase energy levels
  • Natural weight loss

Whether Ultra Finesse can do what it claims is another matter, we would need to look at the ingredients used to make this supplement before commenting on their validity.

What ingredients are found in Ultra Finesse?

As with so many supplements that we have looked at in the past Ultra Finesse has not even bothered to list its ingredients let alone their dosages.

They are simply relying on their claims to entice you into signing up for their trial offer.

I recommend that you only look to try supplements willing to show their ingredients. If you don’t know what a product contains would you really want to try it?

What if it contained dangerous ingredients that could potentially cause side effects?

How much does Ultra Finesse cost?

At first glance you will think that Ultra Finesse is free, as it is mentioned numerous times that this is a “free trial”.

Unfortunately what you may not realise is that 15 days after your initial order you will be charged $84.99. Like so many other trial offers this fact is handily hidden away in the terms and conditions.

Also found in the T&Cs is the note that signing up to this trial offer also allows the manufacturer to send you monthly packages of the supplement at the full purchase price.

Is Ultra Finesse a scam?

Ultra Finesse is an auto ship program that are well known for leaving people feeling as though they have been scammed.

Even without this fact I cannot recommend Ultra Finesse as its lack of ingredient information makes me seriously doubt that any weight loss will be experienced through its use.

Contact details for Ultra Finesse

The phone number for Ultra Finesse is 1-888-518-0192, while the email address is support@ultrafinesse.com

If you have signed up for this free trial please leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Ultra Finesse

If you want to cleanse and lose weight then I suggest that you take a look at Detox Plus instead of wasting your time looking at “free trials” like Ultra Finesse.

Detox Plus is not available as a trial but is still considerably more affordable at just $31 for a months supply.

This supplement also contains proven ingredients so you know what benefits you are going to experience before you try.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus

12 comments on "Is Ultra Finesse really offering a free trial?"
  1. I fell victim to this scam. I ordered the free trial online paying only $10 for shipping. I was not aware of the reoccurring charges or their cancellation policy. Upon receiving a fraud alert from my bank and closing out my credit card my bank gave me their phone number. The man who answered is named Dwayne and his employee ID # is 5469. He answered the phone saying “Big A, where you at? Is anyone f****** there?” I hung up thinking I had the wrong number and called again. Dwayne answered the phone again saying he saw that I had just called and hung up on him. He refused to tell me the name of the company I was dealing with and would not put me on the phone with a supervisor. He told me that the “higher ups” put my account on a preferred customer plan, which actually cancelled my account with them and banned me from making any additional purchases (not that I ever would again). My bank manager told me that the $84.99 was a reoccuring monthly payment, yet Dwayne told me it would not come out again. I asked to return the product since it has not been opened and he said no. He then offered to discount the money or reimburse me some and then laughed and said “just kidding”. I asked why he was being rude and then he called me rude and ignorant for not reading the small print and told me to stop interrupting him asking for a supervisor before he hung up on me. Worst customer service experience I’ve ever had.

    • I too fell for this scam I cancelled within the free trial period time and they tried to charge me a $199.95 fee…..WOW…..I got them down to $9.99 but I shouldn’t have to pay for anything its a scam do not fall victim.

  2. I had a good experience actually, my doc. Said not to use it I called them back and they cancelled my membership and I was able to keep the bottle free without returning it. The whole process took less then 8 minutes. Sorry.

  3. I had a good experience as well I called a week prior to and asked questions regarding the 14 trial period and they let me know how many days I had left and actually offered me and additional 7 days I called back on today cancelled my membership and I got to keep the 60 day supply of product with a confirmation email sent to prove my account closed

  4. I read (or thought I did) all the fine print. I knew if I didn’t cancel within the 14 day trial period I would be receiving the product under an auto ship and charged roughly $85 each month. I called to cancel within the 14 days and was informed that it would cost me $4.95 to cancel. Guess I missed that part in the fine print. Before I could even respond to that statement I was offered a half price reduction in the cost of I didn’t cancel. Told them no thank you and cancel it. Make sure you get the cancellation number before you get off the phone! Total scam! Their “sister” site for garcinia hca (that I ordered at the same time because the review I had read said the products worked best together) tried to charge me $20 for canceling within the trial period but lowered it to $4.95 when I told them that’s what the other site charged. Again, total scam.

  5. This is a scam. I ordered the trial and didn’t realize I would be charged 84.99. I contacted them and they said I could cancel but only received 45% of my money back. I could send it back but then I would be charged a 20 dollar restocking fee. Do not order from this place. Its a scam. I would never again order from them and would not recommend them to anyone. Scammers!!!!! This should be against the law.

  6. I too fell for the “Free” offer! I paid the shipping and handling fee and this morning I received a charge of $84.99! I called the company and they said it was stated that you would be charged on a monthly basis! I blame myself for this Costly lesson because I SHOULD HAVE READ THE FINE PRINT!! I feel this is a scam because I received absolutely no information when these pills arrived! Thankfully I was able to cancel. Hopefully there will be no more charges to my debit card!

  7. Boy i fell in. I called and the man was so rude. Basically said read the bottom , he would cancel the monthly membership but could not refund my money. I told him i am on disability and a fixed income, there is no way i can afford almost $200 for a diet pill. Now i cannot even pay my rent. This is a very misleading ad. You believe you are only paying shipping with no obigation and right no hidden fees. Its seems the federal trade commission or attorney general should be able to prosecute them

  8. I’m one of you who fell for the scam. I just hung up from cancelling and I did get a cancellation number. But the first man who answered by the name of Jerome kept saying, “hello, hello,” then hung up on me.
    Called back and spoke to Brandon, who tried to sell it to me at a discount. I told him NO.
    I’m SERIOUSLY considering calling my bank, and tell them that I’ve been scammed so my bank account is not hit again.
    It’s awful when companies take advantage of consumers, fine print OR not!!

  9. Ultra Finesse is a rip off. I to got scammed. Took the free trial offer, then when I got another shipment and called to cancel, was told about the shipping program. I asked them to cancel and after throwing a fit finally got them to tell me they would cancel with no charge. I did get a cancellation number however I’m calling my bank Monday to make sure no further payments were sent to these people. The only way I got the girl to quit reading me her script was to ask to speak to her supervisor. do not order from these people.

  10. This company is not trustworthy. I did not realize that I was scammed until after I reviewed my bank statement online. There was no information to read with the scammed trial offer pills.. I contacted by banking institution and completed a fraud dispute. My banking institution refunded my money within 5 business days. I asked for the phone number to call the company and make a compliant. The lady that I spoke with, said I should have read the fine print online. I told her I thought I did, but if not it was my mistake. She then informed me she could refund me $25.00 and $27.00 for the pills. I told her no thanks, I have my full refund back thanks to my banking institution. I also asked to return the unopened package. I would advice never to purchase or from this company. I never took the pills they went straight in the trash!!!!

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