Is the Ultra Ketone System a scam?

Is the Ultra Ketone System a scam?

Although it has been a number of months since it first came to our attention, supplements like the Ultra Ketone System that contains Raspberry Ketones continue to be manufactured, but why is that?

Well, for a start Raspberry Ketones have been shown to burn fat, which for anyone struggling to lose weight is instantly enticing.

Unfortunately manufacturers know this, which is why there are so many products being made available as a trial that inevitably lead onto auto ship programs.

These kind of programs, once signed up to will continue to charge you long after sign up even if you no longer want the product. As well as charging you an extortionate fee for the privilege.

The Ultra Ketone System works in a similar fashion but does that automatically make it a scam? Only after looking at this supplement in more detail will we be able to come to our conclusion.

Claims made by Ultra Ketone System

Ultra Ketone System make the following claims on their website:

  • Suppress your appetite
  • Burn off excess stored fat
  • Boost energy
  • Retain muscle mass

These claims are exactly what you would expect to experience, however that is only if this supplement contains the correct dosage.

Ingredients used to make Ultra Ketone System

The Ultra Ketone System contains both Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee mixed in a proprietary blend. Unfortunately listing the ingredients as ‘proprietary’ means that it contains these ingredients but not their dosages.

There may be other ingredients present in the formula for all we know, that could potentially reduce the effectiveness of the product.

When choosing a supplement it is always best to discover what it contains so that you know what benefits to expect. Without such information there is no way of knowing whether the supplement is effective or contains potentially dangerous ingredients.

How much does the Ultra Ketone System cost?

Ultra Ketone System is available as a “risk free trial”, which does not mean that it costs nothing. In reality it will initially cost £2.95 to cover the cost of postage, however this quickly increases.

After the 14 day trial period your bank account will be charged a quite incredible £95 unless you have realised that you should have cancelled your account within the allotted trial period.

To make matters worse every month thereafter more of the supplement will be posted to you as well as further charges made to your account.

This will continue until the membership to this auto ship program is cancelled.

Is the Ultra Ketone System a scam?

There is no doubt in my mind that those who sign up for this trial are going to feel as though they have been scammed.

Ultra Ketone System is too expensive and although the payment terms are available in the T&Cs no one ever reads them. Otherwise they would not get anyone to sign up for this trial.

There are also doubts in my mind that this supplement even works, due to a lack of information on its ingredients. I recommend that you look for an alternative should you need a little help losing weight.

How to cancel/contact Ultra Ketone System?

To contact Ultra Ketone System to cancel your account you should use the following information:

Phone no: (0) 20 3356 6290
Email: customerservice@raspberry-ketoneblast.com

If you have had the misfortune to have signed up for this trial offer then we would love for you to leave a message below with your experiences.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Proven alternative to the Ultra Ketone System

If you are looking for an alternative to the Ultra Ketone System then look no further than Raspberry Ketone Plus.

This supplement is made from proven ingredients (that are actually disclosed — with dosages) but at a fraction of the cost.

You can buy this supplement online for £19.95 for a months supply from the Evolution Slimming website without ever having to sign up for a trial or auto ship program. Meaning you can relax in the knowledge that you are going to lose weight without having to worry about hidden charges being made to your account.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

78 comments on "Is the Ultra Ketone System a scam?"
  1. Please delete my membership details as I do not want to go on the trials anymore.

    • Kingsley, you will have to contact Ultra Ketone System using the contact details provided above. I cannot help as neither I nor this website are associated with this product.

    • Hi i would like to cancel my order i have just placed as i have been advised by my doctor not to take it. Please take me off your shipment.

      Many thanks

      • The contact detail for this company are listed in the above review.

      • Iordered a free trial,plus £2.99 postage,I then within 2 hours reading Lorraine Kelly TV presantator on line about the scam I fired an email canceling the order,but lo and behold 2 days later packet through the door.
        I immedediatly contacted my card provider,who ,said,We will stop any payments being taken out of your acc , Please advise Ketonblast that I had withdrawn my authority for them to uplift any more payments.
        I tried ringing them all numbers not in service,On my order an address in Edinburgh after a little detective work,I found a number,A man name of Dan,Told me its a scam and Trading Standards are involved,I returned my free sample!!! back to Larnica Cyprus,he also said We are sending loads back to people ,we just rent office space and this company never have rented from this address .I have never ordered on line after this I never will I am now certain I wont be charged,but did not leave it I did all of this in less than 24 hours, You must ask for a With drawl authority.at the bank.I then contacted the bank again to update them.

        • The phone no. doesn’t work do you have another no.?

        • I had the same problem as you but I never received the products and though ahh it’s only a couple of quid until today when I had a text from my bank telling me they have tried taking over 100 out off my account. Not very happy at all didn’t realise this was a scam I will definitely let my bank no now

      • I can not take these pills. I need your phone number

    • please can you delete me from the free trial ultra ketone system thanks as I’m not interested Mrs L C Harvey

    • I wud like to cancel my order as I’ve been told this is a scam and u get charged a big bill after the trial

  2. I was wondering, do they keep your information (name, email address, home address, etc) safe?

  3. I just signed up. I wish I done research before I completed free trial. Can I cancel it now even though I just done it today

    • Sharon, you should try to contact Ultra Ketone System using the contact information given above to cancel your ‘membership’, if that fails I suggest contacting your bank.

      • Omg I have also just signed for my free trial now read all this I feel sick I have just e mailed the company to cancel my order and will be ringing the company tommoro and ringing my bank as I cnt afford the amounts people are saying they charge you cnt believe I have been this stupid to give my bank details sick

    • Hi,

      I ordered the 2 week trial then I read these emails so I called to cancel straight away, a really nice lady re-confirmed that I would only be paying shipping payment and as long as I cancel with in the free trial I would not be charged any money. She also extended the free trial so I have a month to try them out.

  4. will I still get the trail if I cancel my membership? and how do I do this,I certainly cannot afford for them to take 92 pound out my account!!

  5. Hi I would like to cancel the order I placed few days ago as I have been recommend by the doctor not.to take these tablets.

    I do not want the ultra ketone system delivered to my address

    Thank you asha

  6. I can not get hold of them . Number says its not recognised and want to cancel my subscription .does anyone else know how I can get hold of them . Thankyou .

  7. After reading this I send a mail to the given email address and they contacted me promptly. this is the reply i received. I am impressed with the quick response

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We have received your email regarding cancellation, we would really appreciate if you can give us your valuable feedback on how the products are working out for you.

    We are pleased to inform you that in order to provide you with an exceptional customer services we have extended your trial period for 30 days so that you can still have a chance to try the products for the significant results.

    Furthermore, if you are not willing to use the products, kindly mention the RMA numbers on the top of the package and send it to the provided address.

    You would be requested to return the products within 30 days from today, if you would keep it beyond 30 days, the actual amount for the products would be charged.

    Moreover, we assure you that your name has been taken off from the auto shipment program.

    Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to email us or call our helpline and speak to our Customer Support Executive for the complete guidance.


    Customer Support

    UK 0-20-335-6 6290
    US 1-877-880-7726

    Pioneer Labs

  8. Do they keep your details i.e. Bank details once gou have cancelled your membership

  9. wish I has read here first, just emailed the address to cancel.. Has everybody that tried to cancel know if the company have actually cancelled accounts..

  10. I ordered the kentone pills plus a cleanse extreme pills as well…with just the p&p charges. Later after two weeks, found out that the total amount of £184 was taken from my bank account in which £95 was for kentone pills and £89 for the cleanse extreme. I called them to make a refund as i never used them. However they took £40 for the membership fee which they claimed was non-refundable as per their terms and condition. On top I send the pills back to them with an extra cost of £12.50

  11. Ohh no I’ve just signed up to get my free trial. And now read all of these what can I do to stop anymore money coming out. I’ve only paid p&p this time so now how to stop it.

    • I stupidly signed up too and have contacted two different emails as the contact number isn’t recognised..absolutely fuming!

      If anyone has any suggestions on what to do next please leave a comment

      • Jess, you need to contact them directly, there number/email address is in the article on this page or in their T&Cs, also contact your bank tell them whats happening so they can possibly bar any payments to them

  12. I read all of the messages above and felt pretty stupid for ordering my free trial in the first place without reading T&Cs. I literally made the order half an hour ago and got through to them. They have now cancelled my order and said that you should receive a confirmation email of this.. I’m still waiting for it (the number above is correct, I waited roughly 4 minutes to get through) I think to be on the safe side I would advice contacting your banks to tell them that you have made this cancellation, and to not authorise any payments to them.

  13. I have received email confirmation that stated my bank details have been effaced.. I also contacted my bank to be extra careful and they have assured me no future authorisations will go through, or they do and you will be fully refunded. Good luck on cancellation

  14. Hi guys just a little bit of info for you, if you phone both company’s and request that your account gets cancelled they will ask you to send the product back, just simply request that they reimburse you the money it will cost you to send it back and they will cancel your account, it takes about 5 mins of arguing and they do it

  15. Hi,
    Does anyone have the email address of both companies? Ie the cleanse and ketone ones?
    I have stupidly also done the ‘free’ trial!!!!
    Thanks so much,

  16. I also signed up for the free trial without researching it first. I cancelled both products the following day but one of the companies still took the money from my account- as I recall about &
    £95. I attempted to telephone them, they were rude and unhelpful and denied getting my 2 cancellations emails and put the phone down on me. So I contacted my bank, explained what had happened, provided them with copies of the emails and they refunded the money.

  17. I put in my order details but didn’t put any bank information in and closed the tab after reading this website but I got a phone call off them and I panicked and said it was a wrong number, I emailed them saying I did receive the phone call but I would like to cancel but they haven’t replied so im not sure what they will do. can anyone tell me what will happen, like if they will cancel it cause I never put in details

  18. I’ve had a lucky escape. I was going to sign up but didn’t thanks to my natural suspicion kicking in, despite the advert and links for the products coming from a reputable publication such as Mens Health.

    This appears to be everything I fear about internet purchasing/wonderful offers. I cover myself from companies dipping into my bank account by only ever using a pre-paid debit card when using the internet. I just transfer enough funds as needed so there is never any money left in it for folk to help themselves too. Other posters might consider this approach for future protection.

    It’s a pity really as I need to lose weight and am very keen to find a safe appetite suppressant that works!

  19. I got conned by this, had £65 taken from my account and they didn’t even work

  20. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is

  21. Looks like i have fallen for this scam too. Does anyone know the Company names for these companies ie. Who should i tell the bank to block to ensure no funds are handed over. Any other info on cancelling via Mastercard would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Well this morning I have sent an email to both email addresses provided on this site. For extra cover I also phoned on the number provided. They answered straight away and were very polite though fully scripted. I could only cancel the raspberry keytone on the first phone number and they told me to call 02031293904 to cancel the clense extreme. They confirmed by phone that there would be no future shipments and no future charges. I asked them to reconfirm that I would not be sent any products. I also put this in my emails to them and included that I did not want to be part of any membership scheme just in case they try to take charges this way. I am expecting two email in the next 15 minutes. I’ll keep updating this. Hope it helps others.

  22. Hi All

    Here is another update. I phoned my bank and the company had already sent in requests to the bank for both carriage charges. How quick was that?! The bank have now cancelled these transactions and will block any further charges requested. Major advice.. DO call your bank immediately. They will be able to see the transactions so just explain they are weight loss pills. Ask for the Retailer Disputes section when calling. Good luck, hope my advice helps.

  23. When you sign up they take your card details, not your bank details…. I’ve cancelled my card and ordered a new one so the card details they have will now not work whether they try to take payment or not.

    • Hi Nikita

      I have just found out that my credit card has been charged £2.95 and £3.95 despite cancelling my order and being told no products would be sent. I have just called them and they said that these amounts are for shipping labels that are generated immediately on ordering from the shipping company and they are non refundable. Despite this I was assured that absolutely no products will be sent (lets hope so!).

      Here is the catch Nikita, I phoned my bank and asked them to cancel my credit card and issue a new one. They said that they would automatically be linked and that the payments would then be transferred to the new card. If you have cancelled your card altogether then you may be ok. If not speak to your bank. My bank are now keeping a daily watch for payments being taken out from my credit card and will block them and refund any payment that may accidently get through.

      This is major hassle. People stay away from these companys and their products – they are not upfront!

  24. I would strongly recommend closing your bank account and opening another .I know its a pain but there is no other way . even if you notify your bank to stop them taking the money out they still can as its a contract you have unknowing agreed to.

  25. Hi all

    So I got duped too.o went for the free trial and felt dumb after reading your posts. I immediately called the number in your above message and got straight through to the customer team. They were very polite and accommodating. Especially
    Since I told then that i was allergic to some
    Of their ingredients and I didn’t want them to be held reasonable if I had a bad reaction to Thor products. Anyhow For each product you have to make seep rate cancellations. So for the ketone system you can only speak to the ketone team. They gave me another number to call for the extreme cleanse. 02030144035 and the above emails in the earlier messages were spot on. I have canceled both my free trials and asked them to cancel my contract immediately. Try have already sent me confirmation emails but you must be specific about cancelling the shopping charges as well as they have informed me that they have already taken the shipping fee out from my account for the extreme cleanse!! Since it had only been 20 mins since I bought the product I told them I was not taking no for an answer as the product has not been shipped so they cannot take any charges from my account. The Guy out me on hold for about 20 secs and the came back to me to say that they will be refunding my shippingf we as well. I will be watching very carefully for that in my account.

    Now most importantly, the name Sharidan Labs should be looked out for as that is what they claim will be receiving the payments.

    Good luck. I am now going to call my bank!!

  26. Soooooo….. I take it that the stuff doesn’t actually work then??

  27. Hi I stupidly did the free trial for both raspberry ketone and cleans extreme and never thought anything of it until I saw that I would be charged in the small print! I rang both them on 02031293927 and cancelled them. They said the products hadn’t been sent so they would cancel my account outright and no payments would be taken. I then rang my bank to check they hadn’t taken the payment. They said it was still on there waiting to be took and couldn’t cancel as I’d given bank details. They said to email them so I had proof I cancelled and if they went for the money to ring back and they would sort it! I then received an email from both products with a cancellation number saying I wouldn’t receive products or be charged. I’ve emailed them again just to make sure they don’t take money for p&p so I guess time will tell! Can’t believe I was so stupid! READ THE SMALL PRINT GUYS

  28. i send them an email and they send me this
    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for reaching out to Customer Support. We are currently facing longer than normal reply time.
    Your email will be answered within the next 48 to 72 hour.

    If you have anything urgent we suggest that you call us on our Customer Service Numbers given below:

    UK Customer Service # + 44 (0)20 3129 9459

    US Customer Service # +1-855-666-5800

    We thank you for your patience & business.

    Thank You
    Customer Service Department

  29. Hey guys,

    I foolishly signed up for my “free trial” only to have nearly £190 taken from my account. These guys pray on people with low self esteem because of their weight and make it very difficult to get your money back. My advice would be to READ THE SMALL PRINT or better still steer well clear guys and girls. Hope this helps someone to not get burnt like me 🙂

  30. Hi my husband ordered this product and they deliverd to our address quickly then my husband found out about this website so the only option was he phoned his bank and they cancelled his card and sent the new card.

  31. Hi I fell for the free trial and ordered my ultra ketone system. Then brows to come to this page. I called on 02031293927 customer service. I asked him to cancel my order which he did and has given me a cancelation number too. I was then told I am still going to be charged for the shipping, as they are the product team and the shipping team is different. So after a foot down customer service said they will pay me my £2.95 back. I shall get a email in half hour regarding my cancelation and reimburse .

  32. I signed up for the risk-free trial this morning, then came accross this site and posts. Feeling a little stupid at the moment as usually I would not do anything like this.

    I have tried lots of diets and exercise every day, but still can not loose any weight at all. That’s why I thought I would give this a try.

    I have emailed their customer services this morning with the following:

    “I have ordered Ulta Ketone & Cleanse Extreme this morning from a Facebook add as a risk free trial.

    Now I have seen the conformation I have been shocked at the price you want to charge on a auto membership program. I did not want to sign up for a auto membership program and was not given this information at any point during the signing up of the risk free trial!

    This add and signing up process is very misleading and no information is given that after 14 days you will be charged for the bottles you have received, or the price’s you are wanting to charge. How after 14 days are your customers even going to know or see any results from the program? signing up for the risk-free trail I was expecting to try the product for 30 days and get to see if they really offer the results you advertise.

    This is not a risk-free trial, there are lots of risks of losing a lot of money because of your underhanded advertisement and lack of clear information during the signing up process.

    I expect to receive my risk-free trial bottles as I have paid the carriage charges, I also expect that you remove me from the auto sign up program today as well, I want confirmation via email and proof that this has been done.

    If I am happy with the product and it works for me then I will be in touch and will leave genuine feedback on your site and others.

    From this email I would like conformation of the following:

    1: I will receive my two bottles for a risk-free trial. (As Advertised see attached)
    2: I have been removed from the auto ship program
    3: I will not be charged anything other than the carriage charges already paid
    4: That all of my personal details including email,address & payments details have
    been removed from your system.

    If I have not had a response in the next 24 hours confirming the above I will also contact my bank and ask them not to authorise any payments to your company.

    I am looking forward to your response and conformation of the above points, I am also looking forward to trying your product and seeing what results I will achieve.”

    I will post any responce to this from them.


  33. Same as all of you, I fell for this one, even though I have never done anything like this before. I too phoned them after seeing £195 taken from my account (after the postage charges had also been taken). I had to phone two departments and both gave me RMA numbers and said I would receive a refund minus £40 for charges. I sent both products back (in separate envelopes, as the addresses I had been given had different PO Box numbers) by recorded delivery, so that I knew they had been delivered….unfortunately they have both been returned to me today marked ‘Gone Away’. Beyond following the advice given here of contacting my bank and emailing to cancel any ‘automated membership’, I don’t know what to do now – I’m obviously not going to get my refund if they won’t accept the goods back.

  34. This is a scam as I ordered the product 1month ago and they have taken our £200 from my account without authorization but is apparently legally binding when you give your credit card details.

    I still have received any products and they refuse to refund the full amount as the product is on its way to me and should reach me in another further 4 working days.

    There is alot of risk in this and hurt my bank account deep. Their customer service is appalling and makes me look stupid.

    Just another BLOODY SCAM.

  35. I too fell for this scam, I feel extremely silly.
    I called the contact number this morning to try to cancel the account. They had no knowledge of me or the supposed account I set up.
    This worried me as they are able to take money from my account, but they don’t know who I am.

    I have contacted my bank and cancelled further payments, I have requested help in obtaining funds back and I have sent 2 emails to cancel the account at the email addresses posted on here.

    Fingers Crossed.

  36. Hi

    I have also been hit by this. I actually had paypal alert me nearly £200 of a facebook charge and then i checked my bank account to see that approx £100 per item been charged. I believe the two are connected. My facebook accounts are closed so i know i have not bought from any ads on there so paypal refunded their transaction however im in the process of trying to look at the charges that were successful direct to my bank account.

    I actually looked up the PO Box address on the front of both of the packages and i can only find it tracing back to a company called http://www.agerenewskin.com. That website has nothing to do with the weightloss products.

    I also noted that the order numbers on the envelopes do not match order numbers on the invoices so maybe for those that have been told they’re not in the system will need to give the order numbers on the envelopes?

    I have emailed the email addresses given above and i had an auto response back saying they have longer than normal response times but to call the tel numbers for each of the products.

    I’m quite shocked how easily they can take payments but im hoping that by contacting my bank as well i can put a stop to any further surprises

  37. I ordered a trial of these this morning and then read the reviews of how they then take large amounts of money from your account so simply cancelled my credit card immediately and ordered a new one. I will receive the trial pack but they can’t now take any more money.

    • I’ve received my order today the phone numbers weren’t valid as I phoned the number on this site and it was bloody California! She has assured me that I will have any more money taken from my account and I am sending the product back tomorrow as it is a big con I am expecting an email tonight watch this space !

  38. I’m glad I didn’t bought any of these products. Buying online taught me to check reviews first, so for that, thank you for the feedback and wish you all good luck with your objectives.

  39. hi not sure what everyone is moaning about,the terms and conditions are quite clear,i did try the product and thought it was rubbish,i also forgot to cancel before the end of the 2 week trial which was my fault,they charged me for that month,once I remembered I rang them up and they cancelled my account straight away,the moral of the story here is always read the small print and remember to cancel in time!!!….and also nothings for nothing

  40. I signed up for the 2 week free trial and found that they had taken over £80 from my account. I never got the 2 week sample and never received anything from the company and I have emailed them and phoned them but never had a refund or any products and am still waiting since last year.

  41. placed an order over a week ago still not have recieved it and the payment has been taken from my account could i get a reply on this thank u

  42. Yes I feel like I’ve been scammed!! Luckily my bank intervened with one payment but they got the other payment, I have asked for a refund which has been promised following the return of the goods. I have since cancelled my debit card so they can’t get any more money in the future

  43. I purchased both items on 3 July 2015 and read an article warning of the misleading marketing only last night which shook me in to action.

    Today I visited my bank (Halifax) and asked them to block both companies from taking any future payments which they have done and I have confirmation of.
    I also emailed the customer service email (customerservice@pioneer-labs-inc.com) instructing them of my intention to cancel my membership/future shipments/future payments. As an extra precaution I have just called to confirm this.

    This is the customer service phone number: 020 3129 9459

    I was told to return the products by recorded delivery and when I challenged them and insisted I have paid shipment for this ‘free trial’ (therefore the ‘free’ product is mine, surely?) I was told that the product is not free just the trial.

    I was completely sucked in to this by an article apparently written for Women’s Health (a magazine I subscribe to) so am really disappointed that they would lend themselves to this scam/not have clued up to their name being used.
    I am guilty on two counts: i) wanting a quick fix and ii) not reading the small print so am as much to blame.

    Bottom line is: The only thing free in this whole farce is the time period in which you have to try the product (14 days, but after the call I was given 30, apparently). The products are worth approx £95 each so using them is where you will be hit hard.
    I tried to get a refund for the shipping fees but £6 approx isn’t worth the fight.

    Good luck to everyone out there!

  44. I too was caught up with this scam! I asked for both keltone pills and I received over them 4 weeks after I ordered them, as they put the wrong address on the package! I returned them as I decided I didn’t now want to try them! So returned them by special delivery but in the meantime they taken £89 and 92 out of bank account without me knowing ! I wrote them a letter to tell them to cancel my membership and to refund the amount ! Then I received another package from them with two more bottles of pills, again I returned them with a letter and lucky I got in touch with my bank to cancel any more payments out of my bank account! I have written letters, sent a e-mailes and phoned but still have not got anyway with getting my money back! Never again will I be silly enough to do anything like that again! This company need to be seriously look at by someone in authority!

  45. Like everyone else tonight I signed up to the ‘risk free trial’ for the ketone blast.

    I have spoken with my bank who have said I need to call back in the morning and speak with the retail disputes team. But they did confirm that they have charged £2.95 to KetoneBlast and a further £3.95 to WellCleanse (I have no idea what this one is about as the total on the page where I entered my details was £2.95 and no mention of anything else.

    After looking on the Ketone Blast terms and conditions I have found this section:
    ‘You may cancel an order at any time before we despatch the Products. We will confirm your cancellation in writing to you (which may include confirmation by e-mail). If you cancel an order before the Products are despatched and you have made any payment in advance for Products that have not been delivered to you, we will refund these amounts and any Shipping & Handling fee to you. Unfortunately, if you cancel a one-off order and we have already despatched your Products to you, we will not be able to cancel your order until it is delivered. In this case, the cancellation provisions below will apply.’

    So I have quoted it in an email to them and I will be calling them first thing in the morning to try and cancel my order before its dispatched.

    Fingers crossed.

  46. I to was stupid to just sign up for the free trial but when I didn’t receive an email I started to wonder so then researched it to descover wot a scam it is so I will be contacting my bank first thing and cancelling my card , I’ll all so ring the company in the morning to cancel my trial , ATM I have no information other than wot others have left here ? Can any one give me any up to date email addresses so I can cancel this product thanks Sam


  48. Oh my. I wish I had seen your website before I ordered. The story has not changed. There was no way to cancel my order once it was placed. The “free” sample came with another product called “max cleanse” but there was no contact or distribution information to allow for cancellation. On November 17 they then charged my credit card for both products. It came to $198.00. When I tried to call the phone numbers they declared to the credit card copy, the numbers are no longer in service.

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