8 Unexpected Reasons Why Diets Fail

8 Unexpected Reasons Why Diets Fail

So you have made the decision to lose weight, perhaps for health reasons, or just to feel more body confident.

The problem is that this is not the first time you have attempted to lose weight.

You have tried in the past to lose those pesky pounds, but for one reason or another your diet has failed.

What are the reasons for this failure? Lets look at some of the unexpected reasons why diets fail.

#1: You are too strict

If your diet is too strict then it will become boring, which means that you are less likely to stick to it.

Chances are that if you ban all of your favourite foods then you will start to crave them. Eventually you will give into these cravings and overindulge, resulting in all your previous good work going to waste.

I would suggest that you allow yourself the occasional treat, but try to remember that moderation is key.

You most certainly should not allow yourself to overindulge, but the occasional treat wont do too much harm.

#2: You don’t eat enough

Starving yourself is certainly not a good idea. You may lose weight to start but before long this weight loss will stall.

The reason for this is that starving yourself will result in your body desperately attempting to cling onto its fat reserves.

It does this by lowering your metabolic rate. Unfortunately, this can even result in weight gain once you start eating normally again, as it will take a while for your metabolism to return to normal.

Another issue with starving yourself for weight loss is a risk of nutritional deficiencies. Obviously if you are not eating enough then chances are you are not taking in enough of those nutrients your body needs for good health.

#3: Your medication is having an impact

It is an unfortunate fact that certain types of medication can cause weight gain.

An example is corticosteroids, which are used to help treat rheumatoid arthritis. This can cause water retention and a raised appetite.

If you suspect that your medication is affecting your weight loss efforts then I would recommend speaking to your doctor about prescribing an alternative.

#4: You are getting older

As you age your hormones will change, making it harder to lose weight.

This does not mean that you cannot reach your weight loss goals, you may just need to work a little harder.

#5: You snack without realising

You maybe surprised by just how many extra calories you consume daily just through “invisible” eating.

Weight LossThis is when you snack without even thinking of it, for example when you are preparing meals and pick at what you have prepared.

Even if these are healthy foods the calories can still mount up.

What I would recommend would be to keep a food diary and put down everything you eat during the course of a week. You can then look back at it to see what changes need to be made.

#6: You focus on big changes

Of course you should have a final goal weight in mind, but to ensure you do not become disheartened by it I would suggest that you break this goal into smaller ones.

These smaller goals should be achievable so that they give you the encouragement to reach for the next goal.

You could even reward yourself for each mini goal met, but make sure the reward is not food.

#7: You don’t watch those liquid calories

Do you still drink your regular soft drinks when dieting? If so then you could be putting your diet at serious risk.

These soft drinks are full of calories, and I would call them “empty calories” as they serve no nutritional benefit.

Even those diet alternatives have been shown to be a waste of time, as they cause cravings for sugary foods.

It may sound boring, but the best option for you is normal tap water. It is completely free of calories, and can help curb your appetite, especially when consumed before a meal.

#8: You eat for someone else

Do your friends or loved ones constantly pester you to eat junk food? You maybe able to resist the first time they ask, but when this badgering continues it becomes increasingly harder to resist.

They may not mean to sabotage your weight loss efforts but they still do.

Perhaps ask them to stop, and to support your choices to eat healthier. After-all it is your health that matters.


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