10 Unusual Weight Loss Methods

10 Unusual Weight Loss Methods

While diet and exercise are the ‘go to’ methods of weight loss most people would try, they are certainly not the only options available to you.

Perhaps the following unusual weight loss methods could be used as well, giving you more of a chance of reaching your weight loss goals.

#1: Eat in front of your ‘fat’ photo

Once you have made the decision to lose weight you may find that you may need reminding yourself why you are looking to lose a few pounds.

If you have a particular photo of yourself that you are unhappy with then you should use this to encourage your changes.

#2: Place warning around the house

Invest in a pad of ‘post-it’ notes and leave messages to yourself around your house.

For example a good place to put a warning message would be on the fridge door. Telling you to pick something healthy for example.

You could post inspirational quotes too if you wish.

#3: Visit your wardrobe often

By making the point to visit your wardrobe you will not only see the clothes you currently wear that may not make you feel as attractive as you want to be, but also you may have a favourite item of clothing that you have kept from your slimmer days that you hope to get back into.

Weight Loss SuccessBoth can help to inspire you to make some changes.

#4: Flirt

As you begin to lose weight your confidence should increase. Make the most of this confidence by flirting with whoever you wish.

Even if you are currently in a relationship the added confidence gained from flirting with strangers could also help your own relationship.

#5: Carry a warning alarm

If you often find yourself tempted when out and about perhaps you should set an alarm on your phone using a certain ring tone to remind you why you should avoid this temptation.

This certain noise could change your thought process back to healthy eating, pushing temptation to the back of your mind.

#6: State how easy weight loss is

Tell your friends and family how easy you are finding your weight loss journey and you will subconsciously make yourself believe it too.

#7: Watch fat people

By watching the habits of the people around you who may need to lose a few pounds you will soon realise that you should do the opposite to them in order to reach your own weight loss goals.

It is important that you don’t judge the individual but rather their habits.

#8: Weigh each day

By weighing in daily you will see whether things need to change immediately. Leaving your weigh-ins to remain weekly or even monthly could be too late.

#9: Tell your food who’s boss

If you often feel like your food is in control of you then you need to take back control.

You are in control of your own destiny and the sooner you realise that the sooner you will be able to start eating a little healthier.

#10: Treat yourself

If you lose weight then you should treat yourself, just not with food.

Book a spa day or a shopping trip to celebrate your efforts and you will find that this will encourage you to lose more.

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