Is a vegan diet best for weight loss?

Is a vegan diet best for weight loss?

According to a study undertaken at the University of South Carolina, those who choose to avoid eating any animal products are able to lose weight faster than those who eat meat and dairy products.

What did the study involve?

In the study published in ‘The International Journal of Applied and Basic Nutritional Sciences’ a research team followed a group of participants who were randomly assigned one of the five diets on the dietary spectrum.

  • A vegan diet that excludes all animal products
  • Semi-vegetarian with some meat intake
  • Pesco-vegetarian, who could eat seafood
  • Vegetarian that excluded meat and seafood but consumed other animal products
  • Omnivorous, who would exclude no food types

Over the course of 6-months the researchers compared the weight loss of each group.

Gabrielle Turner-McGrievy, the lead author for the study had this to say about the results:

“This study might help alleviate the fears of people who enjoy pasta, rice, and other grains but want to lose weight.”

What were the results?

At the end of the 6-month study it was shown that those individuals who ate a vegan diet lost the most weight; losing an average of 16.5 pounds, which amounted to a 4.3% drop in their body weight.

Gabrielle Turner-McGrievy added:

“I personally was surprised that the pesco-vegetarian group didn’t fare better with weight loss. In the end, their loss was no different than the semi-vegetarian or omnivorous groups.”

This was not the only benefit experienced by those on the vegan diet.

It was noted that those who ate a strictly vegan diet also saw the largest percentage of fat loss, had lower BMIs and had improved macro nutrients when compared with the other diets.

If your aim is to lose weight perhaps it is time you gave a vegan diet a chance, science has shown that it can really make a difference.

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