8 Vices for Successful Weight Loss

8 Vices for Successful Weight Loss

It is well-publicised that you should try to cut back on certain vices if you are aiming to drop a few of those excess pounds.

However, what you may not know is that there are certain vices that could help with your efforts.

Here are 8 that you should continue so that you can achieve successful weight loss:

#1: Drinking wine

Wine contains 2 ingredients (ellagic acid and resveratrol) that may help with your weight loss efforts.

Firstly ellagic acid could help to boost your metabolic rate while slowing the growth of both new and existing fat cells.

Resveratrol on the other hand could counteract the negative effects you would associate with a lack of exercise; for example muscle loss and blood sugar sensitivities.

#2: Sex

Sex can be helpful for weight loss as it can release a hormone called oxytocin that can help to relieve stress levels and therefore cause a reduction in food cravings.

Another benefit of sex is that you will obviously burn calories while doing it. You could burn over 150 calories in just one half hour session. Obviously you will burn more the more rigorous you are.

#3: High fat dairy products

You may think that avoiding butter and other high fat dairy products may be a good idea for weight loss but the truth is that they could help with your efforts.

Real butter that has come from grass-fed cows for example are an ideal source of fatty acids that can promote weight loss.

You only need to be careful about your intake of margarines and butter made from trans fat, as these have been linked to weight gain.

#4: Pasta

If you are a fan of pasta and find it hard to resist then there is a way to enjoy it without it ruining your weight loss efforts and in fact helping your efforts too.

By cooling the pasta in the fridge you will be able to change the nature of the carbs to a resistant starch, which is harder for your body to break down.

As it is harder and slower to digest it will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

#5: Cheat meals

If you want to stick to a diet then you cannot be too strict about it.

Being too strict will make the diet almost impossible to succeed as it will not only be too boring, but the cravings for your favourite foods will become unbearable.

By allowing yourself the occasional treat or cheat will help keep you on the straight and narrow, just remember that you should eat these treats in moderation and not let them become the norm.

#6: Hitting snooze

If you are not getting enough sleep every night (at least 7 hours) then you could be hindering your weight loss efforts.

A lack of sleep can lead to more food cravings the following day with one study revealing a shocking statistic that losing just one hours sleep could result in an extra 200 calories being consumed.

Over a week this could add up to a half pound weight gain.

#7: Eating chocolate

Chocolate may help with your weight loss efforts as when consumed the bacteria within your body will break down the cocoa into anti-inflammatory compounds that can turn off the genes that are linked to obesity.

The best type of chocolate to consume is dark chocolate, as this tends to have a higher percentage of cocoa present.

#8: Sunlight

With the risk of skin cancer many of us are avoiding the sun, but this could be a mistake as it could help with your weight loss efforts.

When we are exposed to sunlight our bodies will start to produce more vitamin D, a vitamin that is difficult to get simply through your diet.

One particular study has shown that women who had healthy vitamin D levels were able to lose more weight than those with a deficiency in this vitamin.

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