What is Vita Lean Pro and is it a scam?

What is Vita Lean Pro and is it a scam?

It seems that recently lots of people have been caught up in auto ship scams using weight loss ingredients made popular by their appearance on the Dr Oz Show.

Unfortunately these supplements are being offered as a trial, which once signed up for allows the manufacturer to charge you the full retail price once the trial has elapsed.

One supplement available as a trial is Vita Lean Pro, but is this another auto ship scam? Lets look at this supplement in more detail before we come to any conclusions.

Claimed benefits of Vita Lean Pro

The following benefits have been claimed on the Vita Lean Pro website:

  • Lose your cravings
  • Burn stored fat
  • Retain muscle mass

These claimed benefits seem reasonable enough, however before we can verify their accuracy we would need to look at the ingredients found in the Vita Lean Pro formula.

Ingredients of Vita Lean Pro

The first issue you will notice with Vita Lean Pro is a lack of ingredient information.

Although it mentions that it is made from Raspberry Ketones mixed with Guarana, Green Tea, Bee Pollen, Citrus Aurantium and White Kidney Bean, there is no mention of the dosages of each of these ingredients.

Of course many of these ingredients have been proven to aid slimming, however for all we know this formula may only contain trace amounts of these beneficial ingredients so weight loss is unlikely.

When looking to buy a supplement you should always check that the ingredient information is readily available so that you can check what effects will be experienced.

Price of Vita Lean Pro

One of the biggest issues with Vita Lean Pro is the cost. You may believe that being a trial offer you wont have to pay much, which is kind of true.

The initial cost is just £4.68, however what you may not realise is that 14 days after your initial order you will be charged the full price of £75. This is unless you have read the T&Cs and have understood that you need to cancel before the trial elapses.

To make matters worse you will continue to be charged the full retail price every month while receiving new packages of the supplement until you cancel your membership to this auto ship program.

For some this could lead to a final bill costing hundreds of pounds.

Is Vita Lean Pro a scam?

It is no surprise that auto ship programs often get called scams. Those who sign up for them without reading the terms and conditions usually lose a considerable amount of money.

Vita Lean Pro have covered themselves legally in their T&Cs but this will not stop the claims that it is a scam.

In my opinion trial offers such as this should be avoided.

Contact details for Vita Lean Pro

To contact Vita Lean Pro you should use the following information:

Phone: 0844 745 8008
Email: support@vitaleanpro.com

You can apparently cancel your membership online by clicking the link found on their ‘contact’ page.

If you have signed up for this offer please leave a comment below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Vita Lean Pro

If you are looking for a little help with your weight loss efforts then it is best that you avoid products offered as a trial.

A proven alternative to Vita Lean Pro is Raspberry Ketone Plus, which you can buy online from the Evolution Slimming website for just £19.95.

This is considerably more cost effective, and this supplement also lists its ingredients and dosages in full so you know exactly what benefits will be experienced before purchasing.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

34 comments on "What is Vita Lean Pro and is it a scam?"
  1. Your nothing but a scam and I will sue you and involve bbc watchdog you have taken money out of my account 0ver 250 pounds for a free trail.

    standby .

    • Hello Steve.

      I have not taken your money. I do not work for Vita Lean Pro or any other diet pill company.

      I am an independent reviewer who has exposed the sales practices of this product. I suggest you use the contact information I have provided above in the review rather than accusing someone who is trying to help. 🙂

    • I sent on line for free sample offer . When it came i read the details that by asking for the free triel offer i will be billed and sent over 3 mths @ the rate of £75 each. I have send 3emails now with no repley. The number that is give you is 0844 7458008. Is a robot controled number and will not let you cancel which i have tryed all these to cancel and stop them sending me anymore and told them iam not working and cannot aford them
      If was aware of thr cost i would not have sent for them. I have tryed to do all this in there alloted time of 14 days . This in my appinion miss leadimg the public there for s Scam. Regards phill

    • Dude, she isn’t the supplier of this shyte. Why don’t you resend your message to the people who supply this pill. Why don’t you Google their head office.

    • Same problem here my partner order some last nite rhen some one told her today was a scam so i called the cancelation number today for her snd the robbing t## s want to charge 70. If ur reading this shuv it were sun doesnt shine ill be taking action too

    • Scam

  2. I want my money refunded . or I will expose you to the BBC watchdog, no messing around here , How dare you .

  3. Do not send for free samples or you will ne sucted into this miss leading money makeing scam . Dont be court out like me and others do not send any money unless you can aford to and you have s spare £200 + you want to loose. Phill Evans. Iam saying it again i will not rest untill something is done let them send me a bill and i will be takeing my views and comments to the onbusman .

  4. I agree totally with above this is an absolute scam and should be banned. It is important we expose this so no one else has money stolen from their bank. I ordered vitalean pro 14 day trial at cost of postage only and 8 days after receiving goods cancelled as I had put on 2 lb only to find £112 had already been taken from my account which they won’t refund as are claiming the 14 day trial starts from date of order not receipt. This is totally deceiving and mid selling.

    I am still fighting for refund and will not give up until I get it.

  5. I trusted this because of it being on facebook ive had £180 taken from my bank and thats the only pounds i lost ….. Note too self dont be so stupid in the future !

  6. I ordered trial bottle of vitalean pro then realised you r charged a monthly payment. I would like to cancel the order and any future orders.

    • You can contact Vita Lean Pro using the contact details given above.

      • Hi,
        I see you said we can contact then,
        please tell us how?

      • Give us a contact number that we can call and talk to someone, I can understand what you are doing for all the ladies on the planet but in the same time you can’t take a seat back after reading all our comments. So, help us to the finishing line. Imagine you were in our shoes, you will definitely like someone’s help.
        Won’t you?

        • I have already listed a phone number in the above review: 0844 745 8008

          • I am sorry, I have tried that number many time without out ever getting the chance to speak with someone.
            Automatic answer machine. What I need is to be able to talk with a person, at this end of the day I am given my money to them. The least they can do is having someone there to answer my worries.
            Don’t u think so?

  7. I have contacted the fraud line and the police to report this scam. This company has taken £150 from my bank account. All I have received is a sample trial which I will send back. I want my money returned to my account asap or this will be persued until it has been returned,interestingly it is exceptionally hard to get in touch with this company.

  8. Have any of you people ranting about taking this reviewer to court actually read the review? Seems to me that you haven’t, as Jac is clearly arguing that the product is designed to rip you off and you shouldn’t buy it.

    Does anyone REALLY believe that ANY pill will make you lose weight like this pretends to? Take the pills, put in NO effort and you will look like a supermodel? Get a grip. Weight loss and fitness take will-power, determination and a great deal of effort, and anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves.

  9. This company has just deducted £37.50 and £75.00, but I cannot contact them.
    I used my visa, so I will be claiming back from them, and I suggest everyone else does the same thing, and I will be telling my card company to stop any payments to them.

    • I have now contacted my credit card company, and I think they know this is a scam, as when I told them the name off the company, they told me they would reimburse, the whole amount, and put a stop on any future transactions with them, no problems.

  10. I only bought the Ketone and Detox just under 10 mins when the company debited my account of £37.50 and £18.75 without my permission. I have contacted my bank and hopefully will be reimbursed for the money they took. This is a scam as I haven’t received the items but ht emoney has been taken out of the account. I tried to call the company but there is an automated service so you can’t talk to anyone, so I have emailed them requesting to refund my money but they are behind on emails and it takes 72 hours for a response (if I get one back). Absolutely appauled by the service of the company right B………….D’s!!!!!!! They cannot take money out of your account without permission – this is not legal binding and I haven’t signed up to anything saying I will have money deducted out of my account straight away.

  11. I ordered my pills on 28th June, They state that you should take the first mth pills then have a break to let your body adjust to the change.so when you read the T&C they say they will take the money out of your acc after 14 days if you do not cancel, how the hell are you suppose to know whether they work or not before they take any money, Even after all the contradictory T&C between the 28th June and 20th July they took £224 in total, but because they do not send you a receipt with your trial pots with an acc number or telling u when they are taking the money it put me over drawn twice, I had to pay £50 bank charges on top, when I e mailed them to complain they automatically cancelled my account but said if I wanted to re register they would knock 50 per cent off my order, do they think I’m stupid or what? I’ve instructed my bank not to let a penny go out to these rip off merchants, this is a bit confusing but so are there T@ C.avoid this company at all costs.

  12. I order both pills and still waiting for them, I answer to a promotion that appear on an app from my iPhone that’s call my coach. They have taking £2.49 time 2 for just the shipment, immediately I press send I release that my address was not correct. One line of my address was missing, so I immediately called the customer care number, just to be told (press 1 to participate on a campaign to earn half prise on my order then 2 to cancel my order and 3 to return my order).
    Called several time without answer, I will go to my bank to recall the 2 payment and cancel any other.
    Thanks goodness it was only £4.98, thanks to you guys and good luck all on getting your money back.

  13. I sent the 2nd bottle of these tablets back when delivered by yodle last week told driver to send them back that they was not wanted and it was an internet scam. Blow me they was sent back to me today 13/09/14 . Unfortunatly my wife took them of the driver as i had gone to the shop . But this pkt had got return address on so they will be sent back. With nasty letter inside. If you whant the address to do the same its. Returns processing centre PO Box. 40 Douglas Im99 1je. Hope this is helpfull to some of you . Now i am getting intouch with Nat west bank freud people. About time something was done about this Company. P. E.

  14. Can you all return my money back to my account when I found your site you said it is a trial order you only pay for the shipping in which you take £4.98 an now you all take over a £100.00 so please return my money

  15. I unfortunately signed up for this but it did not do anything that normal cutting down would do. I managed to cancel the ketone pills by going through their website but it would not let me cancel the detox pills at the same time. I then tried again next day but still wouldn’t let me. I stupidly forgot about it and when the next delivery came and £37.50 had been deducted just for the detox pills I tried to get onto the website again but it states the website is there but it won’t let me onto it. I did other searches with no success. I’ve contacted the number you gave and it has said it has cancelled the detox now. Will see if it has worked and I don’t receive anymore or get any more deductions!

  16. I can not believe the amount of people asking the person who wrote this for a refund.

    This website is nothing to do with the scam you were silly enough to fall for.

    This particular page is a review, warning and advice to you people that have been scammed.

    Stop demanding refunds from someone who has nothing to do with this company and read before commenting.

    Paula J

  17. Id like to send back your product. Can you please send me your address.

  18. This is the biggest scam going. I have tried many times to cancel it using vitaleanpro.com just says the page is forbidden. Wtf! Is that all about they took two payments from me in one day one for 35, and . One for 75
    That emptied is my account and left me n my so. With no money for my son and I to live on for a week. So I would like my money paid back into my account. Or I would be contacting trading standards and the odbusman regarding being robbed and scamming lots more people who can’t afford to live.

  19. i have bin scamed too. and i want to send them back, but i dont have the address, so can you email the address please wer i can send the pills back.

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