Is VitaBerry Trim a scam?

Is VitaBerry Trim a scam?

Since the fat burning abilities of Raspberry Ketones were shown on the Dr Oz Show sales of supplements containing this ingredient have more than doubled.

Unfortunately not everyone who has bought one of these supplements have been happy as they have fallen victim to a well-known diet pill scam.

By offering their supplements on a trial, manufacturers are able to entice people into signing up for their auto ship programs that will cost significantly more than they need to be spending.

These types of programs are notoriously difficult to cancel and many people have lost hundreds of pounds.

VitaBerry Trim is offered as a trial, so should you be wary about trying this supplement?

Claimed benefits of VitaBerry Trim

The following claims have been made on the VitaBerry Trim website:

  • Lose your cravings
  • Burn stored fat
  • Retain muscle mass
  • Stop feeling hungry
  • Eat less, feel better

These claims have been used on various other websites offering trials of their products, but then these are the kind of claims that you would expect to see.

We would need to look at the ingredients of VitaBerry Trim before we could verify if these claimed benefits are accurate or not.

Ingredients of VitaBerry Trim

VitaBerry Trim is made using a proprietary blend of Raspberry Ketone and Green Tea, with no artificial filler ingredients.

Although both of these ingredients have been proven to aid your own slimming efforts we are not a fan of the term ‘proprietary blend’ as this simply means that it contains these ingredients but the manufacturer is not willing to disclose the dosages.

Before buying a supplement we would always recommend finding out what it contains, to make sure you know what effects you will experience.

Price of VitaBerry Trim

The most worrying aspect of VitaBerry Trim is its price.

The cost of the 14 day trial is £4.95 to cover the cost of postage, after this time elapses you will be charged £79.97.

This payment will then be made to your account each month until cancelled.

Not only is 14 days not enough time to test out a supplement (especially when you have to wait for delivery too), but this is a ridiculous price to be paying.

There are various supplements available at a much cheaper price than this, that are actually willing to disclose their ingredients.

Is VitaBerry Trim a scam?

The terms and conditions at the bottom of the VitaBerry Trim website explains their payment terms so they are not doing anything illegal.

However, VitaBerry Trim should still be avoided as its sales tactics could leave you seriously out of pocket, which in the present financial climate can put a huge strain on your finances.

Contact details for VitaBerry Trim

VitaBerry Trim can be contacted by phone on +44 1418 460 059, or by email on support@vitaberryslim.com

You can also contact them by post using the following address (please do not send any returns to this address, you will need to contact them for an RMA):

Platinum Online Ltd – D11 Glyme Court Oxford Office Village Langford Lane Kidlinton, Oxfordshire OX5 1LQ United Kingdom

We welcome any comments you have about the VitaBerry Trim trial, please leave a comment below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to VitaBerry Trim

If you are interested in buying a Raspberry Ketone supplement but have been put off by the sales tactics used by VitaBerry Trim there is one supplement that comes highly recommended.

Its name is Raspberry Ketone Plus, which contains the recommended daily allowance of Raspberry Ketones but is available at a much cheaper price, just £19.95 for a months supply.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

1 Comment on "Is VitaBerry Trim a scam?"
  1. I got involved in this scam about 8 months ago. In addition to the Vitaberry Trim, I also ordered the recommended Super Colon Cleanse 1800, which claimed to enhance the effect of the Vitaberry.

    I cannot believe how stupid I was, as I obviously missed the vital information that monthly supplies would be sent to me automatically at the extortionate costs of £84.94 and £69.99. I had, somehow, gleaned the impression that this amount covered a six-monthly supply.

    Once my mistake was realised, I attempted to cancel any further deliveries. This has, to date proved impossible, and I still receive new supplies each month. The ‘Support’ phone number has proved unobtainable, and I have had no response to my letters and emails. The items cannot be returned without some code, for which I have to contact them – which has proved impossible, and so I am trapped in the process.

    The items were being paid for on my husband’s Visa card, and he has now had to resort to cancelling all future payments to this company. We are now waiting to see if the deliveries will, finally, stop, or if the company will attempt to pursue the matter further. As pensioners, this is money which we can ill afford to lose.

    So, yes, this is a scam and to be avoided at all costs. We are now several hundred pounds out of pocket – and, incidentally, my weight loss has been minimal, and more likely to have been brought about by the worry that this whole situation has caused. PLEASE BE WARNED AND AVOID THESE PEOPLE!!!

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