Vitamin D proven to aid Weight Loss

Vitamin D proven to aid Weight Loss

A recent study undertaken at the University of Milan has discovered that taking a supplement containing vitamin D could help those who are obese and overweight to lose weight.

What occurred in the study?

The researchers looked at previous studies to see if there was any link between obesity and a lack of vitamin D.

They discovered that those who were overweight had a deficiency in vitamin D, while those who suffered from obesity even more deficient in this vitamin.

During the study itself the researchers recruited 400 obese or overweight volunteers, who were subsequently split into 3 groups.

Each of the groups were given a balanced, low-calorie diet. With the first group given no vitamin D supplement, the second given 25,000 vitamin D supplements a month, with the last group given 100,000.

What were the results of the study?

After the 6 month trial had concluded the researchers were able to look at how much weight the volunteers lost.

They discovered that those who took the most vitamin D supplements lost the most weight, with those who took 100,000 per month losing 5.4 kg (average) in weight and 5.48 cm from their waist.

Those who took 25,000 lost 3.8 kg on average with a 4 cm loss to their waistline.

The group who took no supplementation at all had the worst results with a 1.2 kg loss and a 3.21 cm reduction to their waistline.

The study author had this to say about the discovered results:

“The present data indicate that in obese and overweight people with vitamin D deficiency, vitamin D supplementation aids weight loss and enhances the beneficial effects of a reduced-calorie diet.”

“All people affected by obesity should have their levels of vitamin D tested to see if they are deficient, and if so, begin taking supplements.”

How to naturally increase your vitamin D levels?

Using supplements are not the only way to increase your intake of vitamin D, you can also:

  • Get more sunlight
  • Eat fatty fish like salmon
  • Eat tinned tuna
  • Eat certain types of mushroom; portobello for instance
  • Drink fortified milk
  • Drink orange juice
  • Eat egg yolks
  • Eat fortified cereal
  • Eat beef liver
  • Take cod liver oil capsules
  • Use an ultraviolet lamp

If you feel that your vitamin D levels are low there are certainly ways that you can increase your intake without having to resort to supplements.

My suggestion to you would be to check the food labels of the food you intend to buy to see if it contains the nutrients you need to maintain good health.

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