Water for Weight Loss

Water for Weight Loss

We all know that water is good for us, so why do so many people fail to drink the recommended amount of water?

Read on to discover why water is important not only for your general health but also weight loss too.

Water contains zero calories

Unlike your usual soft drinks or caffeinated beverages, water contains zero calories so you can drink it without it negatively affecting your weight loss efforts.

Soft drinks are full of sugar, with even those made from artificial sweeteners being shown to cause sugar cravings.

Teas and coffees also contain added sugar, milk and cream, which are not a good idea for those looking to lose weight.

Water will help you to burn more fat

Often when attempting to lose weight you will notice the pounds dropping from the scales, however it is not fat loss you are experiencing, rather it is water loss.

The problem is this water loss is quickly replaced. Therefore you will find you will be in a cycle of water-weight fluctuation.

To burn fat properly you need to drink water.

Water can help reduce cramping

Do you often find your body cramping up at the gym or post-workout? If so then your body is lacking water.

When you drink enough water you wont suffer cramp as often so you will be able to hit the gym harder than before.

Water can reduce hunger spikes

Sometimes we believe that we are hungry when the reality is that we are thirsty.

Therefore the next time you feel a cravings perhaps instead of reaching for a snack have a little drink first. If the craving goes away then clearly you were thirsty.

Water can help you think clearly

Did you know that water can improve cognitive function? Well, it can. It can also help with any mood swings or anxiety you experience, so can go a long way to reducing cortisol production, which causes food cravings.

Water can help flush out toxins

Water can help flush toxins from your body, which can help with digestion problems, plus as a bonus can help give you clearer and more healthy looking skin.

So, how much water should you consume daily?

You will often hear people state that you consume 8 cups of water per day, however advice from various health organisations actually recommend at least 10 cups daily for women and 14 for men.

For those who exercise regularly you should drink a couple more to make sure the water lost while working out is replaced.

A good tip to ensure you drinking enough water daily is to keep a water bottle handy so that you can sip throughout the day.

For those who find water boring, I would suggest adding a slice or two of lemon or other citrus based fruit to it for a little extra flavour.

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