Could the WearSens “Diet Necklace” help you Lose Weight?

Could the WearSens “Diet Necklace” help you Lose Weight?

WearSens is a new creation designed by engineers at the University of California in Los Angeles that you can wear around your neck like a necklace that is able to track what you eat.

It can even send warnings to your phone if you have eaten too much.

How does WearSens work?

Using piezoelectric sensors WearSens can track how much food and drink you consume.

The sensors can track the vibrations that occur in your neck when chewing and swallowing, and can even track what kind of foods you are eating.

If the food you eat is crunchy it will likely cause your neck to vibrate more than if the food you were eating was soft.

Majid Sarrafzadeh, a co-developer of the device had this to say:

“It will tell them how much they’ve been eating, so it will help them with their portion control.”

“It will tell them if they’ve been snacking too much. It will tell them if they’ve been dehydrated because they did not drink enough water.”

Once this data has been tracked it is then sent to a smartphone app, which you will be able to customise to your own specifications by entering your gender, height and current weight.

WearSensThe data will then be calibrated and based on your own personal goals the WearSens will be able to tell you if you have eaten or drunk enough.

Is WearSens proven to work?

At the present time there is little proof that this product works as claimed. There was a small study that is to be published in the IEEE Sensors Journal that claims that WearSens is 90% accurate.

However, it should be pointed out that this trial was for only 30 people who each ate a 3 inch portion of a Subway sandwich along with a 12 ounce drink.

Perhaps with a little more testing this product will have a market. Until that happens it is just a gimmick.

Final thought

While the idea seems good in theory, just being able to tell how much you have eaten is not enough information to aid your weight loss efforts.

What about the nutritional value of the foods and drinks you consume? This has more of a bearing on your weight than simply the sheer amount you consume.

In my opinion an old-fashioned food diary would still be a better option. As you would be able to write down exactly what you have consumed and the nutritional value too.

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