Lose weight, even on the weekend

Lose weight, even on the weekend

For some of us the weekend is a time to relax, however if you are trying to lose weight then it can be incredibly difficult with temptations around every corner.

With the following tips you can lose weight, even during the weekend.

Tip #1 – Eat your carbs early

We all love our carbs, but we also know that they can cause weight gain.

By eating them as early as possible during the day, preferably at breakfast you know you have the rest of the day to burn them off.

Tip #2 – Exercise with a friend

We have all done it, as we are busy during the week we tend to arrange to meet our friends over the weekends, which usually involve a lot of eating and drinking.

Instead of your usual plans wouldn’t organising a gym session with a friend be more beneficial to your weight loss efforts?

Tip #3 – Restaurant research

Before you pop out to a restaurant with your friends you should find out what foods they have on the menu. Therefore you will know what are the healthiest choices before arriving and will be less inclined to make impulsive decisions.

Tip #4 – Drink more water

There are many weight loss benefits of drinking water. It can reduce the amount you want to eat, while sometimes you will mistake thirst for hunger.

By drinking more often you will not experience so many food cravings so less food will be consumed leading to fewer overall calories consumed too.

Tip #5 – Get a proper workout

If you lead a busy lifestyle then it can be difficult to find time to exercise after a hard days work.

The goos thing about the weekend is that for some of us there is no work so we have plenty of free time to exercise.

You can spend a good hour in the gym without affecting the rest of your social schedule.

Tip #6 – Don’t skip meals

If you have a meal to go to in the evening you should not skip the meals leading up to it.

Going to the meal too hungry will lead to you overeating without even realising.

Instead eat smaller meals during the day so you wont need to overeat when out.

Tip #7 – Watch the alcohol

Many alcoholic drinks are full of empty calories that can spell big trouble if you are trying to lose weight.

Of course there are some alcoholic drinks (like vodka) that contain zero or very few calories, but there are those that you really should try to avoid.

It may sound boring but the best drink for you to have is water.

Tip #8 – Watch your portion sizes

Even though it is the weekend this does not mean you need to overindulge at every meal.

Of course enjoy the occasional treat, but you must remember that if you want to reach your goal weight sacrifices will need to be made.

Tip #9 – Plan for after your indulgences

If you know you are going out for a meal or a night out drinking then you need to plan for how you are going to get back on track the next day.

Tip #10 – Get enough sleep

A lack of sleep causes a hormone known as cortisol to be produced, which when produced in high quantities can cause hunger cravings.

For this reason you should try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

Tip #11 – Have fun

Cortisol is also produced when you are stressed so make sure you make the most of your weekend.

Have fun, cut stress levels and ultimately lose weight.

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