Weight Loss 101

Weight Loss 101

We all want to lose that unwanted weight, but boy it is hard.

Many times, people eagerly start a diet or fitness program with a newfound inspiration of losing weight, but after only a few weeks, the eagerness disappears, along with the rice cakes. The trouble is that we live in an age where everything is fast and done instantly.

Although it might be beneficial in a working environment, being fast also creates impatience when trying to lose weight.

You cannot expect to lose 30 pounds in a week if you gained it over 12 months.

However, if you follow a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and say no to unhealthy food, you will be able to shed the 30 pounds and keep if off long-term.

The difference between men and women

The female body works differently to a man’s when it comes to weight loss. This is important to know if you are training with a male partner.

Men have more muscle mass, less fat due to higher testosterone hormone levels and are naturally bigger in size. The testosterone allows men to gain more lean muscle mass.

Women have more oestrogen that unfortunately elevates the storage of body fat. This means that although women are smaller, women must maintain a higher body fat percentage to stay healthy.

Men also have a higher metabolic rate and unfortunately, a man’s body will also respond more quickly to exercise than a woman’s.

Diet is most important

The one thing you cannot bypass is your diet.

Your diet is the most important factor when you want to lose weight. What happens in your kitchen, will determine whether your weight loss effort will be successful or not because diet counts for 90% of your success rate.

I would also recommend you combine a good diet with three hours of exercise weekly to get better weight loss results and an overall improvement in your health.

The food choices you make have an impact on your body. You need to:

Eat intelligently

Do not eat something purely because you want it or like it. Ask yourself, whether your body will benefit from it, or not.

Watch what you put in your mouth

Many times, garnishes, or sauces are more packed with calories than the food it is covering.

Things like gravy can be very rich and add extra calories without you realising.

Veggie time

It is important to incorporate vegetables in your food. Try to eat some with each meal to give your body the correct nutrients and vitamins it need.

Green vegetables are good for when you are constipated. Always use vegetables of different colours to make the food more appealing.

Increase your fibre intake

Fibre can be consumed through whole grain rice, cereals, fruits, and vegetables. The body’s need for fibre is huge, since it keeps your digestive system working regularly and keeps your blood sugar levels constant.

Lose processed food

Processed food, including fruit, does not have the necessary dietary value your body needs.

Canned fruit has more added sugar to keep it preserved, but it will only end on your hips when you consume too much of it.

Drink water

Water is a vital part for your body’s systems to be able to function properly.

Weight LossOften, you might think you are hungry, when the body is in fact thirsty.

Best of all, it contains no empty calories and will remove toxins from your body.

Stay away from sweetened drinks

Colas and fizzy drinks contain sugar.

Think of it this way. Say one glass of fizzy drink contains one teaspoon of sugar and you drink 5-6 glasses of cola day, you will consume six tablespoons of sugar only by drinking cola.

If you add two teaspoons of sugar to you coffee or tea, and you have two cups a day, you will have four teaspoons of sugar with coffee or tea.

When you combine the cola and coffee, you are having eight teaspoons of sugar by only drinking coffee and cola.

Go lean with coffee and tea

This ties in with the fizzy drinks. When you consume coffee or tea with sugar, you unknowingly add extra calories to your diet by consuming sugar.

Granted you need energy, but that you can get by eating fruit that contains natural sugar.

Control your sweet tooth

For many, this can be a big struggle. Chocolates are many times your best friend when feeling down, but white and milky chocolates contain more fat and sugar than dark chocolate.

Go easy and consume one piece of dark chocolate instead to curb that sweet tooth.

Stay away from fried food

Fried foods are fried in oil and even though you may drain most of the oil, there is still plenty of oil left. Too much oil will increase your fat consumption.

Truth be told, it is not easy to lose weight. It takes plenty of patience, commitment, determination, and hard work.

However, when you are able to follow through on all the above tips then it is certainly possible to say goodbye to those unwanted pounds of fat for good.

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