Weight Loss Apps Worthless Experts Claim

Weight Loss Apps Worthless Experts Claim

Despite their popularity and claims that they could help you reach your weight loss goals, a recent study has revealed that weight loss apps could in fact be completely worthless.

Weight loss apps have been downloaded over 660 million times, with the study revealing that there are more than 3,000 apps currently available.

Unfortunately only 17 (just 0.5%) had been developed by a certified health organisation or university.

There is also no published evidence that these types of app are effective for either weight loss or weight gain.

Professor Lean, from the University of Glasgow who was speaking at the European Obesity Summit in Gothenburg, Sweden, had this to say about the benefits of weight loss apps:

“As far as we can see, none of the apps identified has been developed by a certified health organisation or university. There are no published data on effectiveness of apps for weight management or weight-gain prevention, to date.”

“Apps on lifestyle advice for weight management are very popular. They offer a huge opportunity to provide effective weight control for vulnerable young people, but currently they all lack certified content-expertise or evidence of effectiveness.”

“Transferring previously-tested, effective, professionally-designed online weight control materials into ‘app’ form would assure content-quality, for use and evaluation in clinical or public health settings.”

Our view

Just because the app has no certified health organisation or universities name behind it does not necessarily mean that the information that the app contains is any less important.

There is a reason why weight loss apps like FitBit and MyFitnessPal are so popular. They are accessible and offer an easy way for younger people to get the information they need to achieve their goals.

Personally I believe that weight loss apps that are able to monitor your progress, give nutritional advice and exercise routines are surely going to aid your efforts.

Remember these apps are just a tool, how you use them is what gets the results.

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