What are the weight loss benefits of Chia Seeds?

What are the weight loss benefits of Chia Seeds?

Chia Seeds come from a flowering plant known as Salvia hispanica. It is in the same family as mint and is grown in Mexico and Guatemala, where it has been an important crop since the time of the Aztecs.

Despite its long history it was not until the early 1990s that the true benefits of Chia Seeds were discovered. Perhaps it is time that you took more notice of its benefits and start to include it in your everyday life.

Chia Seeds for weight loss

Chia Seeds contain high amounts of soluble fibre that when consumed can help to fill you up and therefore prevent those annoying food cravings.

This soluble fibre can also help to reduce the amount of dietary fat your body can absorb. It does this by binding with a percentage of the fat consumed, making it too large for your body to break down.

To prevent those midday cravings simply stir two tablespoons of whole raw Chia Seeds into a glass of water. You should wait a few minutes before drinking them before the water is absorbed by the seeds and become hard.

Other health benefits of Chia Seeds

Weight loss is not the only benefit of Chia Seeds, find out what other benefits can be experienced:

Fight diabetes

As Chia Seeds can help slow down digestion times there are currently studies being undertaken to see if this seed could help treat type-2 diabetes.

Improved heart health

Chia Seeds have been shown to improve blood cholesterol levels by increasing healthy cholesterol, while lowering bad or LDL cholesterol levels.

This is important for a good healthy heart.

Stronger teeth and bones

Just one serving of Chia Seeds can provide you with 18% of your daily recommended intake of calcium.

Calcium is important for maintaining strong teeth and bones, while preventing conditions such as osteoporosis.

Chia Seeds also contains manganese, which is also important for bones strength. One serving (28 grams) provides 30% of your daily recommended intake.

Finally, phosphorus is also prevalent in Chia Seeds with 27% of your daily intake found in just one serving.

Phosphorus can help maintain strong teeth and bones and also helps your body to synthesise protein to help repair the cells and tissue of your body.

Better sleep

Chia Seeds contain tryptophan that encourages the production of both melatonin and serotonin, which will promote good sleep.

Turkey also contains tryptophan, although it only contains half the amount that you would find in Chia Seeds.

Just 2 ounces of these seeds should help you to get a good nights sleep.

Strong and shiny hair

Consuming Chia Seeds is a perfect way to improve the health of your hair as it contains essential amino acids that will provide you will antioxidants, vitamins, omega-3, fibre and other minerals.

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