Weight loss benefits of Cottage Cheese

Weight loss benefits of Cottage Cheese

If you want to lose weight then your diet should consist of plenty of low-calorie protein sources.

The reason? Well, protein can offer energy, can help alleviate hunger and curb cravings. It is also important for maintaining muscle mass as you lose weight.

Often you will hear the experts talk about Greek yoghurt as a good source of low-calorie protein, which is true, but you must not forget about cottage cheese as this is perfect for weight loss.

Read on to discover the various weight loss benefits of cottage cheese:

#1: Perfect for breakfast

If you tend to choose breakfast foods high in carbohydrates then you may find that you will feel lethargic and sluggish all morning.

Eating protein-rich foods like cottage cheese on the other hand will have the opposite effect and will provide you with that much needed energy boost you will need to tackle the day ahead.

Some examples of how you can eat cottage cheese for breakfast include blending it into a smoothie, or adding it as a topping on whole-wheat toast.

#2: Low calorie snack food

When choosing snack food to ward off those cravings between meals it is important not to reach for those high-calorie snacks such as crisps or chocolate.

A popular choice is fresh vegetables and a dip, which may unfortunately not be the best option either as often these dips contain large quantities of fat and excess calories.

Instead of buying a dip made from sour cream you could make your own dip using cottage cheese.

Just take some cottage cheese and add a little lemon juice, chopped dill and garlic with a little salt and pepper to make a healthier alternative.

#3: A healthy dessert

When attempting to lose weight those high-calorie treats should be avoided, not only because of their calorie content but also due to the sugar, which will only make you crave more.

Instead of reaching for that ice cream after dinner make some cottage cheese ice lollies.

Just blend some cottage cheese with various fruits and vanilla together for a healthy dessert that wont ruin your weight loss efforts.

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