Weight Loss Benefits of FATwater

Weight Loss Benefits of FATwater

We have all heard about the weight loss and health benefits of water, after-all it contains zero calories so no wonder it is so often recommended.

What about FATwater though? A new drink that is claimed to help burn calories as well as saving them.

So how does FATwater work?

FATwater is made using nanoparticles of fats known as medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) that have been extracted from coconuts.

This has then been sweetened with natural fruit extracts and the artificial sweeteners xylitol and stevia.

This particular drink is being marketed as a more healthy alternative to our usual sugar-filled caffeinated soft drinks or energy drinks we would normally drink.

FATwaterIts makers Bulletproof (the same manufacturers of Bulletproof Coffee) are claiming that this added fat will give you the burst of energy and hydration you will need.

Dave Asprey, from Bulletproof claims that FATwater is more hydrating than even water:

“Drink a glass of water, and some of it will absorb and some of it won’t. But when your body sees that fat, it says, ‘Oh, come on in, this is pure energy.’ It brings the water in with the fat.”

Is there any proof in these claims?

While it is true that MCTs are digested differently than other fats, the reality is that they are immediately burnt so is not energy that we can use.

The claim that FATwater is more hydrating than water also seems to be a little misguided with nutritionist Zoë Harcombe (speaking to the Daily Mail) stating:

“It’s true that fat-soluble vitamins need fat for absorption. But I’m unaware of any evidence suggesting water is better absorbed with fat. You’re better off, in terms of pennies and health, drinking ordinary water to rehydrate.”

Research has shown that coconut oil is good for rehydration, but certainly not any more-so than water.

So is FATwater recommended?

As an alternative to our sugar-filled drinks then FATwater is certainly recommended. However, there are certainly doubts regarding its claim to be more hydrating than water.

Therefore our opinion would be to stick to the water for the time being.

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