Weight Loss Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

Weight Loss Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

By now you have likely already heard about the benefit of tea for weight loss. Perhaps you have seen an advert for green tea, or one of the current popular trends in the form of a teatox tea.

What you may not know much about though is Hibiscus Tea, but its benefits may surprise you.

Read on to see why you may want to include this in your latest diet.

Where does Hibiscus Tea originate?

The Hibiscus flower is the national flower of Haiti and is often found worn by both Hawaiian and Tahitian girls.

It is the petals of the flower that provide the benefits as they contain a concentrated amount of minerals and antioxidants.

Hibiscus Tea has a sour taste and is both caffeine-free and low in calories, which makes it ideal for those who wish to lose a few pounds.

How does Hibiscus Tea aid weight loss?

There are a number of ways that Hibiscus Tea can aid your own weight loss efforts. Lets look at them individually:

It helps you to feel satiated

In a 2010 study published in the Journal for Nurse Practitioners it was concluded that drinking Hibiscus Tea could help to keep a person feeling satiated.

In simple terms drinking this tea can help you to feel fuller for longer.

It is free of calories

Unlike soft drinks and sweetened beverages, Hibiscus Tea does not contain any calories.

This means that you can consume it to satisfy your thirst without adding to your daily calorie intake, which is often very difficult to stick to.

It helps to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates

Drinking Hibiscus Tea has been shown to cause a reduction in the amount of the amylase enzyme produced within your body.

When this occurs fewer carbs will be broken down, instead they will simply be removed without being absorbed.

Too many carbs can cause weight gain.

Other health benefits of Hibiscus Tea

Benefits of Hibiscus TeaIn addition to the weight loss benefits of Hibiscus Tea, there are also other health benefits that you can experience through regular consumption:

Can help to lower blood pressure

In a 2008 study published by the American Heart Association it was found that Hibiscus Tea contains cardio-protective and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to lower high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can lead to a number of issues including heart attack, heart failure, kidney disease and stroke.

Can lower cholesterol levels

As mentioned already Hibiscus Tea contains a high number of antioxidants.

It is these antioxidants that can help to reduce your cholesterol levels. This is important as high cholesterol levels is one of the main risk factors associated with heart disease and stroke.

Can help manage diabetes

As Hibiscus Tea contains both hypolipidemic and hypoglycaemic properties it may help to manage diabetes.

Can help to protect your liver

The antioxidants found in Hibiscus Tea can also help to neutralise any toxins that have built up within your liver.

This can help maintain it, and ensure that it functions better in the future.

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