Weight Loss Benefits of Mango

Weight Loss Benefits of Mango

New research that has been submitted to the 2016 Experimental Biology Conference has shown that there are numerous benefits to be experienced from eating mango, including an ability to aid your own weight loss efforts.

For a start mango is a good source of fibre, which can help fill you up. It is also low in calories too, making it the perfect snack food to consume when you are feeling a little peckish between meals.

So, what else shows the weight loss benefits of mango?

What research has been done on the weight loss benefits of mango?

Benefits of MangoOne particular study that was performed on rats in a laboratory looked at how consuming mango could help to reduce the inflammation that occurs when you have consumed a high fat diet.

During the 12 week study, researchers fed freeze-dried mango to rats who already were eating a high fat diet.

At the conclusion of the study those rats who were also fed the mango had lower triglyceride levels compared to the rats in the control group (those who were not fed the mango).

The rats who were fed the mango also had reduced inflammation in their gut, which could interfere with gut expression.

One of the study authors had this to say about their findings:

“Mango supplementation in high fat feeding modulated some of the adverse effects that accompanies high fat diet-induced obesity.”

Another study also suggested that the pulp of the mango could help to stop fat cells from growing, which will obviously have certain weight loss benefits.

Of course both studies were performed on rats, however this research has shown that humans may also be able to experience similar benefits.

Other ways that mango can aid weight loss?

We have already mentioned that mango contains very few calories, and that it can fill you up due to its fibre content.

This fibre can also help to improve your digestion too, which can help to ease constipation and any bloating you may suffer from.

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