Weight loss benefits of potato

Weight loss benefits of potato

For some the humble potato is something we are unable to resist, however for those trying to lose weight there will be experts out there who state that carbs like this should be avoided.

However new research has suggested that the potato may actually aid your weight loss efforts, but how?

What research has been undertaken?

A team of researchers at McGill University fed mice a diet designed to make them obese over a period of 10 days.

At the end of the study the mice gained an average of 25 grams, however those mice that were few the same diet but with potato extract too gained less weight.

PotatoThese mice gained just 7 grams over the same time period.

What caused these results?

It is believed that the reason why these mice gained less weight was that the potatoes contained a high concentration of polyphenols, a chemical component that act as an antioxidant that can protect your cells from harm.

Professor Luis Agellon one of the authors of the study published in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research had this to say about the findings:

“We were astonished by the results.”

“We thought this can’t be right — in fact, we ran the experiment again using a different batch of extract prepared from potatoes grown in another season, just to be certain.”

What other benefits could be expected?

It is a well known fact that those of use who are obese or overweight are at a higher risk of developing potentially life-threatening conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, so something that can help you to lose a few of those excess pounds is surely going to of benefit.

During this particular study certain types of potato were found to be more beneficial than others.

For example a certain Irish potato was able to demonstrate its ability to not only reduce body weight but also glucose levels; therefore showing its ability to prevent obesity and the health conditions that surround it.

What is the next stage?

While these results are promising, research is still in its infancy.

The team behind this study wish to explore the possibility that this extract could one day be used to create an effective dietary supplement that could be used to fight against the rising numbers of the overweight and obese.

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