Weight loss benefits of pumpkin

Weight loss benefits of pumpkin

With today being Halloween you have no doubt seen plenty of pumpkins for sale in your local supermarket.

As well as being good for creating your own jack-o-lantern, pumpkins can also offer numerous weight loss benefits.

Read on to discover the weight loss benefits of pumpkin:

Benefit #1: Pumpkins are low in calories

It is a shame that most low-calorie foods wont keep you full, however the pumpkin is not like most low-calorie foods as it is nutrient-rich so you are able to eat a lot without it affecting your daily calorie intake.

By making your own pumpkin puree you will find that one cup will typically only contain 80 calories.

Benefit #2: Pumpkins are full of fibre

Eating fibre-rich foods is essential for weight loss, not only because they can help keep you feeling fuller for longer but also because the fibre can ensure your digestive system is working correctly.

One cup of pumpkin will contain around 7 grams of fibre.

Benefit #3: Pumpkins can help boost your immunity

If you find that you are constantly getting colds and other illnesses then your immune system may not be at its strongest, which can negatively impact on your weight.

By eating pumpkin you will be able to boost your immunity due to the vitamins and minerals that it contains.

Pumpkin contains high levels of vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium and iron among others.

How to enjoy pumpkin?

There are various ways that you can enjoy pumpkin, including:

#1: Blended into a smoothie

If you have a blender then simply adding pumpkin, banana, soy/coconut milk, honey and vanilla together will make a delicious yet healthy, dairy-free smoothie.

#2: Cooked in a curry

It is possible to use pumpkin as just one of the ingredients in a healthy curry. Search online and you are bound to come across a recipe.

#3: Stirred into a soup

As with the curry, pumpkin can be used to make healthy soups.

#4: Baked in a bar

There are various recipes online that will show you how pumpkin can be used as an ingredient for your own snack bar or post or pre workout bars.

#5: Eat the seeds

While you are carving your pumpkin you should remember to keep the seeds you find.

These seeds are full of healthy fats and antioxidants, they also contain fibre and protein making them a perfect snack once roasted.

Don’t forget!

Remember, if you have a pumpkin in your house ready for carving make the most of its insides. There are various weight loss benefits you can experience by eating pumpkin.

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