Weight Loss Body Wraps

Weight Loss Body Wraps

When it comes to dieting, people often think that they can lose a lot of weight using quick fixes.

There are a few things you can do to instantly drop some weight, but they are not long term solutions. Weight loss body wraps fall into this category.

They can help you to lose a bit of weight, but they are not effective on their own. Weight loss body wraps should be used in conjunction with exercise and eating a healthy diet.

What are weight loss body wraps?

Body wraps first become popular in the 1980’s and they have come a long way since then. Linen was used previously, whereas these days different materials are used. Weight loss wraps are often done at beauty spas and salons.

You have to lay down for about an hour whilst being covered in the body wrap. The therapist will probably take your measurements in order to record how much weight you lose during the process.

In some spas they will begin the treatment by exfoliating any problem areas that you have. Often you will lay on a heated bed or be covered in thermal blankets to encourage your body to sweat out its toxins.

Body wraps today used all sorts of different materials and ingredients, from standard clingfilm to seaweed, cocoa, ivy extracts and mineral salts. People try using all sorts of different body wrap techniques to drop the pounds.

Body wraps can also make your skin feel really smooth, especially if you get a body wrap treatment at a spa.

You can expect to pay upwards of £60 for a weight loss body wrap, a lot of places will charge a lot more. The cost depends on how long you have the wrap for and what ingredients are used.

What are the benefits of weight loss body wraps?

The main benefits are they help your body to release toxins, stimulate your metabolism and of course help you to drop a small amount of weight.

Some people claim body wraps make them feel less bloated and they can also be quite relaxing once you get used to them. They can also reduce the fluid retention in your skin.

Detoxifying ingredients are often used to help enhance the process.

How effective are weight loss body wraps?

It’s important to be aware that any weight loss will be temporary. This is a treatment that might help you to squeeze into a tight dress, but the effects are very short term. They can last anything from a day or so up to a week.

Weight loss wraps will not help you to keep your weight down on a long term basis. They will never be able to replace exercise and healthy eating.

The reason why the effects are only temporary is because you are essentially just losing water, which will eventually need to be replaced.

There are also some health concerns with weight loss body wraps as they can make you extremely dehydrated and sometimes cause circulatory problems.

Before having a body wrap talk to the therapist and make sure you don’t have any health conditions that might be worsened by the treatment.

It’s also worth consulting your doctor before booking a weight loss body wrap. Make sure you go to a reputable salon and are aware of any potential drawbacks of the treatment. You should also be careful how often you get a weight loss body wrap as it’s not healthy to get them too often.

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