Are Weight Loss Boot Camps Effective?

Are Weight Loss Boot Camps Effective?

Weight loss boot camps are extremely popular at the moment, but are they worth all the hype? People often achieve incredible transformations, losing a lot of weight in a very short time.

Group workouts have been around for a long time, but recently they have started to become more hard-core and have attracted a huge following.

What are weight loss boot camps?

When you think of a fitness boot camp you imagine an army sergeant shouting at you while you try and complete a gruelling workout. There are these style boot camps for those who work well in this sort of environment, but there are other types of boot camp that offer a less stressful experience.

It really does depend on what you want to achieve, some boot camps focus on martial arts whereas others concentrate on core strength and flexibility. Most boot camps manage to combine a mix of strength training and aerobic exercise.

Some people prefer attending weekly boot camp classes, whereas others looking for a more intensive approach might go on a week-long boot camp where their diet and exercise is monitored.

Many celebrities have sparked most interest in the weight loss boot camp trend by running their own camps. For example, former Towie star Lucy Mecklenburgh runs her own boot camps called ‘Results Retreats’ through her fitness brand ‘Results With Lucy’.

These type of boot camps can help people to lose weight quickly, but the challenge is maintaining a healthy weight once you have completed the boot camp.

With a weekly class you can expect to meet outside somewhere such as in a park and spend 45 minutes to an hour being put through your paces by a fitness trainer.

What are the benefits?

Boot camps can provide a variety of different benefits. They enable you to do a more challenging workout, which isn’t always possible when you work out on your own (depending on your ability to motivate yourself).

Each session is also very varied and you fit a lot of different exercises into a short period of time. You don’t need any equipment, that is all provided by the trainer.

Boot campAnother benefit of weight loss boot camps is the social element. This is perhaps why they have become so popular, because you build a sense of comradery with the other people that take part and feel like you are all in it together.

Boot camps are also particularly beneficial if you find it tough working out on your own.

This type of training is particularly good for people that perform better under pressure. It’s very difficult to be lazy or not give 100% when there is a trainer constantly motivating you throughout each session.

You are also less likely to give up because you don’t want to let everybody down or look weak in front of others.

Boot camps can be very effective in helping people to lose weight in a reasonably short period of time. This could be because most boot camps provide a full body workout, they get you to use a wide variety of different muscles.

Your work rate is also constant, which means you get a lot out of each session. You will get far more out of a boot camp than just going on a gentle jog.

Are there any drawbacks?

Extreme boot camps should be approached with caution. Some people go on week long intensive weight loss boot camps when they need to drop the pounds quickly.

Although you might lose weight quickly, this way of losing weight is not sustainable. You need to be confident that you can continue the hard work and healthy eating once you return home.

Boot camps won’t suit everyone. Avoid going if you don’t like being given orders, don’t respond well to authority or dislike high intensity training.

These boot camps are not for the faint hearted, occasionally people end up injuring themselves or pushing themselves too far because they are afraid to say something and don’t want to look weak. If you are going to take part it’s important that you know your limits.

There’s also no point doing weight loss boot camps if you don’t eat well. In order to lose weight you need to exercise and eat a healthy diet. You won’t start to see the results from a boot camp until you get your diet right.

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