Weight loss after Christmas

Weight loss after Christmas

If you have overindulged this past Christmas you might have noticed that your trousers are now a little tighter, but what can you do about it?

The following tips can help you to lose that weight you gained over the festive period.

Tip #1 – Drink plenty of water

Your body often will mistake thirst for hunger so make sure you drink plenty of water.

Water is also great for flushing out those toxins that prevent weight loss and can help to make you feel fuller, especially when drunk during mealtimes.

Tip #2 – Set realistic goals

Even if you have gained quite a bit of weight over Christmas you still need to set realistic goals for yourself.

A weekly weight loss of 1-2 pounds is certainly achievable. Setting your goal too high and you may become disheartened if you don’t meet them.

Tip #3 – Count to 10

There have been studies that have shown that on average food cravings only last around 10 minutes.

Therefore to relieve these cravings try to keep yourself occupied for this amount of time whenever they strike.

Tip #4 – Eat more often

If you want to keep your hunger at bay eat smaller meals more often throughout the day rather than 2-3 large ones.

Tip #5 – Make small changes

It is important that you do not try to make too many changes to your life overnight. This can be difficult to achieve and will likely end up in failure.

Instead pick one change at a time and build them up until you have made those big changes you originally planned.

Tip #6 – Cut back on the alcohol

This may be a difficult change to make, especially with the New Year just around the corner.

However alcohol is simply empty calories that serve no real purpose so if your aim is to lose weight then reducing your alcohol intake is a great way to cut calories.

Tip #7 – Warning notes

If you buy a post-it pad, write a few statements and put them around your home.

Perhaps one on your fridge saying “are those calories worth it?” will stop those midnight raids.

Tip #8 – Cut out those soft drinks

Soft drinks are full of calories, and even if you buy the diet options the artificial sweeteners can cause food cravings.

Your best bet is to avoid them completely, water is your best option.

Tip #9 – Eat more protein

Protein is slower to digest than both carbohydrates and fat so eating more of it will help keep you fuller for longer.

If you are planning to join the gym, protein is good for that too. It is great for building lean muscle and will keep your energy levels high.

Tip #10 – Learn how to measure

If you can measure your food you will know just how many calories you are consuming, and where you need to make changes.

There are measuring spoons and cups available just for this sort of thing.

Tip #11 – Food swaps

By swapping a few different foods for healthier alternatives you can easily make huge changes to your calorie intake and therefore the amount of weight you lose.

This is especially helpful if you replace those unhealthy snacks such as crisps for fruit for example.

Tip #12 – Think positively

To avoid comfort eating you need to try to stay as positive as possible regarding your journey.

You are likely to experience some problems along the way but resorting to eating will only make these problems worse.

Tip #14 – Learn to relax

If you make a mistake along the way don’t get too hung up about it. Remember that you made the mistake and try not to do it again, but it is certainly not the end of the world.

Tip #15 – Eat slowly

Your brain takes 20 minutes to receive the signal that you are full, so by taking your time eating you will give that signal a chance to reach your brain.

Eating your food as fast as possible may result in you overeating without you even realising it.

Tip #16 – Eat breakfast

Skipping the first meal of the day is a bad idea if your aim is to lose weight.

Not only will it give you the energy you need to last through till dinner but will also stop those mid morning food cravings.

Just remember to eat a healthy breakfast with a good source of protein. Fried breakfasts are certainly a no-no.

Tip #17 – Fibre is good for you

By replacing white rice and bread with their brown counter parts you will be increasing your fibre intake.

Fibre is great for weight loss as it is slow to chew meaning your brain will likely receive that all important signal that it is full before you finish.

Furthermore, it also acts like a sponge when in your stomach as it will swell, making you feel fuller for longer. Meaning you are less likely to experience those food cravings.

In conclusion

Just because you have gained weight over Christmas does not mean you need to despair.

These tips should give you a few ideas on how to lose that excess weight and start the New Year as you mean to go on.

Do you have any tips that our readers would like to read?

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