5 Weight Loss Facts that will help you Succeed

5 Weight Loss Facts that will help you Succeed

With some studies showing that around 1 in 3 adults are currently overweight or obese, many will unsurprisingly decide to take steps to lose a little of the excess weight.

Unfortunately most of those who start a diet fail to lose weight, or lose weight but quickly regain the lost pounds.

Why is this then? Is there a reason why most diets fail? Here are some weight loss facts that you should think about before you next attempt to lose weight. Perhaps it will give you a better chance of success.

#1: You can’t lose all the weight overnight

While it would be nice to suddenly wake up at your goal weight, the reality is that losing weight is a slow process that could take many weeks or months. Perhaps even years.

Healthy weight loss is only around 1-2 pounds a week, and expecting to lose more than this consistently is a little unrealistic and will likely leave you feeling upset.

You maybe tempted by diets that promise quick results, but while you may lose weight a little quicker you maybe putting your health at risk.

Many of these fad quick weight loss diets involve drastic calorie cutting that will leave your body without the essential nutrients it needs.

#2: You don’t set a reasonable goal

When you set your weight loss goal you need to make sure that it is achievable.

If you set an unrealistic goal and fail to achieve the weight loss you want then chances are you will quit your efforts and any weight lost will return.

As stated above you should aim to lose between 1-2 pounds a week, so expecting to lose 30 pounds in a single month is probably asking a little much.

Even if you were able to achieve this goal, what have you done to achieve it? Chances are your methods were not the healthiest.

You should never risk your long term health in the quest for a slimmer body.

Be patient and if you stick to your new healthier lifestyle choices then you will soon start to see results.

#3: You are obsessed with the health craze

Becoming healthier is probably one of the reasons why you have decided to lose weight, and while this is admirable you need to avoid getting caught up in every health craze you see.

Weight LossMany manufacturers promote their products are being healthy, but if you take a moment to read the product labels you may be in for a shock.

#4: You avoid your favourite foods

If you want to lose a little weight, you may be tempted to cut out all of your favourite foods. After-all, these foods are probably high in calories and may contain high levels of salt, sugar and unhealthy fats.

Well, I would not recommend this personally.

While it would be a good idea to cut back on the junk food it is best that you do not deprive yourself either.

If you do not allow yourself the occasional indulgence then chances are you will become bored with your new healthier lifestyle and overindulge with these treats.

However, if you allow yourself the occasional treat then as long as you eat healthily the remaining time then you will still see good results.

#5: You graze

Do you find that you are always eating? With your hand seemingly always in a bag of crisps. If so then your diet is doomed to fail.

Of course it is recommended that you eat often, but you should be eating proper meals. Not just snacking on foods that wont fill you up.

You should always dish your food out onto a plate and try to avoid too many finger foods.

Doing so will ensure you know exactly what it is that you are eating. This is important as it is recommended that you keep a food diary that you should fill out with everything you consume.

This will help you to make any necessary changes if they are needed.

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