Weight Loss for Dummies

Weight Loss for Dummies

When it comes to losing weight, some people struggle with finding the right program, especially in terms of a diet and making food choices.

The essentials of healthy weight loss can help you take a balanced approach to losing weight and staying in shape, which is why you should know the basics about dieting. Read on to discover our weight loss for dummies guide.

Never Starve Yourself

Some of us will find this very hard to understand, as there are often role models that are very thin and often even anorexic.

These role models are far from healthy, even though they look ‘good’ on the outside.

It’s very unrealistic and definitely not something that you should aspire to.

If you go too long without consuming food your metabolism will only slow down. So you should never try to lose weight too fast.

In addition to this, most people will try to lose weight quickly only to have a complete breakdown and eat everything in sight.

I would recommend that instead of skipping meals that you instead eat smaller meals every few hours, like bodybuilders and athletes have been doing for years.

Find Your Calorie Intake

The basic way to understand weight loss is to remember that you have to burn more than you consume.

This means either you should burn off calories in the form of exercise, or you should eat healthier meals with fewer calories.

It is important that you do not let the balance get too much out of hand. If you lose too much weight too quickly then your metabolism will slow down and you will start to lose muscle tissue too, especially if you eat too little food.

Standing on the scale is not always the perfect answer because your body is made up of lean muscle too, in addition to fat, water, bone mass and so forth.

The more you train the more lean muscle mass you’ll have too, so keep that in mind too.

You Have to Exercise

Exercise unfortunately can’t only be made up of weight training every day. You have to work in your cardio sessions if you want to burn off stubborn fat.

People are too lazy these days, just wanting to sit on the couch and go to the kitchen for a snack.

There are also too many products being advertised that will help you to quickly lose fat without even exercising!

Unfortunately it’s not that easy. You have to put effort in to lose weight in a healthy way. You have to include cardiovascular exercise to get the results you want.

Weight LossAnother misconception is that if women lift weights they are going to look like bodybuilders overnight. The fact is that muscle is good, and it’s healthy. Plus it burns calories without you having to exercise.

Understand Food Labels

You have to learn to read food labels and understand what you are actually eating. If you want to lose weight effectively, the ability to read labels is essential.

A plate full of pork fat is completely sugar free, and a plate full of sugar is fat free. Does this sound healthy to you? Will you lose weight? No! This is why you have to read labels and make smart food choices.

Also keep in mind that a lot of the ‘fat free’ foods you see are loaded with sugar, and sugar free foods in turn are loaded with fat.

People don’t realise it because they are not trained to read food labels.

Leave Your Cheat Meals Behind

Don’t fool yourself by saying “I deserve this because I trained hard this week.” That’s what people will tell themselves before they gulp down a large pizza and a super-sized soda.

Your weekly cheat meal will just make it so much harder to reach your fat loss goals.

This doesn’t mean you can never enjoy food again, but you have to be realistic and consistent with your efforts.

Use Supplements Sparingly

With so many fat-burning supplements on the market, it allowed people to get lazy, thinking they can simply drink a few pills per day and substitute their cardio training with supplementation. This is not how it works and supplements are made to be just that — a supplement to your current program.

Be patient and persevere

Stick to a diet and exercise plan that you can follow for the rest of your life, in other words, a lifestyle.

Don’t go for any quick fixes as that won’t work. In our modern lives we want to sort out everything instantly without hard work. In the fitness world, this will only mean losing muscle and failing to follow through with a healthy diet.

If you stay consistent and make the right choices, you’ll get there and you’ll be so glad you did.

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