Weight loss frenemies

Weight loss frenemies

A weight loss frenemy is someone, probably a spouse, family member, friend or co-worker who you are friendly with that may not have your best interests at heart.

They may not necessarily be bad people but even if you are trying your best to lose weight they may not be able to offer you the support you need to succeed.

Some may even be the reason for your over-indulgences.

Here are some strategies you can use to ensure you stick to your weight loss goals even with the negative influence of those weight loss frenemies.

#1 – Make a statement

If you want to change your current behaviour for the better then you should make the decision to make a public statement of your intentions.

To successfully achieve a goal and to get it recognised by those around you the message will need to be broadcasted.

Start by telling your loved ones how you are planning to change your eating habits, so will no longer be able to indulge during those meals or nights out.

Making a statement like this will also help identify those who are going to be supportive during your journey and may even influence others to take the journey with you.

#2 – When you encounter resistance, just say no

Look around at your friends, they likely have the same interests as you so may also have the same issues too.

For example, your closest friends may struggle with their weight or may lack the self-control to eat healthily.

If this sounds familiar then you must make the effort not to let their habits affect your efforts.

Be strong and just say no, once you are able to change your mind-set you will be pleased that you were able to make those healthy changes.

#3 – Try to avoid temptation

If you love to go for dinner with friends, or know that you are going to raid the confectionary stand at the cinema then maybe it is time to suggest new activities for your friends and family to do.

Unfortunately, very few of us are able to withstand temptation if it is in our face day after day.

There are certain things that we find irresistible, so if you know your triggers so you should try your best to avoid them.

#4 – Join a weight loss group

If you are not getting the support from your loved ones, then perhaps you should join a weight loss group like Weight Watchers.

This group will be full of like-minded people who all have the same goal of losing weight.

These same people will be able to give you the support you need to succeed as you will have someone to talk to about any potential issues you experience.

#5 – Be your own inspiration

If you want to succeed then you have to make it happen. Stick to your healthy eating plan and get regular exercise and you will lose weight.

By avoiding temptation and the negative influence of any frenemies then you could become an inspiration to them.

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